American Dad!

Monday 9:30 PM on TBS Premiered Feb 06, 2005 In Season



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  • stan smith has made america look fantastic for the world

    people may know that american dad may be seth macfarlane's best show, but the smiths will always live in langley falls on 43 cherry street. the episodes were well written, and makes the plot stable into the underworld of the animation history. my favorite characters are francine smith, and akiko yoshida.

    besides that, roger smith can disguise as anyone such as bill gates (although the bill gates disguise is nowhere to be found in any episode, just a sample of his disguises).

    i can imagine what the american dad spin off would be like in the future.. if 2018 was here, and all of the planets align, an american dad spin off would be officially announced.

    i wanted to thank seth macfarlane and his "american" work of this great although the show has criticisms similar to other of his tv shows on fox animation.