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  • Roger has joined the ranks of Bugs Bunny. Who's with me?!?

    You seriously have to wonder where the inspiration for Roger came from: an alcoholic, drug-addict, pansexual, sociopathic, Pure genius. And whether one is a fan of "American Dad" or have to tune in just to see what Roger will say or do next (very reminiscent of Howard Stern's "Private Parts"). I wish Seth would market Roger toys--a life-size plush, perhaps?

    On a more serious the hell is happening to the show's direction these days? This current season is more dramatic than comical. With the animation sharper than it's ever been, but why is the tone so somber lately? I find myself excitedly tuning in for Roger's shenanigans and end up squirming thru some coming-of-age melodrama with Steve. I didn't sign up for that! Hell, Roger hardly has any screen time in these latest episodes. PLEASE tell me they are not trying to add "substance" to an otherwise perfect cartoon concept (ala "Simpsons" for the past 10 years and "South Park" for the past 2 years).

    I gave up a LONG time ago on "Family Guy"...


    Roger's #1 fan