American Dad!

Season 2 Episode 1

Roger 'n Me

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 23, 2006 on TBS

Episode Recap

Roger sits on the couch watching the news. They're promoting the game show, Best Buddiez. Roger realizes that he doesn't have a best friend and asks Stan to be his, as Stan leaves for a bachelor party. Stan coldly rejects Roger. Francine fills Stan's suitcase with reminders of the family so that Stan will stay away from the female dancers. Roger offers to follow Stan to keep an eye on him.

When Stan arrives in Atlantic City, he finds Roger hiding in his duffle bag and threatens to kill him. Stan backs off, and Roger begs to go to the party.

Hayley waits for Steve at a sporting goods store as Steve tries on a swimsuit. Trudy, a girl far out of Steve's league, exits the dressing room next to him. Steve pounces and tries to impress her, but she doesn't even know his name. At the counter Hayley meets Miles, a handsome college man. Just as she's about to ask him out, Trudy kisses Miles and they leave together. Hayley and Steve plan to break up Trudy and Miles so they can have them for themselves.

Stan kicks open the door to the bachelor party, Roger stands at his side. All the men inside are dressed in suits, while Stan dons a "Federal Boobie Inspector" t-shirt. Stan finds his friend, Bobo, who insists that Stan was invited on accident. But Stan doesn't listen and gives him a sex doll as a gift.

The hotel throws Roger and Stan out and Stan questions how a person could change so much in twenty-two years.

Roger makes Stan hit the town with him, and gets Stan to have a good time. They do everything from gambling to watching girls mud wrestle.

At the gym, Steven and Hayley keep an eye on Miles and Trudy. Trudy reaches into Miles' pocket and finds an earring. She doesn't know that Steve is the one who planted it. Miles can't explain and Trudy leaves angry. Hayley and Steve smile maniacally.

Roger and Stan sit drunk in the hotel hot tub. Stan thanks Roger for helping have fun and Stan says that they're best buds, by Earth standards. Roger tells Stan on his planet there's a ritual that bonds friends for life. Roger is reluctant to do it, but Stan is adamant about it. Roger has Stan turn around, and suddenly Stan sings out loud.

The next morning, Stan wakes up next to Roger on a beach chair. Stan tries to leave, but Roger wants to get breakfast. Stan wants his shirt back so they can leave.

On the road home, Roger repeats Stan's old memories, but Stan has none of Roger's. Roger carelessly sips on a drink and tells Stan he's happy they bonded.

At home, Roger starts to tell Francine that they took their friendship to a new level, but Stan interrupts and says nothing happened. Roger is stunned that Stan wants to forget about what happened between them. Roger is crushed and Francine thinks something happened during the trip.

Hayley calls Trudy and asks her a series of absurd questions while Steve records the conversation on his computer. He then turns around and dials Miles. Using his computer, Steve leaves a message using Trudy's answers and makes it seems as though Trudy is calling for another man.

Francine asks Roger what happened, but Roger refuses to admit anything and tells Francine to leave.

Roger calls Stan at work and tells him that they need to talk, and that Francine is asking questions. Stan tells Roger to meet him behind Big Buy and not to tell Francine. After Roger and Stan hang up the phone, so does Francine who was listening to the phone call.

Stan pulls up in his SUV and Roger gets in. Stan tries to give Roger ten thousand-dollars to leave the family. Roger says he just wanted a friend, but he never wants to see Stan again and jumps out. Stan sighs and begins to drive away, but that's not what Roger wanted. He jumps back in the car, and fights with Stan over control of the car. Stan hits the gas and hits someone, but he doesn't see who.

Francine kneels behind the SUV, with listening equipment on her head, amazed she's okay. Stan backs up to see what he hit, and in the process, drives over Francine.

Francine is unconscious in a hospital bed, and Stan asks the doctor if his wife will be okay. The doctor says that Francine's brain is detached from her central nervous system and it will cost almost one hundred and eighty thousand dollars.

Miles and Trudy arrive in the park. Miles believes he's going to catch Trudy and her new boyfriend, and Trudy thinks Miles is meeting earring girl. Hayley and Steve watch them fight from the bushes. The fight between Trudy and Miles escalates until Miles falls face first into a grill and Trudy is bitten by a crocodile. With Miles' face scarred, and Trudy's body a mess, Steve and Hayley want nothing to do with them.

Stan holds a garage sale to raise money for Francine's operation. Roger then has the bright idea to enter them on Best Buddies. Since Roger has all of Stan's memories, they'll be sure to win.

That night on the game show, Roger and Stan breeze through the questions. Of the three couples, only one of them is giving them any competition. They're winning by hundreds of points until the host announces the reversal round.

Roger and Stan are ultimately down by ten points with one chance to win. The final question for Stan is, "What is Roger's favorite movie?" Stan panics, he doesn't know. Then Roger tells Stan to look into his heart. Stan smiles and blurts out, "White Chicks!"

Roger and Stan stand over Francine at the hospital. They didn't win the game show and don't have money for her operation. Stan admits that Roger is a good friend and then moves to pull the plug on Francine. But Roger has a plan. He'll steal the memories of the doctor and do the surgery himself.

Two weeks later, Stan compliments Roger on a successful surgery. The kids are showing Francine flash cards, but Francine just mumbles and groans out an answer.