American Dad!

Season 2 Episode 13

Roger 'n Me

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 23, 2006 on TBS

Episode Fan Reviews (16)

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  • Stan and roger get very close being buddies. steve and kaylie work together providing some of the funniest stuff in the episode. and francine gets ran over.

    Its great to have new episodes back. This is a great start to the new season and this was a hilarious episode.

    Stan and roger were great together. that scene in the hot tub was great. it involves probing,lol. great stuff. i couldnt stop laughing. stan then, this was totally obvious, gets weirded out and starts acting like the guy who regrets it in those stupid teen dramas. roger plays the role of the girl in the relationship and francine gets suspicious. francine gets ran over by stan and roger saves the day by probing the doctor to get the medical knowldge to perform the surgery.

    Steve and kaylie were also great together. their plot was funny and the park scene was hilarious.