American Dad!

Season 2 Episode 1

Roger 'n Me

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 23, 2006 on TBS



  • Quotes

    • Stan: Bobo, you crazy ol' herpes spreader! There's Lieutenant Herpes! Or is it Captain Herpes now? (Laughs)
      Bobo: Stan? I haven't seen you since college. What are you doing here?
      Stan: What do you mean? I'm here for my best friend's bachelor party! I got your eVite.
      Bobo: Oh, my secretary must have accidentally sent that.
      Stan: "Accidentally sent..." Get outta here, you crazy ol' herpes spreader!
      Bobo: Will you please stop calling me that?
      Stan: Oh, I got a present. It's an Asian sex doll. Huh, remember in college? You were always talking about climbing the Great Wall of Vagina? (Laughs)
      Bobo: Uh, Stan, this is my future father-in-law, Reverend Hideki Obayashi.
      Roger: Oh...
      (Roger & Stan get kicked out)