American Dad!

Season 3 Episode 15

Spring Break-Up

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 18, 2008 on TBS

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  • Regular story, not very exciting, one or two funny moments. Hailey, Steve and Stan try to make the most of Roger's Spring Break, with Francine and Klaus acting as voices of reason.

    Francine leaves Stan alone in the house for the weekend to visit her parents, while Steve and his friends are going to conquer number theory. Roger invites a bunch of people to the Smith's place to prove he is the king of Spring Break. Stan bonds with a college girl, Jessica, and they take a ride through the tunnel of booze.

    Steve rejects sex with a college girl and goes after Carmen Electra. Stan puts on a buttocks muscular flexing show, which i thought was hilarious. Then Stan splashes her with water in the morning, which was also funny.

    I'm Asian, so I found it really funny when Francine's mom called and then told her to call her back, so that Francine had to pay for the long-distance call. Steve loses his chances of losing his virginity just because he wants some medical records (poor kid, when will he ever lose it for real?) But Carmen Electra gives it to him anyway, however, Steve still rejects her for a boob job she had.

    Jessica doesn't give Stan a chance to get back that special feeling, but Francine gives it back to him in the end. Roger rejects the king's crown in a dramatic fashion. Carmen has her fake boobs removed, but as quick as that was, she dies. "If only she had some sort of cushioning on her chest..." Roger then finally realizes death is all that's needed to make the best spring break ever.

    This episode wasn't memorable or exciting, but it was solid. Hailey and Klaus both needed more screentime just as much as the others.
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