American Dad!

Season 3 Episode 15

Spring Break-Up

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 18, 2008 on TBS

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  • Best AD season finale. (revised)

    Unappreciated by Stan, Francine visits her parents over spring break. Yet the family is unaware of Roger's own plans to become the 'King of Spring Break,' as he invites college coeds to come party at their revamped home. Stan hangs out with a spring break buddy during SB. The plot is simpily Awesome. It shows how much I enjoyed most of my spring breaks. There were a bunch of funny lines and parts here such as...

    Roger: Francine hates you. You should kill yourself in the motel off the freeway.

    Stan: Are you trying to get rid of me?

    Roger: That's ridiculous! Why would I want to get rid of you? I love you. Let's have sex. Go wait for me in the motel off the freeway.

    Stan:Hi, Tracy!

    Tracy: Ew.

    Stan: Why is Tracy being such a b*** to me?

    As for the parts, I LOL's the boys trying to lose their vigintiy, Roger beating up a fat man to the beer water, Hayley getting hitted by a ball, Francine being splashed by Roger, and the ending (a tad rushed though). This episode has a lot funny stuffs. Best of season 3. Overall score 10/10.
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