American Dad!

Season 3 Episode 15

Spring Break-Up

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 18, 2008 on TBS



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    • (Steve sits sadly in the kitchen, Carmen Selectra throws a folder in front of him)
      Carmen: My doctor faxed this over, some of the pages are faint... you're low on toner... I want your virginity, Steve! I don't know why... maybe because you made me work for it...
      Steve: (opening folder) Ok... hairline wrist fracture from a surf injury, wisdom teeth removed without incident... yep! Clean as a... hang on a mo.... it says here you had an "elective surgery"?
      Carmen: Yeah, I had my breasts enhanced.
      Steve: (pushing folder away) ...Yeah, sorry, Carmen... I can't. The first boobs I'm with have got to be real. Lose the balloons, then give me a call.
      Carmen: You're joking.
      Steve: No... it just sounded like I'm joking because I used the word "balloons".

    • (Stan busts into lecture hall, singing Sugar Ray)
      Jessica: Stan? What are you doing here?
      Stan: I came to be with you! (looks at Jessica's friend) Hi, Tracy!
      Tracy: Ew.
      Stan: Why is Tracy being such a bitch to me?

    • (amid the chaos of Roger's party, Francine is emptying half-drunken bottles on the lawn)
      Roger: Whew. Do not go on the beach volleyball court. You hit that thing with a blacklight, it's gonna glow like a bedspread at Harrah's.
      Francine: That's fine. I'll just stay here and be a responsible adult while my husband's run off to live in a fantasy world with Miss Laughy-Pants. Good, have a nice life! (takes a closer look at the bottle she's holding) What the... Who's the prom queen who could only handle half a Cider Jack?!

    • Roger: (to Francine, as she drives away) Why aren't you taking Stan? Did he do something? (to Stan) Say you'll buy her jewelry. (to Francine) He'll buy you jewelry. (to Stan) Jewelry? What, are you crazy? On your salary?
      Stan: I'm not going with her, Roger. Not that she really cares.
      Roger: Hmm. Say, wouldn't you rather have this conversation with yourself in a motel? The place off the freeway is nice.
      Stan: I guess after 20 years of marriage, Francine is bored with me. She's heard all my jokes, all my stories.
      Roger: Francine hates you. You should kill yourself in the motel off the freeway.
      Stan: Are you trying to get rid of me?
      Roger: That's ridiculous! Why would I want to get rid of you? I love you. Let's have sex. Go wait for me in the motel off the freeway.

    • Stan: (sees Francine putting sugar in her coffee) Hey, have a little coffee with your sugar.
      Francine: Mm-hmm.
      Stan: Oh, come on! You used to think that was funny!
      Francine: Yes, honey, the first thousand times you said it. You need to get some new material.
      Stan: Maybe you need to forget my old material! Jackson thinks it's funny, and he knew about Wanda Sykes before anybody.

  • Notes

    • You can see the episode of "Tex & Mex" Roger and Steve were watching in the episode "Halyias" on the TV in the cafe at Rutgers where Stan is sitting just before Francine shows up.

    • Mr. Aids who ran a hotcake kiosk in "Finances With Wolves" is seen running a push-cart stand.

    • Roger makes a comment about Francine having three children. She corrects him by saying,"I have had two." In the earlier episode "Surro-Gate, she gave birth to Greg and Terry's child, making it her third.

    • This is the last episode featuring the newspaper headline gags seen in the opening sequence of the show.

    • Music:
      "Let's Get It Started" by The Black Eyed Peas
      "Fly" by Sugar Ray

    • In this episode, Roger's name is Scotch Bingington.

    • This episode premiered on [adult swim] on May 25, 2008.

  • Allusions

    • Carmen Electra
      Carmen Selectra is a parody of Carmen Electra, who actually guest starred in the pilot of American Dad! as the voice of Lisa Silver. Electra didn't voice Carmen Selectra in this episode. In fact, one of the partygoers wonders if people meant to say "Electra" instead of "Selectra." But one person disagreed.

    • Duke University
      Roger refers to a school's mascot raping a stripper, and that she's totally lying, this is a reference to the Duke University rape scandal.

    • Donkey Kong
      At some point in the episode, an ape can be seen throwing kegs from a pile of kegs. This is a reference to Donkey Kong, a popular video game.

    • Loser: Song
      Roger says the first line to the song "Loser" by Beck while at the tunnel of booze ("In the time of chimpanzees, I was a monkey").