American Dad!

Season 1 Episode 13

Stan of Arabia (2)

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 13, 2005 on TBS



  • Trivia

    • They say, in Arabia, women can only go out in public if a man is with them, but the two women that talk to Hayley are by themselves. That means they should have been arrested since Hayley almost was.

    • Steve's hair had turned white after seeing "the rack of infinite wisdom," but when he's about to be stoned with his family, his hair is back to its original color.

    • When in jail, the old Arabian woman shows her left hand being cut off when it should be the right hand.

    • When Francine found out that Stan refused to get his old job back, she got out of the house unescorted by a man for a distance and was never chased by the police.

    • When the Smiths are about to be stoned to death, a screen comes up with words "Stone Mayhem 05'." The apostrophe that's after the "05," which indicates the year, is on the wrong side. It should actually be before the "0," not after the "5."

    • Hayley is arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to the same punishment of death by stoning as the rest of the family. However, the "crime" she committed took place at the US Embassy and therefore on US soil and as such was subject to US law rather than Saudi.

  • Quotes

    • Man: (On radio) All units to the northeast corner of the kasbah! 220 in progress!
      Saudi Police Officer: 220? Someone just spotted a woman's ankles. Let's move!
      (Both pull out their swords)

    • Kazim: You should be more careful around the Police of Vice and Virtue. Do you want to get stoned?
      Hayley: Yes! Oh, my God, it's been, like, forever.
      Kazim: You would like to be buried up to your neck and have a crowd of angry men throw rocks at your head?
      Hayley: Oh. No.

    • Kazim: Normally, I wouldn't come to the aid of an American. Your country's foreign policy is despicable, your culture is crude, and your gluttony and greed make me sick. (Spits)
      Hayley: You are so hot.

    • Roger: Look, bub, I'm not marrying you!
      Old Guy: Of course you're not marrying me. You're marrying him. (Points to Prince)
      Roger: (Sees alcohol) Well, a girl can't hold out forever.

    • Ali: It's so good to have Stan working with us on the pipeline and not for the... United States.
      Faziz: Imperialist swine.
      Ali: They want to enslave all Arabs.
      Stan: You know damn well that America does not want to enslave all Arabs. Just the ones who have oil.

    • Francine: (On the phone) Deputy Director Bullock, will you please offer Stan his job back?
      Bullock: Francine, what a surprise. I already offered Stan his job back. He said, "No."
      (Francine screams loudly, Klaus' fish bowl breaks)
      Klaus: Your family may have moved to Saudi Arabia, but I'm the real fish out of water. (Laughs) Seriously, I'm dying.

    • (In the desert)
      Steve: Okay. I'm cool. Whatever life throws at me, I can take it, because I am a strong, independant, black woman... I mean, white teenager. Oh God, I'm gonna die out here!

    • (In bed)
      Kazim: Oh, Hayley, that was so wonderful. But now, I'm so confused. It's like I'm not sure who I am anymore.
      Hayley: Why, because of that thing I did with my finger? Look, we tried something weird, and you liked it. That doesn't make... Oh, you're talking about the terrorism thing.

    • Steve: Wow, Angelina Jolie! I have so many questions to ask you. Is that whole thing about you sleeping with knives in the bed true?
      God: I'm not Angelina Jolie, Steve. I'm God. I simply chose the form most pleasing to you.
      Steve: Oh, you're God. So, is that thing about Angelina Jolie sleeping with knives in the bed true?
      God: Yeah. It's messed up, isn't it?

    • Judge: I'm sorry, counselor. What did you say your name is?
      Defense Attorney: Irv Rosenblatt.
      Judge: Guilty!
      Defense Attorney: Every single case! Oy, this is a tough town.

    • Judge: While I'm sure that's a meaningful callback to an earlier conversation, I must point out that you're a man and you have broken no laws.
      Stan: So, what does a guy have to do to get stoned around here?
      Judge: We're not big on homosexuality.

    • Stan: (With his family, about to be stoned) Damn! Oh, God, we're all going to die and our lives meant nothing, absolutely nothing! (Pause) I mean, uh, something comforting.

    • (Smith family arrives in America; Stan kisses the ground)
      Hayley: Gee, Dad, less than 24 hours ago you hated America.
      Stan: (Laughs) Shut the hell up, Hayley.

    • Roger: Oh, and what happens in Saudi Arabia, stays in Saudi Arabia, okay? Seriously.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Stan: (To "Thundercat") Excellent sandwich, Number One!
      This might be a subtle reference to the TV series Star Trek: The Next Generation, which Patrick Stewart (Deputy Director Bullock) played Captain Picard. Jonathan Frakes played his First Officer, which Captain Picard nicknamed him "Number One."

    • Episode Title: Stan of Arabia (2)
      This is a take off of the famous movie Lawrence of Arabia.

    • Stan: Look, Mr. President! Teacher says whenever a bell rings, an oppressive autocracy gets freedom!
      President Bush: They sure do. Attaboy, Clarence.
      This little exchange is based on the ending lines from the movie It's a Wonderful Life.

    • Roger: Oh, and what happens in Saudi Arabia, stays in Saudi Arabia, okay?
      This is a parody of the famous saying, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

    • Roger/Prince: Stories
      The scene where Roger is telling the Prince stories about the seasons from Beverly Hills, 90210 and Melrose's Place (a spin-off of 90210) is like 1001 Arabian Nights.

    • Hayley/Kazim: Aladdin
      The scene where Hayley is saved by Kazim and told the police that she is his sister is from Aladdin.