American Dad!

Season 1 Episode 14

Stannie Get Your Gun

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 20, 2005 on TBS

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  • More funny with repeated viewings

    This is probably my favorite American Dad episode. The episode is about Stan taking Haley to an amusement park to make her not hate him, but the normal amusement park turned into a gun theme park. I also thought the sub-plot was funny where Roger gets revenge on Steve just because he ate his cookie. This is the kind of episodes that are more funny with repeated viewings. Mainly because of the jokes that might be missed the first time. This is the episode I would recommend for someone that wants to get into this show.
  • Stan and Hayley spend their day together

    Francine insists that Stan and Hayley spend an entire day together, after their arguments drive her crazy, so they can work out their differences about gun control. However, her plan backfires when he takes Hayley to the "National Gun Association Land," where their conflicting opinions about gun control drive them even further apart. Back home, Roger schemes to get revenge on Steve for eating one of his cookies by convincing him that he's adopted. I thought this was a great episode. Not perfect though since it did had dragged parts, but that's my only complaint for the episode. The main plot was great, but not my favorite. Some of the parts were interesting, while there were a few that made me laugh. Steve/Roger plot was funniest because Roger want to get revenge on Steve by making him think that he's adopted. LOL, I laughed at almost everything in that plot. Overall, a superb episode. 9/10
  • Perfect.


    Francine insists that Stan and Hayley spend an entire day together, after their arguments drive her crazy, so they can work out their differences about gun control. However, her plan backfires when he takes Hayley to the "National Gun Association Land," where their conflicting opinions about gun control drive them even further apart. Back home, Roger schemes to get revenge on Steve for eating one of his cookies by convincing him that he's adopted.

    Overall, this episode was hilarious, Steve's plot was great though.

    10 out of 10

  • superb

    Stan and his daughter have a big fight about gun control that threatens to set them apart from each other forever. After Steve makes Roger mad, Roger schemes to get Steve to believe he was adopted. Will his plan work? Will Steve learn not to mess with Roger?

    Good episode, I really liked Steve and roger's plot, and I liked the ending which implied Roger would try to do something to Haley. The main plot was not great but the sub plot, for the most part, made up for it, and as such my final grade is a B+/A- or so, I think is fair.
  • A Classic Season 1 episode.

    Another favorite for me and it has hillarious parts like when Stan and his gun buddies are saying their pledge and they say we will always help someone in need and then Terry screams someone broke in my car and Stan and his gun buddies say shutup. Also I cracked up when Steve thought he was adopted and he made out with Haley and Roger said okay everything from now on is just gravy. It was extremely funny when at the very end when Roger said to Haley that was my chair and Haley says early bird gets the worm and Roger says thats right enjoy the chair enjoy it. Overall a top 10 episode for me.
  • Stan and Hailey sing a duet

    This plot idea is a great one, with Stan and Hailey actually bonding, over something that Hailey is strongly against, and the even funnier plot of Roger convincing Steve that he’s adopted.

    This episode has so many hilarious moments, such as the gun theme park, Stan’s amount of guns, Steve and Roger celebrating in front of the devastated parents, and Stan not learning anything from the whole episode.

    This episode is very entertaining and shows just how sick Hailey gets when she tries to be pro gun, and just how devilish Roger gets when you steal his cookie, causing the episode to be hilarious.
  • This is a good example of what this show is about

    This show is so awkard, and messed up its funny. Well it comes from Seth Macfarland which is the creator of family guy so you kind of expected that. The best part of this show was at the end when the alien is like "take the seat, yes, take it" and he has a evil gleam in his eye. Boy, this was a funny episode.
  • Simply hillarious...

    This episode is just another great example of why more people should give this show a chance instead of seeing it as family guy just slightly modified. I know I did at the beginning. The whole plot of guns good or bad was interesting but i found it secondary to the nuggets of gold in the scenes when francine gets mad at hayley: "Yeah, I get it, Hayley. I'm unrape-able, not stupid", when steve makes out with hayley, and of course klaus's attack on sideways was enough to make me and my sisters laugh all night. all in all can't wait to see more new episodes.
  • Hayley and Stan argue at each other about guns, while Roger plots to get revenge on Steve for eating his cookie.

    Personally, this episode was really good, but there were some flaws that made me rate this episode an 8.

    First, the good points:

    - Hayeley was awesome in this episode. I loved her singing voice and I loved how she was really dramatic when it comes to guns.

    - Jokes were funny, especially Klaus' line "That's right, America. Come get me" was brilliant.

    - Roger's plot to get revenge on Steve just because of a chocolate chip cookie Steve ate was brilliant, especially when Roger said, "Oh, enjoy that cookie, Steve. Enjoy that cookie" was funny.

    - I laughed when Stan struggled to stand up or couldn't feel things because his spine was struck by a bullet.

    - I laughed so hard when Steve kissed Hayley on the lips.

    However, like I said, there were some flaws in this episode:

    - I was incredibly disappointed at the solution of Roger's revenge on Steve. I mean, Roger wanted SO MUCH revenge when Steve ate his cookie. SO MUCH REVENGE! Well, by the time he confesses that he was the one who made Steve believe that he was adpoted, in which he wasn't after all, YOU would expected Steve getting angry and wrestling Roger to the ground... but noooo. All we got was Steve laughing and saying that Roger got him. Sorry, but that was just a terrible ending to the great Roger vs. Steve plot it was so not funny.

    - I was so angry at Stan for the way he treated to Hayley at the beginning and at the middle of the episode. I felt sorry for Hayley, I wanted her to win in this episode, but no. They had to create a loophole for Stan to use guns again.

    So, despite these awful flaws, it was still a good episode in my opinion. Possibly the best episode in American Dad.
  • Haley doesn't believe in guns, but of course Stan loves guns. When Haley accidently shoots Stan we go through an adventure trying to determine if guns are good or bad. On a side note Steve eats Roger's cookie, bad idea.

    In my honest opinion, based on how much I laughed and the good points this episode brought up, this is the best episode of American Dad yet. I hope they continue to bring episodes of this stature in the future. Stan is funny in this episode, and Francine and her "rape" talk was just hilarious. I loved how they showed Roger in a different way when you mess with him. Next time Steve will think twice about eating Roger's cookie. Roger had Steve fooled about him being adopted. I loved it. I am glad they picked up the writing and comedy of this show, like I wrote earlier I hope they continue to make episodes like this one.
  • Not the best, but much better than u would believe...

    Once again this show is underminded by die hard fanatics.

    But anyway on with the review..

    I love this episode for bringing to screen the love/hate relationship between Hayley and Stan.

    The National Gun Assocation (the cartoon stand in for The NRA)is once again potrayed by the media as gun totten lunatics..which sets up for some funny moments. I especially enjoyed the park scenes: the eat what u shoot and bullet water ride were great.

    But as the "real" drama between Stan and his daughter plays out, the spotlight is stolen by the hilarious comedy between Roger and Steve. It comes to peak when Steve expresses his lust for Hayley and tongue sucks her face...LOL =)!!! I didn't see that coming...and the statement after by Roger was priceless.

    Overall it was a above average episode until the end (which was too predictable).
  • This episode leaves you with one question. Are guns good or bad?

    This epsiode wasnt a big thing but it was alright. It seemed more like a rushed episode and i dont think it was written with care. It still had a lot of good moments. THe highlight of the episode is when Rodger took the phrase "you snooze you lose" a little bit too far. He goes to an extreme just to get back at Steve for eating his chocolate chip cookie. When Stan gets shot in the neck he gets put into a wheelchair and he is paralized from the neck down. Then later he gets shot int eh neck again and the bullet comes out and he is unparalized. This episode was so-so thats all i have to say.
  • Hilarious moments in it. Not too much not too low. Some funny and memorable parts.

    Well in this episode of American Dad
    was really funny. I really liked the part when Roger lied to Steve that he was adopted for revenge on eating his cookie , after being lied to then Steve later shows hate to his real parents (even to poor Stan) and also then showing his true emotions about Hayley when he thinks he isn't related to her so he french kisses her (funny though is like Hayley didn't mind it and to think of it I think she enjoyed after that. Wow what a dirty whore). There was so much irony spotted in this episode. I have noticed that this episode and Family Guy episode released today on FOX was about bonding , hehehe irony. Though good show today.