American Dad!

Season 7 Episode 14

Stan's Best Friend

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 18, 2012 on TBS

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  • Stan's Best Friend but American Dads worst episode.

    I'm sorry but... this one was just too hard and too insulting to sit through. This is the bottom of the barrel of American Dad episodes and it's up there with some of the worst Family Guy episodes too.

    The violence itself wasn't gross or anything but I found it plain depressing, I hated the horrendous premise of it and it's pretty upsetting that it gets worse for the family. It was extremely depressing and I felt torn inside, yes I know it's a cartoon BUT IT DOESN'T MEAN WE CANNOT BE UPSET BY IT. The plot as a whole is just depressing and leads to nothing but pain. The sight of the hacked dog is horrible and hearing the cries of agony for Steve was NOT FUNNY! The death isn't that cartoonish, only the cats were, the death was too upsetting to make us laugh with all the tense atmosphere and all that. The B-Plot is eh, forgettable and it's not going to make up for this horrible episode. The dog could have died peacefully BUT NO, it gets hacked and blown up, the fact they believe they could get a laugh out of me, the fact they could think that it was a good idea. Yes, a plot about "Letting Go" can be done right and this isn't it. This was a really depressing experience and I had a hard time watching it. It was boring, horrible, upsetting and downright mean, especially the ending we got with Stan and co. Rogers reaction won't light up the mood for very long and this was just, a horrible abomination for Season 7, an otherwise great season. I know I shouldn't take it seriously but as a standalone episode, it's very weak and wasn't funny anyway, and I can take it seriously if I wanted to, it's just too depressing NOT to do it.

    I cringe just thinking about this. If you like this episode, that's fine but I don't, it's by far THE WORST American Dad episode ever!
  • Continuity Issues

    Alright, I'm gonna sound like a horrible person when I say this, but I didn't have a problem with all of the violence towards animals in this episode. Why? Because they're not real! They're animated! If it was a live action show, I'd have a huge problem with it, but it's not. It's fake. Plus no sane person would harm an animal in real life just because a TV show told them to. That'd make them insane. So don't bother with that argument with me. But, my real problem with the episode would be with the continuity issue in this episode. In this episode, Stan said he never had another dog again after he lost his dog as a child, but in the first episode Stan had gotten the family a dog (Although he killed it and in "Not Particularly Desperate Housewives" he had that toy poodle, Fussy. That's a major continuity issue right there and it's something I had problems getting over while watching the episode. However, other than that I liked the episode.
  • It is funny...

    seeing a dog being killed when it's crushed by kitten pirates in a hot air balloon and reconstructed to have a baseball mit on it's head and a chicken stick for a leg. When it's that over the top you can't take it seriously. Plus when people see dark animation and dark humour they instantly think it means the show is trying to scare people. Steve crying is funny because it was so over the top. The episode could not have been done with humans, that would have caused a much more solid uproar. Just think of the dogs as a metaphor for humans and stop focusing on them being dogs or how they died and the episode has a good moral compass. Also there are more solid jokes here than in recent episodes.

    I would suggest watching more episodes if this was your first taste of the show, and not everyone owns a dog, but everyone can relate to losing someone important to them. There was much more comedy in this subject matter than recent episodes of Family Guy.
  • It's NOT funny seeing a cute little puppy getting crushed and being dead, it's just depressing. Shame on you, Seth MacFarlane

    Despite Stan's objections, Francine buys Steve the dog he's always wanted. However, when the dog suffers a horrific accident, Stan refuses to take the pup off life support because of a traumatic childhood incident. Oh my gosh!!! I couldn't believe what I was watching. When I heard about Stan having a puppy as a man's best friend, I was really excited about to see this episode because I love puppies with all of my heart. But then, things turn out WAY different than I expected though. The puppy actually belongs to Steve because Stan forbids anyone in the house to have a dog because Stan had his dog get killed in his past but then later on Stan decides that he loves Steve's puppy. Okay, so the episode all the way was funny and good up until Steve's puppy which is a beagle gets crushed by a hot air balloon full of cats and it's dead. Wow!!! I can't Seth MacFarlane would even make an episode about this. I almost changed the channel because this episode was just depressing and it's not even funny at all. It was really depressing seeing Steve cry because he really loved that puppy and it was just plain disgusting yet depressing seeing that puppy being lived but only by that machine. I also hated the very ending of the episode as well. There were maybe 2 parts in the second half of the episode (the most atrocious and depressing part) that were funny and that's it. I happen to have a beagle dog and her name is Lucy and if she ever got run over by a car, crushed by a hot air balloon (although, that would be unrealistic), and anything else, I would be traumatized for life and wouldn't even want to live life anymore because of the pain. So yeah, I felt very sorry for Steve in this episode and I nearly wanted to cry when that beagle got crushed. Overall, if you LOVE puppies then avoid this episode at all cost... if you don't care that puppies die then this is the episode for you.... Seth MacFarlane, I don't hate you but I am angry at you for making this episode so shame on you. 4/10
  • Stan's Best Friend

    This was an odd episode of American Dad here tonight. More of a moral issue than a funny premise, but there were still some amusing parts including the lawyer, and Steve's smile returning from the Today Show. They made a point about the life of dogs, but is this really something you want covered by a comedy?