American Dad!

Season 4 Episode 13

Stan's Night Out

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 17, 2009 on TBS

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  • Tied for my all time favorite season finale.

    This was such a great idea to have Stan hanging out with his CIA buddies and some hillarious parts are when Stan and his friends where at this Chinese place and Stan was so excited he started dancing and a kid started dancing next to Stan and the kid's dad screamed at him and when Stan like now Biscuit and Bicuit jumps in slow motion and she jumped in slow motion and completely missed and hit the wall. Also it was hillarious when Roger mocked Haley and said no one is asking me out because your my man date. Also I liked the Stan and his friend's storyline better then Rogerv and Haley's and at the part where they go to the crime lord's hideout I was hoping for some gun fights and more action but the episode still rocked. Overall an episode in my top 5.