American Dad!

Season 7 Episode 16

The Kidney Stays in the Picture

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 01, 2012 on TBS

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  • Family Guy episode in American Dad Packaging

    This should of been done with Brian and Stewie.
  • Overall it's an okay episode but there's really nothing new here

    Stan discovers that Francine was unfaithful one night before she and Stan married. With the possibility that Hayley may not be his biological daughter, he travels back in time to find out who the mystery dad might be. But when he inadvertently disrupts the events of the past, he must do everything to avoid changing the future. I thought that this was an okay episode of "American Dad". It wasn't good but it also wasn't bad. My biggest complaint is the fact that Haley didn't listen to Stan and it's just another time-traveling episode. Like seriously? how many time-traveling episodes are we gonna get from this show. I mean, "Family Guy" get some time-traveling episodes but the only different is that they are WAY better though. So yeah but I just hated how Haley didn't listen to Stan. In fact, I didn't feel sorry for her that he lost her kidney because that's what she gets for not listening to Stan. I know that may sound mean and heartless but it's true though. Also, as soon as Francine told Stan "Um, you might NOT be Haley's biological father"... I said to myself "wow, that is just stupid" because I know that Stan is actually Haley's father. The time-traveling premise was overall just okay but it's pretty stupid because young Francine has to apparently have sex with a stranger in order to save the present which seemed pointless to me. There were some funny moments in this episode though. I don't remember a lot of funny parts but I do remember laughing at the very end of the episode. The storyline was weak and not very strong but it's overall okay and it has its ups. Overall, in the end... I will say that this is an okay episode of "American Dad" but it's really nothing new and it could have been so much better,
  • "Its hip to be square!"

    A sentimental episode. True there were not many "laugh out loud" moments, but as a story it was pretty decent. Klaus's comment about facebook was hilarious. But i guess a few problems would be the fact that they DO write a lot of time-travel episodes, which are often very good, which made me think this one would have been better. The ending was abrupt, i probably expected to see Haley post-op for a meaningful moment with Stan, and I liked how Roger's synthesizing of Ecstasy tied the episode together. I am a generous rater, so 7 is good, but not amazing - hope the next one is better.
  • The Kidney Stays in the Picture

    We have seen this show do, I don't want to say this exact episode, but enough similar episodes with time travel and flashbacks and whatnot that the premise was a little bit uninteresting to me. Add in the fact that it was not that funny (outside of the "he lets me stay up and watch Castle" line) and you have me giving this a 6.5/10 and an average score for the show tonight.