American Dad!

Season 7 Episode 12

The Wrestler

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 04, 2012 on TBS

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  • Stan tries to protect his high school wrestling record

    A curse is put on Stan after he is overly vocal about his hatred for old people. As a result, he's turned into an old and frail man. Roger takes Francine to a dance competition. Well, what the heck is this? a third PERFECT episode of "American Dad".... I must be dreaming, no I'm not and it's very real. This episode was hilarious and perfectly well written throughout. There isn't one boring part in this episode and the whole thing was entertaining and hilarious to watch. I really can't find anything bad about this episode.... you know why? there is NOTHING bad about this one and I love it 100%.... one of the very few best episodes of this season. I loved how Stan was trying to protect his wrestling high school record but then Roger joins the wrestling team in his high school so he can beat it was entertaining to watch. This episode also made me laugh very hard throughout but I can't remember at funny parts at this moment. All of the characters in this episode had many hilarious lines and I remember there being some pretty random stuff in this episode that made me laugh out loud. So yeah, I definitely recommend this episode..... this season may be losing it right now but this is actually one of the very few episodes of this season that is actually good and it feels like I'm watching the earlier seasons of "American Dad". Overall, a perfect episode of "American Dad".... bravo Seth MacFarlane and please keep up the good work by making creative and well written episodes of "Family Guy" and "American Dad" this year. Don't just make one season for a show good. Make both seasons of the two shows I mentioned for the year 2012 good. 10/10
  • The Wrestler

    A fun episode here tonight. As a wrestling fan I liked seeing that take centerstage, but there were other reasons to enjoy the episode tonight. Stan had some great lines and behavior, and it was a clever take on a lot of issues such as the coach who had fun with little boys. Another strong show from America's best animated series.