American Dad!

Season 1 Episode 2

Threat Levels

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 01, 2005 on TBS



  • Trivia

    • We find out that Roger's species is immune to all human ailments.

    • The news anchors the Channel 3 report make their debut, and hint they are homosexual by the rainbow coloured opening titles. The rainbow is a symbol of the GLBT community.

    • Since Hayley got contaminated (by Steve) with the virus later than the family, wouldn't she have died (if they had died) after the rest of the family?

    • When Stan is pointing the sniper rifle at Francine, the end of the barrel is the same glass color as the telescopic sight for most of the scene. It changes to the correct metallic color by the end of the scene.

    • After Francine shows Stan his paycheck, Klaus' words are not fitting what he is actually saying aloud.

  • Quotes

    • Jackson: I used to work in real estate.
      Stan: What, are you gay?
      Jackson: I was when I worked in real estate. Once I stopped selling houses, my sodomy cleared up like that. (Clicks his fingers)

    • Roger: Dimmer switch! Huh, huh?
      (Francine & Stan stare at him)
      Roger: Oh, I'm sorry. Too fabulous? I hate this place.

    • Stan: You paid? You said you were going to the bathroom.
      Francine: I did both.
      Stan: Well, you can just do it all, can't you?

    • Steve: Toshi, you have a video camera, right?
      Toshi: (Speaking in Japanese) You assume this because I am Asian. You are a racist.
      Steve: That's a lot of words for "of course."

    • Stan: You never forget to fight. It's like beating up a bicycle.

    • Stan: Here's your allowance, champ!
      Steve: Wow... a whole five bucks.
      Stan: Yeah, I'm gonna need change.

    • Klaus: You know what looks good to me? Francine bent over that sink.
      Francine: Klaus, calm down.

    • CIA Man #1: Hey, wanna get baked and ride the escalators at the mall?
      CIA Man #2: Do I!

    • (Stan gets up from hot tub naked)
      Greg: Take a picture, why don't you?
      Terry: I was being polite. It'd be rude not to look.

    • Terry: Actually, Greg married once.
      Greg: I was confused. Is that why you're here, Stan? Are you confused?

    • Greg: First time the threat level's been blue. Just like my handsome co-anchor's lovely eyes.
      Terry: Stop it.
      Greg: Come on now, we've talked about this. Learn to take compliments.
      Terry: Thank you.

    • Francine: This is a wonderful starter home. I've been saving it for a couple just like you.
      Woman: Pretty soon, we're gonna be more than a couple.
      Francine: Oh, congratulations! I just thought you were fat.
      Woman: We're adopting.

    • Stan: Francine, what the hell is going on? You were fired.
      (Donald Trump comes in)
      Stan: That's passive past tense, Trump! You don't own that!

    • Stan: Uh, excuse me, are you Francine's boss?
      Man: Yes.
      Stan: (Into wrist communicator) Go! Go! Go! You're all under arrest.
      Man: For what?
      Stan: Possession of cocaine donuts.
      Man: Those are powdered sugar.
      Stan: Put it in a rap song, jailbird. This office is permanently closed.
      Man: What are you saying?
      Stan: I'm saying you're fired.
      Donald Trump: (Clearing throat)
      Stan: Oh, for God's sake. Somebody pay Mr. Trump.

    • Steve: I can't believe you muscled out your own son. You stink, dad.
      Stan: Oh, come on, what's more important, your hopes and dreams, or me making more than your mother?!

    • Stan: You unionized the homeless?!
      Hayley: Yep, this is the Fighting Bums Local 302.
      (Bums start cheering)
      Hayley: Here are our demands.
      Stan: "Longer red lights at freeway off-ramps, free doggy day care, human dignity"? I can't meet these demands.

    • (At a restaurant dinner table)
      Hayley: Here's to mom. She's finally cast off the shackles of domestic servitude and realized her potential as a smart, independent woman.
      Stan: Hayley, how would you like a punch in the face?

    • Man: Good news. Apparently, that batch of virus was inert, so that means...
      Stan: We're going to be okay.
      Man: Yes, although apparently your manners died years ago. (Pause) You're welcome.

    • Stan: What makes you think you're gonna survive?
      Roger: My species is immune to all human ailments.
      Stan: So explain that cold sore.
      Roger: Mind your own business!

    • Stan: Well, we have 24 hours to live, let's make the most of it and watch this box set of 24 on DVD.

    • Steve: I can't believe I'm gonna die a virgin.
      Francine: Aw, sweetie, there was a 70-80% chance of that happening, anyway.

    • Stan: (After seeing Scab Bum) Who the hell is that?
      Steve: He doesn't have a name.
      Stan: What?
      Steve: He killed his own name.

    • Hayley: Dad, you're a weapons expert! When was the last time you fought someone hand-to-hand?
      Stan: Don't worry, Hayley. It's just like beating up a bicycle.

    • Stan: Francine, I want you to stop this nonsense.
      Francine: "Nonsense"? This job is my career.
      Stan: No, my job is a career. This is just some silly housewife's hobby.
      Francine: Oh, yeah? Well, this silly housewife loves her "hobby." She's good at it. In fact, she kicks ass! So, her big career-man husband is just going to have to deal with it.
      Stan: I could have assassinated you!
      Francine: What?
      Stan: Nothing.

    • Man: You are all going to live...
      (Smith family cheers)
      Man: ... for 24 more hours. Which is just enough time for you to learn not to interrupt someone when they're talking.

  • Notes

    • An entire season of 24 actually lasts around 18 hours because each episode is around 44 minutes without commercials.

    • The song "Unchained" was played, written by Edward Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Alex Van Halen and Michael Anthony. Performed by Van Halen.

    • The table read, which was multi-angle (with the full episode, animatic and table read) for this episode was included on the volume one DVD.

    • This was the only episode on the Volume One DVD that did not have a commentary.

    • When Stan holds up the box of 24 Season 1, it is red. In reality, the box has a completely different design. It shows a portrait photograph of Jack Bauer (played by Kiefer Sutherland), the right half of which is washed out to white.

    • Channel 7 (AU) airdate: December 22, 2005.

    • BBC TWO (UK) airdate: October 29, 2005.

    • The CIA employees leave early to the song "Unchained" by Van Halen.

    • Pay close attention to the animator's attention to detail involving the "bum fighter" who bites his own thumb off. Even during the fight with Stan, they made sure to animate him still missing his thumb. What would have normally been an easy animation mistake to make.

    • The original broadcast of this episode on [adult swim] received a total of 1,133,000 viewers among adults 18-34.

    • There is a bum version of Mr. Monopoly from the Monopoly board game in the "Fighting Bums Local 302" protest group.

    • [adult swim] edits: It seems [adult swim] is editing out some scenes this time around. They took out the scene where blood splashes over the family in the Stan vs. Scab Bum scene.

    • Langley Falls Post front page headline: "Stuff Happens as Wave of Ambiguity Spreads."

    • [adult swim] airdate: May 12, 2005.

    • In the third airing of this episode on [adult swim] (Sunday, May 15, 2005 @ 11:00pm EST), the scene where the blood splashes on the family was still actually in the episode, un-edited.

    • This episode had a parental discretion for animated nudity and sexual dialogue before the beginning of the episode on FOX.

    • Considered by FOX to be the series premiere due to it being the first episode to air in the show's regular Sunday 9:30pm EST timeslot.

  • Allusions

    • Vertigo

      The scene where Stan is driving around town in his car, following Francine while sharp string-instrument music plays is a reference to a similar scene in the Alfred Hitchcock film Vertigo.

    • American Dad!: Show Reference
      This episode features a reference to the show itself. Right at the end of the episode, Stan hums the American Dad theme tune.

    • Steve: Video Camera/Girls Plan
      The whole part where Steve explains his plan involving the video camera and the "girls who get wild" is a reference to the movie, Ocean's Eleven.

    • Roger: Tams, I gotta go. Yeah, the boss is being a real "catch you next Tuesday."
      This phrase refers to a vile expletive that's particularly denigrating to women. (Here's a deciphering hint: read the word "you" as "U.")

    • Stan: You're fired.
      When Donald Trump demands payment when Stan says "you're fired," it's a reference to Trump's attempt to trademark that phrase.

    • Steve: ... Bumfights...
      Bumfights: Cause for Concern is a film made by some high-school students, which featured homeless people beating each other up for money.

    • Stan: Well, we have 24 hours to live, let's make the most of it and watch this box set of 24 on DVD.
      Reference to FOX hit drama, 24.

    • Steve: $5 isn't enough for a GameStation.
      In Teen Titans, they also use the term "GameStation," which is a spoof off of Sony's PlayStation.

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