American Dad!

Season 7 Episode 5

Virtual In-Stanity

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 20, 2011 on TBS

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  • Help, i want to know the name of that song

    Whats the name of that song with his girlfriend walks to her desk
  • very good

    Is very funny XD
  • american dad

    this one was really funny and it was really good
  • 805


    Line of the night going to....Francine? Yes, that's right, her responding to Stan ending the phone call with, "Bleep, did you just hang up on me?" was priceless.

    This was an interesting episode, it was funny, but it was a little bit outrageous (yes, even by American Dad standards) with the whole avatar control thing. Still, I'll recommend that you watch it.

  • It was okay but it was WAY better than last week's awful episode "The Worst Stan"


    Stan makes a desperate attempt to bond with his son by creating a busty blonde bombshell. Season 7 of "American Dad" really hasn't been too impressive to me but this episode wasn't too bad in my opinion. Not as awesome as the reviewers are saying it is but it was still pretty enjoyable with some funny moments. What I didn't like is how this episode copied the storyline from the 2009 film "Avatar" but at least they didn't copy it entirely. I was finally able to watch this episode on my DVR earlier today so yeah. This episode was WAY better than that awful episode "The Worst Stan". One of the parts that really did make me laugh hard was when Stan hanged up on Francine and then Francine called back and said to Stan "B****, did you just hang up on me?". It was also funny when Francine didn't know what "Avatar" is. The Roger/Klaus plot was alright but I found it dumb and a little boring that Roger would want to kill those 5 guys just because they didn't pay him his 20 dollars. I did find Roger calling all of the five guys to be somewhat funny. The ending to the Roger/Klaus plot was definitely hilarious. Francine getting inside the robot suit and fighting Stan (who is controlling the blonde girl) was very cool and the fighting scene was cool as well. The very ending of the episode made me laugh as well. Overall, this episode was just okay but it did deliver some very good laughs. 6.5/10

  • Stan creates a blonde alas


    I thought the episode was a bit interesting. I enjoyed it, but I made my score lower because of two things: Francine kind of got in the way in Stan's plot and she was really getting on my nerves (she hardly does in my opinion, but she was annoying in this one). Also, Roger's plot was too violent. Other than those, I liked this episode, could have been better. Stan making a blonde alas to bond with Steve was interesting.Dick (his black clone) and Bullock's part were funny. The beginning of Roger's was good. But after 5 minutes of it, it sucked. So overall, Stan/Steve's plot was funnier/better than Roger's plot. 8/10

  • Perfect


    After realizing that he has missed every milestone in Steve's life, Stan makes a desperate attempt to bond with his son by creating a busty blonde bombshell alias, Phyllis, whom he sends Steve's way. When Stan oversteps his boundaries, Francine intervenes to keep Steve's virginity out of "blonde's" way. Meanwhile, Roger starts his own limo service, and when a group of guys "drive and dash," he goes on a manhunt to get his revenge.