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American Digger

Wednesday 10:00 PM on Spike TV Premiered Mar 21, 2012 Between Seasons


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American Digger

Show Summary

Former pro wrestler Ric Savage works to convince homeowners to let him and his American Savage team find long lost treasure in their backyards.

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Season 1 : Episode 13

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  • awful

    "So I get down on the digging, and what do I find? Sweet nectar!!" This show is asinine. These 2 guys are the worst hosts I've ever seen. I've seen 4 episodes and there all awful. These two get excited about trash that fell out of a garbage truck 20 years ago. Are they trying to start a trendy phrase? This show is garbage and embarrassing to watch!!
  • American Digger

    What a total waste of time.... I am sorry I lowered myself to watch half of the first show. Stupid show!! AND a TOTAL FAKE......
  • Fail!!!

    Do you really expect people to believe this garbage? Just another fake "reality" show.
  • cancel this drek

    First:: this show is NOT archaeology. It IS however really bad tv, and a waste of time. Second: It is fake, and badly so, the few people who like it often think its real. It's not even close.
  • Love it.

    It is pretty entertaining. Ric was a wrestler so I suppose he is supposed to act like he does. I like how the rest of the crew kid with each other although I would like to see more of the personalities of each. I can't believe archeologist are upset because they sell what they find. Look at the internet and antique shops. Dumb reasoning!

    Anyway, I think it is also very educational. On every show, my kids learn something from the items they find. I just wish they would find more and show what they found the rest of the week. Even if some of it is fake, it's still fun to watch. Booooooooooooom Baby!!! love it!!!moreless
  • WHOA!

    News Briefs: Joss Whedon Is Creating an ABC TV Show Set in the Marvel Universe!

    Plus: Community picks a class and teacher for Season 4, a Secret Circle fave heads to The Vampire Diaries, and Wilmer Valderrama!

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