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  • awful

    "So I get down on the digging, and what do I find? Sweet nectar!!" This show is asinine. These 2 guys are the worst hosts I've ever seen. I've seen 4 episodes and there all awful. These two get excited about trash that fell out of a garbage truck 20 years ago. Are they trying to start a trendy phrase? This show is garbage and embarrassing to watch!!
  • American Digger

    What a total waste of time.... I am sorry I lowered myself to watch half of the first show. Stupid show!! AND a TOTAL FAKE......
  • Fail!!!

    Do you really expect people to believe this garbage? Just another fake "reality" show.
  • cancel this drek

    First:: this show is NOT archaeology. It IS however really bad tv, and a waste of time. Second: It is fake, and badly so, the few people who like it often think its real. It's not even close.
  • Love it.

    It is pretty entertaining. Ric was a wrestler so I suppose he is supposed to act like he does. I like how the rest of the crew kid with each other although I would like to see more of the personalities of each. I can't believe archeologist are upset because they sell what they find. Look at the internet and antique shops. Dumb reasoning!

    Anyway, I think it is also very educational. On every show, my kids learn something from the items they find. I just wish they would find more and show what they found the rest of the week. Even if some of it is fake, it's still fun to watch. Booooooooooooom Baby!!! love it!!!
  • I feel less of a person having experienced this show

    The biggest problem I have with it... is just how fake it is. And it's trying to act like it's real. But it's not. And I can't stand a show that's supposed to incorporate historical items in a reality television setting, but it's just so fake. And terrible. And you know everything they've 'dug up', they put in the ground in the first place. And the host himself... I've never seen someone I like less as a host, in any television show.
  • Love it

    Archaeological digs are very interesting and educational for the views. You can come dig in my yard anytime. The Oregon trail awaits
  • Predictable, Not Entertaining, Just Bad TV

    We've watched a lot of this type of reality shows, honestly, this is the worst one we've ever seen. After wasting our life on a few episodes, hoping for it to turn around, we're officially done. There's no personality here, the main person is not good at all. The whole "boom baby" thing just makes us cringe, give it a rest already, it's not going to turn into a catch phrase, just makes him extremely predictable and annoying. There's no substance in the show at all. Even when they uncover something semi interesting, there's no in-depth explaination on history/culture, just stupid negotiation and again, comletely predictable outcome. There's no reason to waste your time on this show.
  • Savage Loser

    This show only has one problem......Rick Savage. Rick is more full of crap than a chilli cook off porta-potty. This show is living proof that blowhard, ex-wrestlers should stay out of any profession that requires a brain. Rick, it's a great idea for a show. All that's needed is your absence. How about you just STFU and go wash cars or something?
  • Enjoy the show

    My late husband was a digger. He worked in Baltimore MD and when on construction sites, they would locate outhouses and he would dig them out. He enjoyed the digging and I enjoyed seeing what he would find and bring home. Watching your show brings back good memories. To those who put you down for digging, if you didn't do it, these things you find would stay in the ground and be lost forever.
  • Loosing history because of archaeologist

    I'm tired of seeing artifacts of history disolve away in the ground because elitest archaeologist believe if they can't dig it up no one else should. There are many sites in this world that the archaeologists will never dig. Why do they feel these artifacts should be lost??
  • B Mercer

    There is a need of archaeological digs for the importance of history. The places that Rick Savage and his team go to would probably never be excavated by a professional team. They're not digging up Washington's birthplace or Plymouth rock, they're thayer's and turn a hefty profit by it, Kudos to them! I well understand that and personally like to metal detect and coin shoot. I go to places that will soon be destroyed by urban development. Should "American Digger's" ever to come to Orlando, I'd gladly join them just for the fun.
  • Absolute White Trash Entertainment

    I'm opposed to this series. I'm an archaeologist and (in a nutshell) I feel this show will encourage members of the general public to dig up historic sites in an attempt to supplement their income. It wouldn't be fair to criticize the show if I didn't sit through one episode. Just wanted to put that out there before I commented on the episode from a viewer standpoint. This premiere was INCREDIBLY BORING. Savage, the self proclaimed "world's greatest digger" rolls door to door asking to dig up people's backyard. Once a landowner agrees, there is a 15 minute montage of Savage and his stooges yelling asinine phrases and trolling across the landscape while tons-of-fun gasps for breath or sits in the truck waiting for lunch. The artifacts they find are slapped with exorbitant dollar values and Savage waddles off to the nearest antiques shop in a painfully staged attempt to show you that history has no educational value, only a monetary value. This show is reminiscent of Savage's earlier work with the WWE: staged and uneducated. Crap TV for crap viewers.
  • STOP this program--petition


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