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American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 26

A Ghost Story

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jun 16, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

A Ghost Story
When Jake, Trixie and Spud become junior counselors at "Camp Mugwomp", Jake relives old camp game rivalries with Brad Morton. Meanwhile, a vengeful group of ghosts plan to take revenge on the living occupants of Camp Mugwomp.

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  • Jake and his friends encounter ghosts...

    Jake and the gang are at camp mugwomp to try to do what Jake couldn't 7 years ago...beat Brad and win the cup. Only this time he is a junior counselor. But, when he meets his campers, and finds out how much of wimps they are, can he whip them into shape in time for the cup games? Or will Brad prevail again? Spud really made this episode worth watching. He was hilarious. And the end was funny too. Trixie seems on her way to becoming a doctor. And Jake showed great maturity as far as dragon business goes. And he learns a lesson as old as time itself: it isn't all about winning, but having fun. If you are looking for comedy, this is the episode for you. Not any drama though. And not much action. But it's an episode worth seeing.moreless
  • Jake and friends go camping at Mudwomp Camp thingy, and verse Brad for the Mudwomp Cup.

    I hate to say it, but this wasn't one of my favorite episodes. I liked it though when Jake was all sad at the beginning in the mud, SO CUTE!! But the shackles Jake thing was pretty dumb. And Spud's costume change would of been funnier, if he wore actual clothes people wear when they camp. I mean really who brings a wedding dress to a camp!!? Anyways, don't you think Brad would of figured out that Jake was the dragon? I mean Trixie kept calling him Jake, and all, unless their eyes were honestly closed throughout the whole battle. Anyways, it was still a good episode, just not one of my favoritesmoreless
  • Jake and Brad are leaders of 2 teams, and try to rival each other, when Ghosts appear.

    Okay, this episode, wasn't very nice. I think the funniest part is the part with Jake and Brad as kids. Of course, it's not the best moment for Jake, BUT GOD THEY'RE SO CUUTE!

    Brad's team is "the perfect team", and they make fun of Jake's team all the time. Jake tried to make the kids try harder, in result to get most of them hurt. Then, there is the ghost part, which I can say is a bit boring. The episode ended with Jake's team losing on score, but winning on itself. I think this episode, out of boringness, this episode can send out several messages.moreless
  • boring

    boring boring boring boring boring boring boring that's all i got to say about this episode even know i thought it was funny to see brad get what he diserved!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahha evil grin, plus jake being with a bunch of loosers, jeff goode, i know your better than that, more bored bored bored bored bored bored bored american dragon jake long ain't going to get anywere's like this, i thought i was going to pass out when i watched it when it first aired tonight!!!!! disney, you are the cruelest of the pack, puting new episodes at 9:30 pm and reruns at 1:30 am , cartoon network is better than you!moreless
  • good episode

    its 9:29 and i can't wit for ghost story to air then the disney channel games come on and i'm like (swear) but anyways after that happined ghost story came on and that was a pretty good episode i wanted jake to win but brad won. i hated the fact that brad kept on being mean to jake but in the end jake would have one but he felt sympathy for the young camper becuase that was him 6 years ago. it was pretty exciting seeing the ghosts i think that is the first time they used ghosts on american dragon pretty cool new villian if you ask me. what i'm upset abput is that the summery says it is haley's summer camp and if you know me haley is my favorite character so i was even more excited but when the episode was over haley wasn't in it and i'm like good episode wish haley was in it and they should fire the guy who writes the summerys. so all in all this was a pretty good episode sad though that the show is almost over but we will get a thrid season though and i can't wait for the new episode tomarrow bit father bit son that is going to be awesome and there is a 1 and a half hour marathon on american dragoon on toon disney so i'm also exsited for that. funny parts i found in this episode were that spud had a new putfit every scene and that brad lost his clothes in the end and that jakes cabin was a bunch of losers okay their not losers but they were kinda in the beginng. so i guess this is it for this one wow this is the longest review i wrote and i did not spam sweet so yeah peacemoreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • During Jake's flashback when we see him running the cross-country race against Brad, Jake coughed and spat fire. It surprised him so much, he tripped and landed face-first in a mud puddle. This could very well be the first time he experienced his dragon powers.

    • End Credits: Spud leads the campers in the Cabin 9 theme song.

  • QUOTES (2)

    • Spud: Attention Cabin 9 campers! I'm Spud, this is Jake. We're your JC buddies for the next two weeks. Now gather up and introduce yourselves please.
      Benny: Hi I'm Benny. I get picked on a lot, so I've sealed myself in this bully resistant wonderball.
      Jake: Perfect, just perfect.
      Eugenie: (Crys) I'm Eugenie, I...I'm scared of everything, take me back to my mommy I'll give you anything!!
      Meerky: (Shakes Jake's hand) Meerky. I have an IQ of 240 and a crippling fear of germs. Uhh can someone pass me some liquid hand-sanitizer. Someone, ANYONE!
      Craig: He's Chris.
      Chris: He's Craig.
      Craig: We're identical twins. Only I weigh 5 pounds more than Chris.
      Chris: Not for long you don't!

    • Brad: I call this one, when planets collide.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Bubble Boy;
      The Boy put in the protective bubble by his mom is reference to the movie "Bubble boy" where the boy's mom put him in a bubble for protection.