American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 5

Act 4, Scene 15

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Feb 11, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Act 4, Scene 15
In order to win Rose's affection and set up a number of dates with her, Jake enters the school play "Anthony and Cleopatra", with him and Rose playing the leads. However, there is a kissing scene (Act 4 Scene 15) and when rehearsing with Rose, Jake freaks out. To make matters worse, the Huntsclan are after a scarab beetle that Jake has, so Rose (a.k.a. Huntsgirl) naturally sees it when Jake brings her to the shop. What follows is a series of close shaves and hints to true identities, but neither of them guess the truth.moreless

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  • Rose and Jake try out roleAct 4 Scene 15 . Huntsman try to capture the magical beetle that can bring back the dead in attempt to revive Huntsclan past generations . Jake suspicios Rose being Huntsgirl ?moreless

    Hmm this one really almost crack my stomach lol . I like it best when Jake and Rose were practicing Act 4 Scene 15 and they went across the Beetle . They change and wen after them , the thing is , they are together and they DIDN'T know a thing !!! We get to see Huntsclan past generations too . One of them was wearing a goat skull or something . IT didn't even look like a dragon skull . no Really !! Man this is really a funny episode . Too much humor and you can't miss it !!moreless
  • one of the best episodes soooooooo far!!!!

    this was a clasic epsacaily when rose was in tht arcade that was freakin hot!!! just the reason why i watch this series this was also the episode that i started to watch this series... another good part was the part when jake got his first date with rose witch was taken place in the begining of the ski trip . the sad parts where when rose/thorn hurt her knee , jake didn't get his first kiss with rose witch took place in the episode The Academy it was also sad that rose/thorns idenity was almost revealed

    it was revealed in the episode The Hunted that what i half to say about this episode peace outmoreless
  • Jake and Rose :D

    Jake and Rose star as Anthony and Cleopatra in a school play and one thing, they have to kiss. Jake and Rose are excited about this, but, they are both nervous. Also, Jake meets Rose's uncle, who she says to Jake is dangerous ( you will know why in later episodes). Jake and Rose try to kiss multiple times, but everything gets out of hand. Jake/Rose as mortal enemies always end up going outside and fighting eachother not knowing who either is. So Spud ends up in the play instead of Rose because of a broken leg and no kiss, but later, maybe.moreless
  • jake joins the school play

    this was an ok episode, the stuff with rose was cute but i would have prefred if he just told her, seeing her house was cool, and jakes nervousness was adorable. im glad he asked her on a date though, hes still unbelievably clueless, but that adds to his charm, so this one was only ok
  • The Kiss at last!......or?

    It begins with American Dragon and Lao shi battling over a magic scarab beetle against Huntsman and Huntsgirl and after a short sequence of grabbing and grabbing again, Jake and grandpa catch the scarab. Back at school, Jake is showing Spud and Trixie the scarab, but gets sidetracked to Rose, as always and tries to talk to her. He makes a pretty good job of it too, until she gets dragged away to rehearse for Antony and Cleopatra, leaving Jake with the idea to audition for the role of Antony, getting his first kiss with Rose in act 4, scene fifteen, regardless of Trixie\'s advice about actually asking her out. He does audition, gets the part, starts rehearsing with Rose at his house, only to find that he chickens out of the kiss when Rose skips right to act 4, scene fifteen, but gets less woried about that when the scarab escapes to the roof. To get out, Jake goes to the bathroom and Rose gets some air, two seconds later, American Dragon and Huntsgirl appear on the rooftop and start fighting over the scarab, but quickly come back down and switch excuses, reappearing on the roof to fight again. Back at school, all the jocks talk to Jake about,\"ooooh, act 4 scene fifteen, huh?\" but Jake ignores them and Trixie\'s rants about him not just asking her out and asks Rose to rehearse at her house. While rehearsing at Rose\'s, Jake tries to do act 4 scene 15, but screws up again and gets hidden by Rose when Huntsmaster arrives to tell her his plan to use the scarab beetle in conjunction with a magic spell on a full moon night to revive generations of the Huntsclan, causing Rose to throw Jake out. When Grandpa finds out about the plan, He tells Jake to help stop it, unfortunately the full moon night is on the night of the play, which Jake misses after explaining to Rose, who must miss the play as well too for a,\'family thing\' which is right in a sense, but it leads to a long fight scene in which Huntsgirl injures her leg, leaving Spud to be the understudy whom Jake kisses in act 4 scene 15, which he made it back for. At the end, Jake sees Rose the next day with a bandaged leg, apparently she tripped at her family thing, but Jake doesn\'t notice that she\'s huntsgirl and actually asks her out on a date, ending this episode.moreless
Macy Gray

Macy Gray

Trixie's Grandmother/Miss Jenkins

Guest Star

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Jake's mother

Recurring Role

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Fu Dog

Recurring Role

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Jake's father/Huntsman

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • In the flashback showing the girls Jake has kissed before, his Aunt Patchouli is seen, however, Jake refers to her as "Aunt Patty".

    • When Jake sees the cast on Rose's leg at school he probably remembers that that was where Huntsgirl was shot and thinks it pretty unnerving.

      Or at least he should. He doesn't seem to notice.

    • When Huntsgirl is shot in the leg at the fight, as she reaches for her leg, her glove suddenly disappears, revealing her bare hand. The minute she grabs her knee, the glove is back!

    • Since Rose did not make it to the play and only Jake did, not knowing that Spud was taking over, he had to kiss him.

    • When Trixie spotted Jake and Rose practicing in her house and talked with Jake, Rose's bandana turns light blue until she turns her head.

    • While at Rose's house, Jake pulls a book off a bookshelf, and another bookshelf to the right of the viewer moves inwards, revealing some sort of tapestry. (Of course Jake replaces the book without knowing). Moments later, the Huntsman pulls the same book, but this time the bookshelf to the left moves inwards, revealing the same tapestry.

    • When Rose and Jake are at Trixie's house they see scarab beetle and go outside. When they come back in, how does Rose have time to change her hair back to normal?

    • When Rose/Huntsgirl and Huntsman disappear, didn't Jake notice when Rose was gone?

    • In this episode there is a full moon for five nights, full moons only last three nights.

    • Rose is shot in the upper thigh, but holds onto her ankle. Her cast is also put on her ankle.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • (Jake is thinking about kissing Rose)
      Fu: Kid, stop! You don't know where that thing has been!
      (We come back to reality, where Jake is about to kiss the mop)
      Jake:(waking up) Huh? Aah! Aah! Heh heh.

    • (Jake and Rose have exited out of Trixie's apartment and come onto the roof as the American Dragon and Huntsgirl to get the scarab beetle)
      Huntsgirl: Dragon, let's make this quick.
      Jake: Works for me.
      (They both start fighting)
      Trixie's Grandmother: Would you kids turn down the TV? That kung fu movie sounds like it's coming through the roof!
      (Jake and Huntsgirl keep wrestling while the beetle climbs into a laundry vent)
      Jake and Huntsgirl:(realizing the beetle is gone) Where'd it go? (both frustrated) I so don't have time for this!
      (Both of them get off the roof and go back into the apartment)
      Rose: Do you mind if we take another 5? I have to go to the bathroom.
      Jake: Good idea, I need some air.

    • Jake: Dorkus Freako Give-it-upus

    • Jake: Sorry, but the mad player Jake don't kiss and tell

    • Jake: Jake Long is in the hizzie, tryin out for my man, Marc Antonizzie!

    • (Jake was spacing out, daydreaming about Rose)
      Grandpa: JAKE! Did you hear anything I just said?
      Jake: (nervously) Sure. You were... just... saying... some ancient Chinese proverb that holds the key to me learning a valuable lesson?

    • Hockey Player: I'm a pretty good forward, eh. But what I really want to be is a goalie. (mic screeches) This IS hockey tryouts, right?

    • (Jake has lost the scarab beetle to the Huntsclan)
      Jake: I'm sorry, Gramps. If I had just listened to you and stopped obsessing over Rose--
      Gramps:Do not worry, Jake. Grandpa has been there too. Young, wide-eyed, easily blinded by beauty and passion and--
      Fu: (stops Grandpa) Whoa, whoa, whoa, Gramps! TMI, know what that stands for? Too much Information!

    • Fu: (puts glass cup over beetle) Gotcha!

    • Jake: Tonight?!? But tonight's the play (sees Grandpa's mad face) Which I can totally miss.

    • Jake: That's it! Hold still.
      Huntsman: (grabs the beetle) HA! Finally, my army of Huntsclan can finally be reborned! (Huntsgirl and dissappears)
      Jake: (leaps towards them and misses) Aww man!

    • Trixie: (coughs) Okay look, just because I said you could rehearse at my place, doesn't mean I got to watch.
      Spud: But its act 4, scene 15.
      Trixie: Come on! (grabs Spud)
      Spud: Ahhh!
      Trixie: See ya Grandma, me and Spud, we out!

    • Fu: That's it kid, concentration and balance are a key part of dragon-
      Rose: Knock knock!
      Fu: Whoaaaaa.

    • Rose: (throws Jake out) I'm really sorry, call you later, bye!
      Jake: Ohhh man.

    • Huntsman: Why was the door bolted and latched in six different places? Is there someone here?

    • Jake: Dragon up!! (flies out of window and gets stuck.)

    • Rose: I live here with my uncle, this is like his castle.

    • Rose: I'm sorry, I freaked you out.

    • Grandpa: Jake, you're responsibility as the American Dragon is to protect magical creatures (gets mad) NOT FLIRT WITH SCHOOLGIRLS!
      Fu: Yeah, what were you thinking? Act 4, Scene 15, huh? Whoohoo!

    • Jake: I've totally kissed girls before...kissed girls before (flash back of him kissing his mom, flashback of him kissing Aunt Pattie, flashback of him kissing his dog, Princess, making kissing sounds)

    • Trixie: I try, I try.
      Spud: I know you do, honey (puts arm around Trixie) I know you do.
      Trixie: (gets digusted face and puts Spuds hand off him)

    • Jake: Yo Trix, my plan worked, I totally got the part!
      Spud: And I get to be his understudy!

    • Spanish Kid: (in spanish) Acting is not just about words. Its also about the passion!

    • Huntsman: Give up?!? Those dragons need to be slayed!

    • Trixie: So you saying that bug can bring junk back to life?
      Jake: That's what my Gramps said.
      Trixie: You need to hold it over Spud's head and wake up some of them brain cells.
      Spud: Good luck, these guys are heavy sleepers, ohh they're soo cute when they're sleeping.

    • Jake: I have to go to the bathroom.
      Rose: Okay, I need some air.
      (come back in house)
      Rose: I have to go to the bathroom.
      Jake: Okay, I need some air.

    • (Auditions for the part of Anthony)
      Spud: Uh, I should be Anthony cause I ROCK! (grabs mic and makes guitar sounds)

  • NOTES (8)


    • In Shakespeare's times, female roles were played by men (similar to how Spud played Cleopatra).

    • Voices

      Coincidentally or not, Dante Basco (the voice of Jake) and Mae Whitman (Rose/Huntsgirl) also play arch enemies Katara and Prince Zuko, who like Jake has magic fire power, on Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    • Title: Star Wars: Epsiode V
      When Huntsman's helmet being lowered down onto his head it looks a lot like a scene in Star Wars: Episode V, where Darth Vader's helmet is lowered onto his own head, pretty much the same way.