American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 6

Adventures in Trollsitting / Fu Dog Takes a Walk

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Feb 18, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Adventures in Trollsitting / Fu Dog Takes a Walk
"Adventures in Trollsitting" A Troll comes to Jake's house, and Jake has to protect the Troll from the sun, but at the same time his aunt is coming to visit. He has to protect the Troll and hide him from his aunt and his dad. "Fu Dog Takes a Walk" Fu gets prime tickets to a baseball game and desperately wants to go, but Lao Shi (Grandpa) can't take him because he has to train Jake. So after a few warnings, Fu 'walks' himself. Unfortunately, a dog snatcher takes this opportunity to catch Fu in order to be used to cure her dog allergies (and it's not in a manner in which the dog survives).moreless

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  • Both are simple yet entertaining

    First Jake must aid a troll in need of his aid and Jake must prevent his visiting aunt on his dad's side from knowing about it even though she is expecting someone.

    Later Fu dog takes himself to a baseball game because Lao shi is training Jake. Trouble ensues when a rogue dog catcher tries to capture Fu along with specimens of other breeds to cure her allergies that plague her. Fu dog not only has to save himself but help the other dogs too since the dog allergy cure might equal harming/killing the dogs. It's sort of like a Looney Tunes episode.moreless
  • The first of several half-episodes. It's filler, but entertaining none-the-less.


    When a troll needs to get indoors to avoid the coming sunrise, Jake begrudgingly offers him refuge for the day. Unfortunately, that's the day Jake's aunt is in town.

    While the plot is a little forced at times, I enjoyed the clever screw-ball comedy mayhem which ensued as Jake scrambled to keep the two from running into one another. Clever ending, too.


    Fu wins a pair of magical tickets to a playoffs game and, since Gramps and Jake are busy, decides to head out on his own. On the way, he comes across an animal control officer who's been rounding up rare dogs for a diabolical purpose.

    Finally, a story where Fu DIDN'T annoy the poo out of me. In fact, it was a clever Looney Tunes-style short that introduced the great character of the dog-catcher. Hope we get to see her again some day.moreless
  • i like this episode

    first of all i no a lot of people hate this episode but i like it. i think this was a funny episode. out of the two i like adventures in troll sitting the best but fu dog takes a walk is also good. i think that people don't like fu dog takes a walk because it is to short i think it is good and their is nothing really to expalian. i like all the episodes and this one is good. troll sitting i would have to say is my favorite out of all of the short episodes 1)troll sitting

    2)fu and tell

    3)the heist

    4)flight of unicorn

    5)fu do takes a walk

    6)the eggmoreless
  • Boring...

    First of all this AmDrag episode wasn't even an episode there was two parts, Adventures in Trollsitting and Fu Takes a Walk. Even if these both had a self episode, it would still stink, I mean those storylines were boring!!! You can watch I swear it is boring. All that happens in the first one is Jake has to watch a troll yawn, and Fu Dog has his own episode. Look I know it's character development but Fu Takes A Walk was painful to watch. This is probably the worst episode in the entire two seasons so far of American Dragon: Jake Long.moreless
  • jake tries to hide a troll and fu trys to get to a game

    it was a horible episode, the main reason for that is because it was split and cuz i dont really like fu and half the elpisode was all about him! i do have a few good things to say about it though, jake looked cute in his pjs, and that whole first short was funny, jake putting the troll in the frige and expecting haily not to notice was the funniest, though i had already guessed that the troll was meeting jakes aunt.moreless
Wendie Malick

Wendie Malick

Aunt Patchouli

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Diane Delano

Diane Delano

Ogelvy (as Diana Delano)

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Don Lake

Don Lake


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Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Police Officer, IMP, Messenger Fairy

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John DiMaggio

Spirit, Tree

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Old Lady

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • The Yankees were wearing the away uniforms in this episode, however they were home, and should have been wearing their home uniforms.

    • When Jake is training with Lao Shi, at first Fu Dog is wearing a blue Magus Gym shirt. But when Jake gets knocked into the merchandise, he's not wearing it anymore.

    • Jake COULDN'T have been born in October because in 'Shapeshifter' he tells Professor Rotwood he is a Pisces. That's February and March. So that's not right either.

    • Jeff Goode makes his T.V debut in this episode, starring as the voice of Haley's Doll.

    • Jake's mother knows her father is a dragon. And (even though she isn't), she would have to had known that their children would be dragons.

    • In a scene before Jake's aunt walks in on the troll, he had one eye. But when she does walk in, the troll has two eyes.

    • In this episode, Jake tells Stan, his mom has been trying to tell his dad about his dragon powers since October of 1992, but in 'The Legend Of Dragon Tooth', he says he had to wait until he was 13 to get his dragon powers, and I doubt the show takes place in 1992.

      Except that he says magical creatures, not dragon powers. Jake's mom has probably known about magical creatures for a good long time, her father is one, and clearly told her. In fact I think part of the joke is she's been trying to tell him since before Jake was born.

    • There is no way Jake can burn hair, and the hair will disappear like that. And why did Jake even burn the hair, he should have just put the hair in the garbage.

    • When Jake says "10 more minutes, Mom." it's 5:00 and then when the troll wakes him up, it reads 5:04. Jake then jumps out of bed to go talk to the troll and the clock reads 5:12- all this in a matter of seconds.

    • The dog catcher doesn't seem very surprised by the site of dragons, only scared.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Dog Catcher: HENCHMAN! Activate the Emulsifier!!! Darn, I need a henchman.

    • Police Officer: (Grabs the dog catcher just as she was about to get in the subway) Where do you think your going Lady?
      Dog Catcher: Hey! Watch the uniform, I'm in law enforcement too you know.

    • Gramps: Stay focus. Watch the tail!
      Jake: (In dragon form) Oh I'm watchin' the tail because my tail never fails! Oh I'm pretty, I am preettty!
      Gramps: Not your tail, mine. (Does a sneak attack on Jake with his tail.)

    • Jake: Dude, I told you to stay in the room
      Troll : Duuude I asked you for a glass of water so now were even

    • Fu: (translated while he's speaking 'dog') My pants taste like salami.

    • Grandpa: Ei yah! Fu Dog is in trouble!
      Jake: You can tell that by just meditating?
      Grandpa: No. By looking at my watch. It's been almost an hour since the last he was in trouble, so he's about due.

    • (Little dog gives Fu Dog sad eyes)
      Fu: Aw no don't even think about giving me the puppy dog eyes! I invented that trick! (little dog still gives him the eyes) I wish I'd never invented that trick!

  • NOTES (9)


    • There is also an episode of another Disney show, "That's So Raven" which is named "Adventures in Boss-Sitting".

    • The title comes from the 1980's movie "Adventures in Babysitting"

    • When the troll is heard saying "Booya" in Hayley's room Jake's mom looks in to see what is going on and the troll is holding two dolls (one is a redhead girl and the other is a blond boy who look remarkably similar to Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable). "Booya" is also commonly said by Ron Stoppable in the Kim Possible series

    • Title: Bionic Six
      The scene where Jake is trying to hide Stanley is very similar to a scene in the Bionic Six episode 'That's All Folks', a cartoon skunk is stuffing Scarab and two of his minions in increasingly small hiding spaces. And (in that scene) and the Jake scene, they both said "No, Here" whenever they were doing the hiding.

    • Title: Kim Possible
      There is an episode of Kim Possible called 'Adventures in Rufus-sitting'. It is also a half episode.