American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 30

Being Human

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Aug 04, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Being Human
With middle school graduation looming, a stressed Jake decides to give up his dragon powers and let Haley become the new American Dragon. But when an old foe returns, is Haley up to the task?

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  • Jake wants a break from his dragon duties during his last week of middle school....and in the end, the Dark Dragon returns.

    This was a great episode. It was very revealing of Jake's character. I liked it because it was a really great example of how this show has an incredibly realistic feeling to it. Sure, Jake's expressed feeling like his dragon duties are a little too much and how he sometimes wishes to just be normal before, but this is the first time it really hits home for him as to how much of the "normal" being-a-kid experience he is giving up as he serves as the American Dragon when he discovers that he doesn't even have a picture in the yearbook-he was out doing dragon duties the day pictures were taken. So he bakes an exploding cake and serves it to the dragon council-consequently, he is punished by having his dragon powers taken from him for a few days. At first, Jake is estatic-he goes around and does as much as he can to get the middle-school experience before he leaves. Soon, Haley discovers how hard it is to be her brother. Jake realizes what things in life are important to him, and that giving up his life as a magical protector isn't as simple as it seems. This episode really affects your feelings. This is one of those great episodes that is not only entertaining, but it also really makes you think and consider things.moreless
  • Jake , being tired of his Amrican Dragon duty , he decided to quit for 2 weeks , so Haley will be a replacement while he is banned from being the American Dragon . And what happen when Chang , the old foe comes back to revive her master , the Dark Dragon?moreless

    This is the BEST episode ever of the show . Although I already love the show . When Jake is so stressed of being the American Dragon and he just wanna quit it , only for the last week of middle school, I felt so sorry for him . He's the protector of the magical creatures but he has his life too . He deserved to be a normal kid even if he's the American Dragon . Just imagine if you didn't have your face in the yearbook , it would be so painful , and yet , it is the last yearbook of middle school. That is just so painful , if it had been me , I would have fainted and run away for sure . I can't accept something like that ! This really is the biggest lessons I've ever learned through all the series : No matter how special you are , you are still just you so just live like you deserved to be . After all , everyone only has one life . When the chances pass away , it never comes back .... So just live like what you want to live . Tihs really will be the best episode that I will remember .....moreless
  • The best non Jake/Rose episode ever!

    Jake gets tired of being the Amdrag and wants a break. He pranks the dragon council to get it. This episode had a lot of , drama, and surprises. Comedy as in Jake's prank was funny, and how messed up Haley was after only three days or so of being the Amdrag. Drama as in Dark Dragon coming back from the dead. I was surprised when Haley told off Sun and Gramps. Never knew she had it in her. And seeing Jake and the gang graduate moved me. I love the council's new season two designs. Awesome! Much better than season one. One episode you HAVE to see. Especially if you want to understand how the Dark Dragon is in the season finale, Hong Kong Longs.moreless
  • wow. one of my favorite episodes.

    i loved this episode. this is why i watch this show. i have to say that this episode is one of my favorites. when the commercials come, you get upset. no lie. and that doesnt happen to me very often. jakes love life is down the drain, he is always doing bad in school, and he is soo tired of being the american dragon. soo he tries to let haley have to do all the work. but is this the worst time to do soo ? i guess soo. an action packed, heartbeating episode that determines the fate of the american dragon.moreless
  • Amazing!

    I can't believe this is the second to last episode! It was really good! At the end, the Dark Dragon returns because of Jake's blood dripping on the site. I was surprised they showed blood on Disney. It was so cool. Hailey was the American Dragon for a short time, and in the end, she learned how tough it was to be in Jake's spot. Jake had his dragon powers suspended on purpose so he could be human. In the end, Grandpa gave the powers back because of what HJailey said--he realized how hard it is for Jake to be 14 and the American Dragon.moreless
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Adam Wylie

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Jessica DiCicco


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Jeff Bennett

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Clancy Brown

Dark Dragon

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • When Brad Morton talks about his prank, he calls it his 4th annual End of 8th Grade Prank. However, in Dreamscape, Rotwood comments on how he would love to flunk Jake out of the 7th grade.

    • When Spud is making the rude noises with his armpit, the scene changes to the crowd, who no longer has their caps and gowns on. The next time the crowd is shown, they do have their caps and gowns on.

    • Sara, one of the Oracle twins is in the year book even though she is not a student at Millard Fillmore Middle school.

    • The Dark Dragon returns in this episode.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Chang: Awesome. That my friend is the only word to describe the power of what we are about to unleash upon the world.
      Bananas: Right...but you'd know what word is more awesome than awesome? Bangers!!! (Chang glares at him) Or..we's could stick with awesome.

    • Jake: Aww come on G! It's the last week of middle school! Graduation's on Friday. Can't I just get a few days to hang with my peeps and, you know, chill?
      Gramps: Young dragon, your magical responsibilities must not be overshadowed by 'chilling' and 'hanging with peeps'

    • Sun: Jake ditched his American Dragon duties, on purpose?
      Gramps: (Rants in Chinese) Of all the immature self-surded...
      Haley: HEY! When's the last time any of you were the American Dragon? Well as the little troll girl currently filling the position, let me tell you it's stinkin' hard! I can't imagine doing it two more days let alone two more years, and to think about everything Jake's gone through, he's had to save magical creatures on a daily basis, lie to his own dad about who he is, say good-bye to the girl he loved, all to protect a mystical world that nobody knows about. He may be the American Dragon but he is also a 14 year old kid who just wanted a couple days off. If that makes him immature, fine, but self-surded? With all do respect to both of you, STEP OFF!! (Sun and Gramps both stare at Haley) I crossed the line with that step off part didn't I?

    • Chang: Sun Park. I thought you were all about peace and love?
      Sun: And what I'd really love, is to give you a piece of this! (flies over to Chang)

    • Trixie: It's official, I've become Spud.

    • Trixie: You ready to rock and roll spud?
      Spud: He's cool, he's hot like the frozen…
      Trixie: SPUD!
      Spud: Oh, sorry

    • Haley: We had a test at school today. I didn't have time to study and I F... Fa... FAILED! There, I said it...

    • Haley: And while your at it, how about I impede your forward process, instantly! (Knocks the shelf over at Chang)
      Sun: Good one Haley! But we really need to work on your entrance lines.

    • Spud: Oh advanced yearbook copy! How I love your look, your touch, your smell! (Smells the book) Eww, okay not your smell.

    • Gramps: The important thing is that both of you are okay.
      Haley: Okay? You call this...okay!? Not only did I let Chang get away, I have a troll face!
      Fu: Ahh come on Haley, you look cute... (tries not to barf) I mean, you know, you look, precious... who are we kiddin'. YOUR FACE LOOKS LIKE YOUR NECK THREW UP!

    • Haley: (Her teacher hands her a tardy slip) What, but Ms. Burch, I've never been tardy my whole life! I was up late last night with my dragon...I mean, gagging...problems. Because I ate some...rotten...tacos.

  • NOTES (8)


    • In the beginning of the episode, if you listen closely, you can hear Spud singing the American Dragon: Jake Long theme song.

    • The way the Dark Dragon is revived (using the blood from his young nemesis) is similar to how Lord Voldemort is restored in the book "Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire"

    • The way Chang and Jake's fire collided in this episode is similar to the way it did in "Nobody's Fu".