American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 30

Being Human

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Aug 04, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Jake wants a break from his dragon duties during his last week of middle school....and in the end, the Dark Dragon returns.

    This was a great episode. It was very revealing of Jake's character. I liked it because it was a really great example of how this show has an incredibly realistic feeling to it. Sure, Jake's expressed feeling like his dragon duties are a little too much and how he sometimes wishes to just be normal before, but this is the first time it really hits home for him as to how much of the "normal" being-a-kid experience he is giving up as he serves as the American Dragon when he discovers that he doesn't even have a picture in the yearbook-he was out doing dragon duties the day pictures were taken. So he bakes an exploding cake and serves it to the dragon council-consequently, he is punished by having his dragon powers taken from him for a few days. At first, Jake is estatic-he goes around and does as much as he can to get the middle-school experience before he leaves. Soon, Haley discovers how hard it is to be her brother. Jake realizes what things in life are important to him, and that giving up his life as a magical protector isn't as simple as it seems. This episode really affects your feelings. This is one of those great episodes that is not only entertaining, but it also really makes you think and consider things.
  • Jake , being tired of his Amrican Dragon duty , he decided to quit for 2 weeks , so Haley will be a replacement while he is banned from being the American Dragon . And what happen when Chang , the old foe comes back to revive her master , the Dark Dragon?

    This is the BEST episode ever of the show . Although I already love the show . When Jake is so stressed of being the American Dragon and he just wanna quit it , only for the last week of middle school, I felt so sorry for him . He's the protector of the magical creatures but he has his life too . He deserved to be a normal kid even if he's the American Dragon . Just imagine if you didn't have your face in the yearbook , it would be so painful , and yet , it is the last yearbook of middle school. That is just so painful , if it had been me , I would have fainted and run away for sure . I can't accept something like that ! This really is the biggest lessons I've ever learned through all the series : No matter how special you are , you are still just you so just live like you deserved to be . After all , everyone only has one life . When the chances pass away , it never comes back .... So just live like what you want to live . Tihs really will be the best episode that I will remember .....
  • The best non Jake/Rose episode ever!

    Jake gets tired of being the Amdrag and wants a break. He pranks the dragon council to get it. This episode had a lot of , drama, and surprises. Comedy as in Jake's prank was funny, and how messed up Haley was after only three days or so of being the Amdrag. Drama as in Dark Dragon coming back from the dead. I was surprised when Haley told off Sun and Gramps. Never knew she had it in her. And seeing Jake and the gang graduate moved me. I love the council's new season two designs. Awesome! Much better than season one. One episode you HAVE to see. Especially if you want to understand how the Dark Dragon is in the season finale, Hong Kong Longs.
  • wow. one of my favorite episodes.

    i loved this episode. this is why i watch this show. i have to say that this episode is one of my favorites. when the commercials come, you get upset. no lie. and that doesnt happen to me very often. jakes love life is down the drain, he is always doing bad in school, and he is soo tired of being the american dragon. soo he tries to let haley have to do all the work. but is this the worst time to do soo ? i guess soo. an action packed, heartbeating episode that determines the fate of the american dragon.
  • Amazing!

    I can't believe this is the second to last episode! It was really good! At the end, the Dark Dragon returns because of Jake's blood dripping on the site. I was surprised they showed blood on Disney. It was so cool. Hailey was the American Dragon for a short time, and in the end, she learned how tough it was to be in Jake's spot. Jake had his dragon powers suspended on purpose so he could be human. In the end, Grandpa gave the powers back because of what HJailey said--he realized how hard it is for Jake to be 14 and the American Dragon.
  • Jake gets himself suspended from his dragon duties for one week so he can lead a normal life. Will Hayley be up to taking his place and fighting off Chang who is planning to revive the Dark Dragon?

    This episode has to be one of the greatest of the series. I was always mad at how Haley always thought she was better than Jake and would be a better American Dragon. It's sweet how she had to take over his duties and walk in his shoes again. She wasn't holding up too well either. Her hair and clothes were messed up and dirty and she kept squeezing her unicorn stuffed animal to calm herself. The exploding cake Jake made to get himself suspended was awesome! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw that scene. Jake's impressions of Rotwood were really good and really funny. His rap song wasn't as great. I don't really care for rap. I can't stand Danica! I miss Rose. I can't believe Jake could forget her so easily and even think about dating Danica. I also can't stand that stupid little monkey that used to be Jake's guardian. He is so annoying! It's hard to believe he was able to beat Haley so easily. I did like how she stood up for Jake in front of her trainer and grandfather. I have new found respect for her now. It was cool how the Dark Dragon returned. It's kind of scary how nobody knows about it though. That's going to make the next episode really interesting. One thing that was great about this episode, was the narration at the beginning and end of the episode. It was almost like watching a Spiderman movie.
  • This was a about Jake when he gets his dragon powers temporaraly taken away for a week.. Hailey then is the american dragon until jake gets his powers back... But Hailey if finding it very stressful and jake is loving not being the am drag.

    I though thatt this episode was great! I loved how silly they kinda made... I loved the line :Who knew cake could do that to a mans face: I think that this episode was a fantastic one... although i didn't get to see the end... :'(... Oh well ill watch it on youtube.. but i cant wait for hong kong longs to come out cos thats suppose to be an even better episode judging by the pics I've seen... I wonder how they got rose to fight with them..? Ah well we'll have to wait and see now wont we!!! Cant Wait!
  • suspensful to watch

    Jake is stressed out and summons his dragon powers to Hailey and becomes a regular kid. Jake and Danica get a little closer and Chang makes a spell that the dark dragon comes back to life. At first the spell doesn`t work but in the end the Dark Dragon comes back
    It was a special episode and showed alot of Jake/danica moments. It showed mystery,adventure,pressur e and the Dark Dragon was a bit scary. I was wondering how the Dark Dragon came back. It shows a good reputation and it connects to Hong Kong Longs. i hope they don't end this show after hong kong longs.
  • suspensful

    Jake is stressed out and summons his dragon powers to Hailey and becomes a regular kid. Jake and Danica get a little closer and Chang makes a spell that the dark dragon comes back to life. At first the spell doesn`t work but in the end the Dark Dragon comes back
    It was a special episode and showed alot of Jake/danica moments. It showed mystery,adventure,pressure and the Dark Dragon was a bit scary. I was wondering how the Dark Dragon came back. It shows a good reputation and it connects to Hong Kong Longs. i hope they don't end this show after hong kong longs.
  • Jake is stressed out and summons his dragon powers to Hailey and becomes a regular kid. Jake and Danica get a little closer and Chang makes a spell that the dark dragon comes back to life. At first the spell doesn`t work but in the end the DarkD comes bac

    It was a special episode and showed alot of Jake/danica moments which Name and huntsgirlname were happy with. It showed mystery,adventure,pressure and the Dark Dragon was wave shocking. I was actually wondering how the Dark Dragon came back.... guess that answers that! It shows a good reputation and it connects to Hong Kong Longs. One of the greatest episodes I`ve seen it a while! Besides Furious Jealousy. The thing is this episode was a perfect example for any tv show. Although I do wonder what happens to Danica in Hong Kong Longs. Guess we`ll have to eait and see! Good bye!
  • This was a wonderful episode!

    I really really liked this episode. I'm glad that we've finally got an episode that's important to the plot line. Something I enjoyed was the ending. It was your usually episode. It didn't go from happy to bad to worse to problem solved to happy again. It left us wondering (unless you've already spoiled yourself by reading about the next epi). Another thing I really liked was the look Rotwood gave Jake at the end. Ooh! It made me so happy!! And to see Haley struggling and finally cracking...that made my day so much. She was actually being a very nice little sis in this epi and standing up for her brother. I do feel sorry that she had that troll face though...ugh! All in all; wonderful ep.
  • Jake gives up his powers for a week and Haley is the new American Dragon. But can she deal with the stress and even more importantly, the villains?

    This is one of the few episodes I am willing to see more than once. I saw it first online (Do you care if I cheated?) then saw it again online with my brother. And I enjoyed the two viewings quite well.

    Well, it starts with Jake getting stressed out with graduation looming and Chang returning, along with other dragon related duties. It gets to him so he purposely gives the dragon counsel an exploding cake, gets his powers taken away for a week and enjoys himself.

    Haley, on the other hand, is stressed and tired with all this dragon work. But when Chang attacks, she has to do it. But just before the climax, that stress became quality entertainment for us viewers when she ranted her heart out about being the American Dragon and how much work Jake really has to do. So Haley and Sun fight Chang. Jake gets his powers back, he graduates and the episode ends.

    All in all, this was a great episode that is worth watching over and over until they deny you viewing rights.
  • Jake gives up his powers for a week for a vacation, not realizing a great evil is brewing, making for an excellent episode^^

    Excellent episode, that gives another plot to follow after the Huntsclan. Action, adventure, and comedy that gives some timing sequence to the show. Haley kicks some butt in Jake's absence, and Jake actually has a life outside being a dragon basically taking over the show, complete with her own opening credits song lol. only thing i don't get is why the dragon council never took away the bad dragons powers as they did Jakes? Well best part imho is Haley's face after the fight with the monkey, needs more troll though:P Definitely calls for a third season with the added new bad guy plot:D
  • Super awesome episode that leads us right to Hong Kong Longs!

    Love this episode!!! I love how cute Haley was when her trollness started to wear away. I loved how Haley sang her version the Amdrag theme song. And I loved how Haley got to finally taste being the American Dragon!! Even Sun was pretty tight in this episode, stepping off her nature of being nice and peaceful! Everything was so cute!! xDD And hilarious!!!! And a nice ending too, where an accident brings back the Dark Dragon!!! Now we are all waiting for the end, Hong Kong Longs!! This episode was a awesome episode, before an even greater episode!!! Good job Amdrag people!!
  • greatness

    wow omg this is one of the greatest episodes i have ever seen it was awesome or how bananas calls it i forget so yeah. the episode starts out jake spud and trixie get a sneak peek at the year books and jake relizes he is not in any pictures because of dragon stuff and then he over heres brad doing a prank which involves a exploding cake so then jake asks haley if she will help him because then she will become the american dragon for a week so haley says yes so jake gives the cake to the dragon council it explodes he gets his powers taken away for a week so haley becomes the new american dragon and she starts to relizes it is a lot harder then she thinks it is. when chang and bananas break into a place to get ingrdiants to help revive the dark dragon haley and sun try and stop them but while haley is fighting bananas, bananas gives her essence of troll which makes half of her a troll and so on and so on chang is almost done with the potion all she needs is the blood of the amdrag but she thinks its jake so she captures jake so she can take his blood or chee then she relizes haley is the american dragon and they have a huge fight and so on and so on man i'm not really writing this review that good must be because i'm waiting for this to come out on itunes and i'm going on vacation tomarrow so now what maybe i will comeback and edit this review some day because for some reason i amoff my game all i can say is that this episode rocked peace
  • Haley, Gramps and even Sun realize that Jake does not have it easy at all.

    Very very very nice episode. It had real importance because many characters realize that it's not easy being the Am Drag. The whole episode is like a flashback as Jake is narrarating like it is an entry in his own private journal. Basically, Jake gets himself suspended so he can get some time off from his hard work and Haley becomes the new American Dragon. Jake becomes more relaxed, but Haley becomes a living train wreck due to failing school assignments and being late for class. Meanwhile, Chang and Banana's try to find a spell that will bring the Dark Dragon back to life due to Jake "killing" him at the end of "Hong Kong Nights". The Dark Dragon does not appear until the last 5 seconds of the episode and has no diolouge though.
  • Finally! At long last a lot of stuff that needed to happen finally happened! At last!

    After that werid raid to get Yearbooks. I think that was rather corny and stupid but anyway. Jake is feeling very angry and furstianed. He has a right because he been very much taken for granted, and those around him are being very inconsider it. I should know becasue I can totally relate at the moment how he feels. Like no one cares about his needs, that he doesn't have any free time and no one really listen. That you've got to literly hold your tounge and bottle up anger. Well enough is enough! Graudation from leaving Jr. High to High School and he not gonna waste any more time. So taking Brad idea he gets out of his froced duty for a week.

    I would yell normoal at this but I'm on his side. As I said enough is enough. It bad enough all the stupid adult excpect all these kids to be all mautre and respoinbel. News flash! They are KIDS! KIDS! They're not adults and they need to have some fun be wild and crazy and to stupid things. He has more then ever earend the right to be selfish! Ok you can't ever expect a kid to be an adult anymore then an adult to be a kid. Ok it never happen! Kids just need time to breaht and live! Ok I've had enough of people using and abuse and being inconsider it! Has anyone ever taken the time to really see how it must feel for the kids given this unwanted task? No all that stupid Dragon COuncile expect is perfectly behaved and responiby people that ain't ever gonna be real! What am I glad about is finally even if it was Haley someone just screamed and told flat out blunt to those idoit to get a clue! Someone finally did it! Yes becasue I would've incule bodily harm but that beside the point. Sometimes you neeed to forget being nice and tactful be a jerk and scream. Make sure your voice is heard because enough was enough!

    The only reason this isn't a ten was do to the embrassing scnenes. BUt it was good to hear a charcter finally scream! Yes! There maybe hope for Amercian Telvison yet! Now if all these dumb websigts and tv progoms would let us swear and get real blood then we be better off. I've had enough surgercoating.