American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 30

Being Human

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Aug 04, 2007 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • When Brad Morton talks about his prank, he calls it his 4th annual End of 8th Grade Prank. However, in Dreamscape, Rotwood comments on how he would love to flunk Jake out of the 7th grade.

    • When Spud is making the rude noises with his armpit, the scene changes to the crowd, who no longer has their caps and gowns on. The next time the crowd is shown, they do have their caps and gowns on.

    • Sara, one of the Oracle twins is in the year book even though she is not a student at Millard Fillmore Middle school.

    • The Dark Dragon returns in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Chang: Awesome. That my friend is the only word to describe the power of what we are about to unleash upon the world.
      Bananas: Right...but you'd know what word is more awesome than awesome? Bangers!!! (Chang glares at him) Or..we's could stick with awesome.

    • Jake: Aww come on G! It's the last week of middle school! Graduation's on Friday. Can't I just get a few days to hang with my peeps and, you know, chill?
      Gramps: Young dragon, your magical responsibilities must not be overshadowed by 'chilling' and 'hanging with peeps'

    • Sun: Jake ditched his American Dragon duties, on purpose?
      Gramps: (Rants in Chinese) Of all the immature self-surded...
      Haley: HEY! When's the last time any of you were the American Dragon? Well as the little troll girl currently filling the position, let me tell you it's stinkin' hard! I can't imagine doing it two more days let alone two more years, and to think about everything Jake's gone through, he's had to save magical creatures on a daily basis, lie to his own dad about who he is, say good-bye to the girl he loved, all to protect a mystical world that nobody knows about. He may be the American Dragon but he is also a 14 year old kid who just wanted a couple days off. If that makes him immature, fine, but self-surded? With all do respect to both of you, STEP OFF!! (Sun and Gramps both stare at Haley) I crossed the line with that step off part didn't I?

    • Chang: Sun Park. I thought you were all about peace and love?
      Sun: And what I'd really love, is to give you a piece of this! (flies over to Chang)

    • Trixie: It's official, I've become Spud.

    • Trixie: You ready to rock and roll spud?
      Spud: He's cool, he's hot like the frozen…
      Trixie: SPUD!
      Spud: Oh, sorry

    • Haley: We had a test at school today. I didn't have time to study and I F... Fa... FAILED! There, I said it...

    • Haley: And while your at it, how about I impede your forward process, instantly! (Knocks the shelf over at Chang)
      Sun: Good one Haley! But we really need to work on your entrance lines.

    • Spud: Oh advanced yearbook copy! How I love your look, your touch, your smell! (Smells the book) Eww, okay not your smell.

    • Gramps: The important thing is that both of you are okay.
      Haley: Okay? You call this...okay!? Not only did I let Chang get away, I have a troll face!
      Fu: Ahh come on Haley, you look cute... (tries not to barf) I mean, you know, you look, precious... who are we kiddin'. YOUR FACE LOOKS LIKE YOUR NECK THREW UP!

    • Haley: (Her teacher hands her a tardy slip) What, but Ms. Burch, I've never been tardy my whole life! I was up late last night with my dragon...I mean, gagging...problems. Because I ate some...rotten...tacos.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • In the beginning of the episode, if you listen closely, you can hear Spud singing the American Dragon: Jake Long theme song.

    • The way the Dark Dragon is revived (using the blood from his young nemesis) is similar to how Lord Voldemort is restored in the book "Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire"

    • The way Chang and Jake's fire collided in this episode is similar to the way it did in "Nobody's Fu".