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American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 27

Bite Father, Bite Son

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jun 17, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Bite Father, Bite Son
Dad drags Jake to the office for Take Your Child to Work Day. Jake begins the day convinced that Dad's a wimp, but witnesses his father's inner (and outer) strength against a pack of marauding vampires.

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  • Jake learns his dad isn't such a wimp afterall...

    Jake thinks his dad is an uptight, weak, dweeb. He isn't happy about having to go to his father's work. Then he stumbles upon strigoy, dragon slaying vampires. He has to defeat and capture them without letting his dad see. That isn't easy when you have to spend the whole day with him. But, to make matters even worse, the strigoy think Jake's dad is the dragon they are after! That night he witnesses his father's inner strength. And he finds out why he was chosen to be the American Dragon. The next day Jake spends with Jonathan at the beach. I loved seeing the bond between father and son. It was funny how Jonathan fought the strigoy too. With dance moves. At the end, we see Jake and his own son walking along the beach together. It was a touching episode with a great fight scene near the end. It is nice to know that Jake will get married and have a son too. If your convinced that Jonathan is a wimp, watch this episode. It proves otherwise.moreless
  • Jake's father takes him to work for "take your child to work day". But vampires mistake Jake's dad for the american dragon.

    I was dying to see this episode, but when I watched it, it wasen't as good as I hoped, sadly. This was not one of the worst, though. It just wasn't my favorite. It is one of the episodes that has Jake's father (Jonathan) in it.It sadly doesn't make it into my favorite episodes, but it is very well thought up.
  • I like this episode, but it's average to the AD:JL episodes, but average is good. I think this show has a good average of episode ratings...

    this was a great father and son episode. It's cool it aired on fathers day. Those magical creatures that suck dragons blood, are cool, they are a lot like vampires. I thought they couldn't go in the sun at all? Oh well, these creatures were different. I liked the one that seemed like the leader, he was cool. and how they were all like protecting there mother made them look like a gang or something, lol I dont know...

    Anyway, this episode was cool, I liked. I don't like episodes as much since Rose left, but at least she will be back in the finale, and hopefully this show could get itself a third season.moreless
  • This revealed alot about the shows characters. For example we see Spud's mom. Also Jake dreams about him and his son who shows a resemblance to Rose. Also we learn that Sphinx hair does not have to come in contact with the dragon to make it powerless.moreless

    Its take-your-child-to-work day at Jake's school and he has to go to his dads office. Jake gets pretty ticked off about his dad treating him like a baby such as calling him 'Jakeroo'. His dad overhears him and is quite upset but agrees that Jake isnt a child anymore, leaving Jake feeling very guilty. Meanwhile a group of vampires called Strigoi (who feed on Dragon blood) are off looking for the american dragon. They end up thinking that its Jake's dad and go after Johnathan. In the end they are defeated and Jake learns about his dads inner strength.moreless
  • I really loved this episode. Very nice storyline.

    This was a very good episode. nice story line too. I love how jake met another girl. I kind of like the idea of him liking someone else but I also miss rose. it's sad to know that she won't be back for a few more episodes. This new girl seems to have a great impact on the show. I thought that she was very nice. I love how jake's dad was very protective of him in the end. it was funny how he was fighting though. lol. I also loved seeing jake's kid in the end. I really loved seeing that. It turns out jake's dad will have a huge impact on jake.moreless
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