American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 27

Bite Father, Bite Son

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jun 17, 2007 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

It is take your child to work day, and Jake is not that much excited about going to his dad's work. Especially seeing the other cool jobs his friends get to do.
During that morning, a gang of vampires make it into the NYC. These vampires are called Strigoi, and they are different than your average vampires. They go around the world, sucking blood from dragons to stay alive. Their new target, was the American Dragon.
The leader of the Strigoi, she has visions that can show the appearance and the location of the dragon they are seeking. This Queen uses her power, to reveal where Jake was at.
Meanwhile, Jonathan took Jake out of the house for a pre-workout just before work. Embarrassed by his dad's dancing, Jake ran inside to hide. But at that moment, Strigoi ride in their limo. They look out the window, to see the American Dragon. But unknowingly, they see Jonathan...instead.
Once they reach Jonathan's office, Jake is sent to the copy room, to make copies with Jonathan's boss's daughter. At first, he is a bit bummed out, but once Jake catches eyes on Mr. Lockjelly's daughter Marnie, his quickly changes. There, he helps her make copies for her party she is having tonight.
It wasn't long before Jake is pulled out of the copy room. Jonathan took out his son, to show him a conference he was about to do for some out of town clients.
In the conference room, the out of town clients sit there with umbrellas covering their heads. Secretly, they are the Strigoi. To get to their goal faster, the Strigoi suggested they go out, for a bite to eat.
Jonathan, Jake, and the 'out of town clients' headed to Familio Festevedro's, which was the restaurant Spud's family owned. Spud was there, and seated them in a room in the dark.
While they were looking at the menu, Jake stared around the scenery. He head soon turned upward, and the mirror on the ceiling. Oddly, the out of town clients didn't have a reflection. Quickly he left the area, and called up Fu Dog.
By his description of these people, Fu was able to guess who they are. He explained to Jake that these vampires were here, to suck his blood.
During this time, Spud was entertaining a special guest named Judge Glamis Cutler. He was the food court judge for the area, and a good report from him was important. He came with his son, Leonard for his birthday. Glamis Cutler told Spud that if Leonard is happy, he's happy. With that, Spud tried all he could to get his son to smile, but every attempt failed.
Jake then headed back to his guests, and prepared to 'dragon up' while his dad was out of the room. But before he had the chance, the Strigoi ran out mentioning about the dragon. They then head over, by Jonathan. Jake then realized that they think Jonathan is the American Dragon, not him. But before Jake could do anything about it, light shined through the open door. Frantic about the light, the Strigoi headed out the door, and 'rescheduled' to see Jonathan just after sunset.
Back at Jonathan's work, Jake helps Marnie finish the last of her party invites. She hands one to him, expecting him to go. But Jake declines, saying that he has to spend some time with his dad tonight. Marnie replies by saying that didn't he spend enough time with him today? Jake agrees, and then goes to explain how annoyed he was of his dad. However, Jonathan was standing right behind him, and heard everything. Hearing those words made Jonathan sad. Jake now felt bad, about saying those hurtful words.
After spending the afternoon at his dad's work, he then heads over to his grandpa's shop. There, Lao Shi hands him a special weapon, called solar sand. With a little dragon fire, it will send out tons of light. With the brightness of the light, it should destroy the Strigoi.
Secretly, Jake makes it to his dad's meeting before he does. He fights them off, and starts to feel confident. But just as he brings out his special weapon, the Strigoi bring out their special weapon. Sphinx hair, the only thing that will weaken a dragon of it's powers. The hair makes Jake drop his bag of solar sand, and he falls on the table. The Strigoi then toss Jake in the hallway. Jake transformed back to human form, too weak to get up.
Just then, Jonathan walks by to see his son hurt on the ground. Scared for his son, Jonathan gains the courage to go into the conference room to take care of the Strigoi himself. With his brutal dance moves, he sends a nice beat down on them. But it wasn't long, before they captured him, and knocked him out. As they bring Jonathan to their sleeping Queen, Jake crawls over to the solar sand. But Jake tries to blow out some fire, but he is too weak to do so. Alternatively, he gains enough strength to get up and toss the sand into the coffee maker.
Just then, the Strigoi wake up their mother and bring Jonathan to her lap. Just as she goes in for the bite, she realizes this isn't the right guy. She points over at Jake, saying that he is the American Dragon. The Strigoi rush over to Jake, but just then Jake sits up and grabs the pan in the coffee marker. The solar sands let out a bright shine through the room. All of the Strigoi vanish immediately.
The next day, Spud and his mother wait for the newspaper to get their ratings. Both felt like, it was going to be bad. It turns out actually, the got 2 and a half stars out of 3! His son Leonard was recovering from a root canal, which was why he couldn't smile or eat solid foods. But he really did have a great time.
That morning, Jake and Jonathan spend the whole day at Rockaway Beach. Jake was proud of his dad, though he can be somewhat of a dweeb sometimes.