American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 27

Bite Father, Bite Son

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jun 17, 2007 on Disney Channel

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  • Vampires mistake Jake's dad for the American Dragon

    Jake is really rather embarrassed by his dad and even succeeds at hiding from others' view when his dad is being rather goofy. It's gets worse and worse for Jake when he is forced to spend pretty much the whole day with his dad at work and having to deal with a group of dragon slaying vampires that are seeking out the American Dragon except they mistake Jake's dad to be the dragon they are after. Jake successfully delays his dad so that he can fight the vampires himself but they come prepared with a braid of sphinx hair which is like kryptonite to dragons. Fortunately Jake's dad arrives in time and proves that even though he maybe goofy, he isn't a wimp especially if someone he cares about is harmed. The dad's arrival is all the distraction Jake needs to fight off the vampires.
  • Jake learns his dad isn't such a wimp afterall...

    Jake thinks his dad is an uptight, weak, dweeb. He isn't happy about having to go to his father's work. Then he stumbles upon strigoy, dragon slaying vampires. He has to defeat and capture them without letting his dad see. That isn't easy when you have to spend the whole day with him. But, to make matters even worse, the strigoy think Jake's dad is the dragon they are after! That night he witnesses his father's inner strength. And he finds out why he was chosen to be the American Dragon. The next day Jake spends with Jonathan at the beach. I loved seeing the bond between father and son. It was funny how Jonathan fought the strigoy too. With dance moves. At the end, we see Jake and his own son walking along the beach together. It was a touching episode with a great fight scene near the end. It is nice to know that Jake will get married and have a son too. If your convinced that Jonathan is a wimp, watch this episode. It proves otherwise.
  • Jake's father takes him to work for "take your child to work day". But vampires mistake Jake's dad for the american dragon.

    I was dying to see this episode, but when I watched it, it wasen't as good as I hoped, sadly. This was not one of the worst, though. It just wasn't my favorite. It is one of the episodes that has Jake's father (Jonathan) in it.It sadly doesn't make it into my favorite episodes, but it is very well thought up.
  • I like this episode, but it's average to the AD:JL episodes, but average is good. I think this show has a good average of episode ratings...

    this was a great father and son episode. It's cool it aired on fathers day. Those magical creatures that suck dragons blood, are cool, they are a lot like vampires. I thought they couldn't go in the sun at all? Oh well, these creatures were different. I liked the one that seemed like the leader, he was cool. and how they were all like protecting there mother made them look like a gang or something, lol I dont know...

    Anyway, this episode was cool, I liked. I don't like episodes as much since Rose left, but at least she will be back in the finale, and hopefully this show could get itself a third season.
  • This revealed alot about the shows characters. For example we see Spud's mom. Also Jake dreams about him and his son who shows a resemblance to Rose. Also we learn that Sphinx hair does not have to come in contact with the dragon to make it powerless.

    Its take-your-child-to-work day at Jake's school and he has to go to his dads office. Jake gets pretty ticked off about his dad treating him like a baby such as calling him 'Jakeroo'. His dad overhears him and is quite upset but agrees that Jake isnt a child anymore, leaving Jake feeling very guilty. Meanwhile a group of vampires called Strigoi (who feed on Dragon blood) are off looking for the american dragon. They end up thinking that its Jake's dad and go after Johnathan. In the end they are defeated and Jake learns about his dads inner strength.
  • I really loved this episode. Very nice storyline.

    This was a very good episode. nice story line too. I love how jake met another girl. I kind of like the idea of him liking someone else but I also miss rose. it's sad to know that she won't be back for a few more episodes. This new girl seems to have a great impact on the show. I thought that she was very nice. I love how jake's dad was very protective of him in the end. it was funny how he was fighting though. lol. I also loved seeing jake's kid in the end. I really loved seeing that. It turns out jake's dad will have a huge impact on jake.
  • cool episode

    ok so i will start this review with what happned before this episode aired and that was there was a marathon on toon disney which i got to see and that was awesome, but anyway back on topic this episode was pretty cool we finally got to see jakes dad show off his inner strenth while fighting off the vampires who were pretty cool. The vampires were new and i thought they were pretty cool. so the episode starts off at the house and we see jake getting really annoyed at the fact he has to go to take your child to work day because he thinks his dad is really annoying but then agian jake always thought his dad was annoying see other episodes. but anyway then you see that the vampires need blood of the american dragon and you would think they were after jake but insted they were after dad so yeah thethat was funny. they make their fist atempt at eating dad in spuds resturant now i think this is the first time you really learn about spuds family besides from hairy christmas and yeah so after that plan goes down they try and do it agin this time at night only jake gets there first and trys to fight the vampires but they use spinx hair agianest him and thats were the dad comes in and kicks butt. in this episode you also see jake getting interested in other girls but if you ask me he and rose are ment for eachother.
  • was this episode boring or what?

    another disappointment..........i had expected this episode to at least be midly entertaining....
    whoever wrote the storyline for this episode must have not had their morning coffee...or maybe they were just like, "who cares what happens, this is just a filler episode anyways", well someone said this episode was a tearjerker, and i wholeheartedly agree: by the time i was done watching it, i was bored to tears, wishing that amdrag still made quality episodes. but not after homecoming.................anyways, i can't say it was as boring as a ghost story, but it was a total waste of time. it pains me to see this show take a plunge..........
  • Father and Son bonding time

    Jake is stuck with his dad for bring your child to work day and in the end learns to respect his dad. I think this was a very good episode. The bonding time was so cute. I just don't get why Jake didn't go with the girl I mean come on he is a teenage boy for crying out loud. Sorry I just thought that was really weird even though it was cute in a weird sorta way. I like that we get to know more about SPuds and Brads familys. I really like the vampire things even though they are not vampires but I can't remember there names.
  • John Long has time and again he a very odd human and we've seen how Jake is more or less embrassed by his human herdgiy but now comes the time to learn the other side of him!

    One I really like that Jake for once wasn't overusing that annyoning slang. He does seem to be maturing some however he still very cocky and inmautre. John seems like a nice guy and all but I think for the most part he forgetting that teenagers or anyone for that matter don't wish to be embrassed. We have something called dignty and self respect and his lame joke weren't doing Jake good for either. Yet John shows his stuff yet again. He won't let anyone or anything hurt his children and he is a good role model. He got a lot good quialty that are improant in life. So its really time Jake embrassed both sides of him the human and dragon. He is speical I don't think a lot of the other dragons have human spouse given the rasicm we've seen. Trixie needs to learn to share and yeah noovicain isn't very nice. Still Spud whole family is werid! All in all good episode I just think John needs to try and be a little less of a goof and understand his son needs better! I've seen vampires that drink werewolve blood but dragon? That a new one! Then again there supposed to be like about 50 speiecs of them!
  • Omg i LOVED this episode

    My favorite part was when Jake was in the office with the vampires and they were using the sphinx hair on him. That was awsome, also when his dad was all lIke " Who hurt you." (thoose vampires were dumb) I didnt care much for the spud thing, i was like ok can we move it along back to jake. I was really hoping that Jake would tell his dad that he was a dragon or dad finding out this episode. I was a little angered that that didnt happen.i soo can watch this epiosde over and over again. It rocked!
  • Jake is at first embarassed of his dad. But in the end, he learns that his Jake kicks butt, and is the bestest father ever!!

    OMG! THAT'S ALL I CAN SAY! This episode was soo good! I mean I always wanted Jake and Jake's dad relationship to be a bit, closer. So this kind of episode is what I have been waiting for!!! I can't believe Jonathan can do some serious damage? I mean his jokes might be a bit, on the lame side. But he sure can put out a serious can of.... well you know what I would say. But I am so glad I recorded this episode. The only think I wish they had more of, was humor. I mean there was a lot of humor, but sense it was mostly Jonathan who did it, it wasn't that funny. But I am always on the lookout for a great episode, which I did find in this case!!!
  • Jonathan kicks butt.

    Very nice and sweet episode. Catch the "killdragonsa" reference? I really have to say this is a real turning point for Jonathan. Until this point, I thought he was a dolt and kind of a jerk. I loved how they actually made sphinx hair a huge threat, it's completely different from last season, now it has enough power to knock Jake unconscious. I liked the vampires. It kind of reminded me of Van Helsing. I did not care for the Spud/mother subplot, however. The end credit scene was something special, however I'm really annoyed that they say that the Huntsman was sucked into a vortex. Come on. He wasn't. He was vaporized and reduced to absolutely nothing.
  • Jake's father takes Jake to work, when Jake finds out a team of Vampires is trying to kill Jake himself.

    This episode was fun probably beacuse of Jonathan - He had this weird ninja dancing fighting style while listening to a CD and Jake thought he was like, a wimp. Also on this episode, Jake met a girl (can't remember her name) who also was in Jonathan's work building beacuse of the "Bring your kid in work" day. The vampires are vurnerable to a special kind of light, which Jake used to fight them.
    The best moment must be when Jake was thrown off, and then Jonathan came and saw the vampires (he didn't know they were vampires of course) and he started doing the same ninja dance fight, where of course he got owned.

    Fun episode is what I have to say.