American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 10

Body Guard Duty

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Apr 29, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Body Guard Duty
Jake must be the Oracle Twins' body guard as the mischievous goblin, Herbert, has planned to capture them and force Kara and Sarah to make predictions of the upcoming Ogre Bowl, on Friday, so he wins a large amount of money. But Jake also finds out that his important mythology test is also on Friday, the same day as the Ogre Bowl. Unfortunately, while protecting them, Kara has a vision of the test, and Jake uses Kara and Sarah to try and get the answers on the test.moreless

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  • Jake must guard a set of oracle twins from a goblin who wants to kidnap them.

    Jake start off guarding a set of twins who can foresee the future. Sara see bad but is optimistic while Kara sees the bad and is pessimistic. A greedy goblin mobster wishes to use their predictions on the Ogre Bowl so he can win big on a gamble. At first they seem to be annoying but it turns out that they can help him foresee test material that Jake can use to pass. Jake then starts to slack on his guard duties and Herbert the goblin succeeds at kidnapping them. Jake is given a message about the twins' whereabouts and a declaration that he will be successful at rescuing them but he will also be hit by a boulder.moreless
  • The Oracle twins return and this time Jake has to guard. They also become his new best friends.

    In this episode we learn more about the Oracle twins. We learn that when ever the Oracle twins has a vision it will come true. But how will it come true. Plus, they can't lie about their vision even if they wanted to. So here is when the Oracle twins help be Jake's eyes for when something bad is coming.
  • jake watches the orical twins

    i thought this was a good episode, i really like the orical twins, and there prediction aboout spud and trixy tying the knot made the show halirios, with them talking about the future and all. i liked the goblin who acted like a girl, that was pretty funny. i also liked the very end when sarah, i think, told jake in a scary vocie that he would find out rose's dark secret, then said in a happy vocie to have a nice day. that was so funny.moreless
  • I really cool episode

    This is a really good episode of the American Dragon:Jake Long. The special guests the oracle twins are so cool, plus this is one of the few episodes with rose and the oracle twins in it. There are a lot of good plots in this episode and lots of jokes. My whole family likes it. In this episode the oracles help Jake with his school and his crush, very helpful to him. At the end he say never let a little bad luck ruin your life and the oracle twins say " you should keep that in mind when you learn the awful truth about rose" . If you notice any wrong spelling or wrong dialog from the show i am sorry.moreless
  • i love this episode its cool i used to think who were the oracale twins i thought they were babies LOL this episode is funny cuz fudogs grandma is in this and they introduce a new sport called OGRE BALL and the venue they close down for renevationmoreless

    i love this episode its cool i used to think who were the oracale twins i thought they were babies

    LOL this episode is funny cuz fudogs grandma is in this and they introduce a new sport called OGRE BALL and the venue they close down for renevation when there is a match in cause anyone finds out
Paul Rugg

Paul Rugg


Guest Star

Sean Whalen

Sean Whalen

Ogre Announcer, Geek Boy

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Fu Dog/Blonde Undercover Henchman, Herbert

Recurring Role

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Old Woman Fu, Football Jock, Messanger Fairy

Recurring Role

Mae Whitman

Mae Whitman


Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • At one point Fu is watching his Grandmother as she's out in the field bashing at the Ogres during the game. But when the first period bell rings and the scene quickly switches to Jake and Fu, you can clearly see his Grandmother right in front of him. How is it possible she got in her seat that fast?

    • When Sara said, "You're gonna get hit by a boulder going 180 miles per hour, WOW, thats gonna hurt!" It actually didn't hurt Jake, since it was just a tap, so the oracles are wrong!

      Re: Not everything they say is a prediction. Clearly she's just commenting on her own prediction.

    • Response to supposedly the Oracle Twins visions always come true, however if Rose was supposed to fall down the stairs but was saved by Jake. Wouldn't that show their predictions can be altered?

      Well no, the oracles said Rose was going to fall down the stairs, they never said she was gonna land. She did fall, but she got caught.

    • Sara said, "Remember us? You will!" Why is that a bad thing? She only sees bad.

      (Re: It's probably because Jake thought they were a pain bothering him about visions)

    • When you first see Jake taking the test, the camera zooms into the room from the ceiling and if you look carefully to the far left of the screen you can see the Oracle twins taking the test. If the twins were kidnapped during the test, Jake would have seen or heard them leave the room.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Gramps: Uhh Jake, cutting one corner just leads to two more.(Uses scissors to cut a corner off a piece of paper)
      Jake: Uh, you just cut up my homework.

    • Rotwood: Mr. Long, Friday's test counts for you know what, 50 percent of your grade. So, if you don't shape up by then, you will get the destined pleasure seeing me, Professor Rotwood, in the Bermuda shorts with the flippy floppy sandals.
      Jake: (Confused) Meaning?
      Rotwood: Summer school!

    • Fu Dog:(While sitting on a newspaper) I'm just practicing my paper trails, talk about your yellow journelism he he he

    • Jake: Hey yo, Mr. Rotwood!

      Rotwood:: Nein! It's Professor!

      Jake: Yeah yeah yeah... I just wanna say... I'm looking forward to your test today, but you might need to invent a grade higher than an "A!"

      (starts beatboxing a rhythm)

    • Sarah: Hi Jake! Remember us? You will.
      Jake: Oh yeah. The oracle twins. So are you the one that only sees the good stuff or the bad stuff?
      Sarah: You're gonna get a nasty case of poison ivy all over your head in July. A pox upon your face. HeHe!
      Jake: Right. Bad Stuff. So that must make the one that sees the good stuff. What's up?
      Kara: You're cavity free this year.
      Jake: Yeah!
      Sarah: Root canal next year.

    • Kara: (gloomy voice) The good news is that you're gonna save us. Sarah: (happy voice) But the bad news is that your gonna get hit by a BIG boulder going 180 miles per hour! Ouch! That's gotta hurt! (giggles)

    • (Jake has just found out he can use the Twins' powers to cheat on the test)
      Jake: I'd kiss you if I didn't think you'd slap me silly!
      Kara: Ooh, good call.

    • Kara: (giggles) Thats a great out look on life (dark voice) you should keep that in mind when you find out the dark terrible truth about Rose. (closes door then opens door again and says in a happy voice) Well goodnight!
      Jake: Huh what? What truth?

    • Spud: It's physically impossible for me to touch my tongue to my nose.
      (Trixie shoves Spud's tongue up his nose)

    • Jake: From now on, I'm going to look forward to all the good things and not let the bad ones get me down.
      Sara: (who can see only the bad things) That's a great outlook on life! You should remember that when you find out the dark and horrible truth about Rose.

  • NOTES (7)

    • When the Sara told Trixie and Spud they were tying the knot they thought she meant getting married when she literally meant they were going to tie a knot.

    • This is the second appearance of the Oracle twins. The first appearance was in 'Dragon Breath'. But they were only in one scene.

    • Tara Strong is best known for her voice acting as Raven on Teen Titans. She voices the Oracle Twins. Their names rhyme. Tara, Kara, and Sara.

    • Goblins have a sensitive sense of smell. This can be exploited as a weakness by introducing their surroundings to an awful odor.

    • At the end of the episode, Sara sees the future and tells Jake that Rose has a dark secret but doesn't tell him what it is. This is a foreshadow to the episode 'Ski Trip'.

    • We learn more about the Oracle twins. Sara can see the bad things in the future but she's cheerful and happy because the littlest of news makes her feel good. Kara can see the good things in the future but she's negative and moody because all the good surprises are spoiled when she has her visions.

    • Main Villain: Herbert the Goblin.


    • Title: Oracle of Delphi
      The oracle Fu Dog is refering to is a famous oracle in greek mythology. She was the one who told Heracles not to kill himself (after he killed his sons) but to purify himself, by sending him to do the 12 labours.

    • Title: Spiderman
      When Jake catches Rose and her books before she fell down the stairs is similar to a scene in Spider-Man when Peter catches MJ in his left and and her lunch before they reach the ground.