American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jul 29, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Jake goes through his first molting period

    Jake becomes so disgusted and ashamed of his appearance that he tries to avoid Rose even though they have a project to do together and that she has something very urgent to tell him: the Huntsman's design to destroy all magical creatures. On top of that the Huntsman is starting to doubt if Rose really did slay that dragon in the academy's arena and must provide the pelt of the dead dragon to prove it. Jake is able to listen to Rose in his grotesque state in order to keep the Huntsclan from obtaining a crystal skull which will be instrumental in destroying magical creatures. In the end Spud comes up with a cream that helps clear up Jake's skin and Rose gives Jake's molted hide as proof that she slayed him.
  • When I first watched this I thought it was disgusting, but now I come to realise that it's actually my favourite episode of the entire series.

    This is one of those Jake/Rose episodes. For science, Jake's class needs to pair up and invent something original. They have one week. Jake uses his "eye of the dragon" to deliberately pull Rose's name out of the hat. Then he finds out that he has just started his multing cycle and that his skin will become greyer and lumpier than a bowl of expired oatmill. But then he becomes obsessed with his apperance and constantly trying to hide from Rose. But Rose needs to tell him something; The Huntsman's plan to destroy all magical creatures!

    This episode is very impotant to the main story line, it teaches a great lesson and is pretty funny. Maybe it's a little gross, but it deserves that nomination it got and should have won the award too!
  • What happens when Jake and Rose are forced to spend time together?

    Rose is afraid to spend any time with Jake for fear of being found out by the Huntsman that she betrayed him to a dragon. So Jake sets it up where they are forced into spending time together, by being partners on a science project. At the same time they must work together to stop the Huntsman from getting even closer to his goal of wiping out all magical creatures. But, when the worst happens, Rose may be forced to leave the city, and Jake. I loved how Rose said she doesn't care what Jake looks like. This is an episode that shows you appearances aren't everything. We find out the Huntsman's master plan to wipe out magical creatures. Jake and Rose now have to use a different, safer method to see each other. Dream charms. Will the Huntsman find out about Rose's betrayal? If so, what will he do to her? What is the Huntsman's master plan? Watch to find out. Awesome episode.
  • Breakout is about when Jake had his multing cycle and he is aftrid for Rose to "Quote from the show" See the real him. Also Rose and Jake get paired up for a project. The huntsmen wants Rose to prove she slayed a dragon.

    This epsiode is my favorite! Jake and Rose get closer together. When Jake has to pick a name out of a hat for his science project partener, he uses his dragon eye to see inside and he chose Rose. To prove to her that spending time with her will not put her in danger. But then Jake starts his multing cycle and is aftaid to show Rose "Quote" The real him. But that is not all that happends also Rose 88 and 89 are off to get a aztec skull from a skake. When huntsgirl, 88, and 89 fail 2 times the huntmen gose to find the skull. Also 88 & 89 see Jake as the american dragon and Rose together so its off to the huntsmen with the bad news. The huntmen wants prove that Rose slayed Jake at the accemey. So when the huntsmen is after the skull jake gets cournerd and luckly Rose is there to save him. She stunes him and Jake gose and hides. Rose asked him to come out and she tells him "Quote" Jake The huntsmen wants me to prove that I slayed a dragon, i'm going to have to leave New York... For GOOD! Luckley jake was having his multing cycle cuz Trixie and Spud gave him some cream and his skin came off. Then the next day Jake had to present his project they showed roses dream charm and got a C-. At the end Rose and Jake are talking and say: "Quote"
    Rose: I can't believe you'd think I'd freak out about the way you looked. You're a Dragon, and I'm cool with that.
    Jake: So where do we go from here? I guess we can't hang out anymore?
    Rose: I'd love to but it's just to dangerous.
    Jake: Yeah I guess you're--Did you just say you'd love to?
    (Rose realizes what she said and smiles) Dang! Someone's got it bad for the Jake man!
    Rose: In your dreams honey.
    (She hands him something)
    Jake: You're giving me your Dream Charm?
    Rose: Actually, I'm giving you your own Dream Charm. I figure since you got a dream and I got a dream...See you tonight?
    Jake: Definetly
  • #88 and #89 appear in this episode!

    I love # 88 and # 89! They were a great add on to this season! Ok let's get back to the episode. Breakout was about Jake's skin pealing off. First I thought it was gross but when I watched this episode again, I acually laughed alot. It was full of comedy, action, a little bit of drama, and did I mesion the comedy? I liked it and I know alot of other American Dragon : Jake Long fans liked it too. It had a lot of the things most of us were looking for. Especialy the Rose Jake shipping. I'd recomend this episode to whoever likes to laugh and whoever is a fan of American Dragon : Jake Long.
  • Awesome on a stick.

    This episode is one of the best in the whole series.And it is also when the suspection that Rose is working with Jake begins. This is also the episode where we find out the Huntsman's plan that will ultimatly lead to his destruction. I thought it was funny ow Spud and Trixie would react to Jake when they saw his skin. I also though it was funny when Stacey kept on screaming when Spud would try to talk to her. In my opinion, this is one of the best episodes where Rose and Jake are in it. You can feel the connection between them.
  • A very special episode!

    In this episode, "Breakout," Jake and Rose want to see each other but cannot because it is too dangerous for Rose and Jake to be seen together. Jake wants to prove to Rose that it is not too dangerous by doing a school project with her. Jake's plan would have gone fine if it was not for the new apprentices, #88 and #89, who sees Jake and Rose spending some time together. They also find out that Jake is a dragon and tells the huntsman about it. The huntsman is suspicious about Rose and keeps a close eye on her. Rose tries to tell Jake but Jake just avoids her because Jake had a a major breakout which was really his dragon molting cycle. The Huntsman wants Rose to bring the pelt of Jake as proof she had slain a dragon. If Rose doesn't bring the pelt, it will be considered as treason to the huntsclan. There is another Aztec skull on the loose too. In the end the skin Jake sheds his molted skin which is the "pelt" that Rose presents to the huntsmaster. Jake gets the Aztec Skull. Jake and Rose can spend time together with dream charms so that they can have dream dates. This is a very special episode because it shows how Jake and Rose can be together without the huntsclan ever finding out about it.
  • A very special episode

    The episode opens with Jake and Rose walking home from school talking about how nice it is to be done with the whole mortal enemy thing. Suddenly Rose brings up the fact that the Huntsman is suspicious and that it isn't safe to hang out with each other. Jake tells her that it's not like the Huntsclan would notice her with a "normal" boy, but he spoke too soon. 88 and 89 run into their faces. The two tease Jake and Rose before a giant snake comes after them. 88 and 89 flee leaving Jake and Rose to fight it. Jake turns into his dragon form and they fight together, but little do they know 88 and 89 watching. Jake grabs onto the end of the snake, making the tip of it's tail come off. Jake goes over to Rose and asks her to dinner, but Rose is too convinced that it's not safe to hang out together and she leaves Jake alone in the snow.

    The next day at school, Jake expresses concern to Trixie and Spud. He tells them he knows Rose likes him, but she thinks it's too dangerous to hang out. Jake then becomes determined to show Rose that it's perfectly safe. He gets his chance when Rotwood assigns a project and Jake uses his "eye of the dragon" to make sure Rose is his partner. Rose tries to reason with Rotwood, telling him that they can't stand each other, but has no such luck. At lunch, Rose decides to give it a shot and together they decide to go to the library to study. Jake gets excited and starts to plan on what he's going to wear, but Spud tells him that he has bigger problems. Indeed he has, as Jake has a giant zit on his nose. Fu tells Jake that it's just part of his molting cycle in which his skin would peel off his body, to which Jake freaks out.

    Meanwhile, 88 and 89 try to tell the Huntsman that Rose was fighting with a dragon, but the Huntsman won't hear it and orders them to get the aztec skull from the snake. Rose asks what's so important about the skull and the Huntsman tells her that if all 13 aztec skulls are brought together, he will have the power to destroy every single magical creature in the world. The next day at school, Rose tries to tell Jake the Huntsman's plot, but Jake runs away because of his appearance.

    Rose stands alone at the library when she sees Jake in dragon form. Jake tells her that they should keep their distance and flies away before Rose can say anything, but once again, 88 and 89 are watching the whole thing. That night, as Fu sleeps, Rose interrupts his dream with her dream charm to tell him the Huntsman's plot. Rose tells Fu dog to pass it on to Jake.Rose splashes water in his face, waking him up just as Jake walks into the room.

    Jake flies to the cave where the snake, which is actually a Guardian Serpent lives, but Rose, 88 and 89 are already there. In the battle, Rose gets the skull, but Rose pulls a "victory pose" long enough for Jake to grab the skull and leave. 88 and 89 are positive this is only further proof that Rose is working for the American Dragon. The Huntsman has had enough, and decides to find the skull himself, though.

    Rose races to the shop where Jake is studying the skull. Jake locks himself in the bathroom so Rose can't see him. Rose urgently tells him that the Huntsman and the serpent were on their way to the shop. Jake turns into his dragon form just as the serpent and the Huntsman come down the alley. The Huntsman swings his staff and zaps the serpent, killing it instantly before starting to fight Jake. The battle is short though, and the Huntsman easily gets the skull and has Jake trapped, but suddenly the Huntsman falls forward. Jake looks up to see Rose with her staff raised. Jake asks about the Huntsman and Rose tells him that he's still alive, just out cold. Rose then tells Jake that the Huntsman is suspicious of her and that she will have to flee the city. Jake then tells Rose that everything is his fault all just because he was afraid to show her "the real him". Jake then shows her his molted skin, but Rose tells him that she likes him for who he is, not what he looks like.

    The Huntsman wakes up to see Rose in her Huntsgirl Uniform standing over him. He demands to know what happen and Rose tells him that Jake's grandfather had attacked him. The Huntsman didn't remember seeing the older dragon, but Rose seems hurt to see that he doesn't believe her. Rose then pulls out Jake's molted skin and presents it as the pelt of the slain dragon. As Rose leaves, the Huntsman studies the skin. He fell for it, or has he?

    The next day at school, Rotwood makes Jake present his project first. Luckilly, Rose walks in the door and they pull off her dream charm as the project. Rotwood is impressed, but acts like he isn't and gives them a C-. After school, Jake decides it is for the best if they don't spend time together. Rose then gives him his own dream charm so they can see each other in their dreams. Jake smiles as Rose walks away.
  • Jake suffers from dragon acne. Rose and Jake find out the the huntsmen plot. They try hard to make sure that 88 and 89 don't see them while they work together to stop the huntmen's plan and while they are on dates. Rose shares the huntmens plot with Jake.

    Very touching and romantic episode. I loved the plot. It was really romantic when Rose put her hand under Jake\'s chin, and looked at him in that really sweet way, when she said\" Jake\" with sympathey and then she said\" I don\'t care what you look like, I like you who for who you are, what\'s under your skin is all that matters\" That was so touching. It was also romantic and sweet when towards the end when Rose hinted that she loved him, and then Jake said\" that someones got it bad for the Jakeman\" Then Rose smiles and says \" In your dreams honey\" This was such a great episode. Also in this episode 88 and 89 kind of figured out about Rose and Jake On this episode at the beginning Rose and Jake are walking together and 88 and 89 come across them and starts singing Rose and her boyfriend sitting in a tree KISSING and then a serpert with a skull on its head comes and scares them and then Rose and Jake fight the serpert together and 88 and 89 see them fighting together, and then Rose wants to be cautious, So then Jake sets up Rose as his partner for their science project, so they set up a study date at the Library Rose saying that she will be looking forward to it. Then Jake gets dragon Acne and then advoids Rose, You can tell that Rose is sad and confused that he is advoiding her. They also find out the Huntsmen\'s evil plan in this episode. The huntsmen gets suspicious in this episode. Rose then later goes to grampa\'s shop when she was told that the huntsmen would be tracking the skull, to warn Jake, while Jake is still advoiding Rose. Later on in this episode the huntsmen and Jake are in a battle, The huntsmen has Jake down and Rose then saves Jakes life with her staff. She shoots the huntsmen with green stuff from her staff that sets the Huntsmen to stone from behind. Then Jake shows her the acne and Rose and Jake have a touching moment, I wrote it above. Then Jake, Rose,Trixie, and Spud find a clever way to trick the huntsmen. They also get Jakes old skin off. At the end of the episode Jake and Rose are outside, and it is really touching and romantic, I wrote a little of it up top. This is a must see episode. It is another successful and great Rose/Jake episode. Rose and Jake demonstrate more clear feelings for eachother. They after all love eachother. I love the Jake/Rose relationship and the Jake/Rose romance. Keep the romance between Rose and Jake coming. This is definitely a must see episode.
  • If you read my rewiew on this show, you will know why I gave this episode a 10.

    This show had exactly what I was looking for, some Jake and Rose action. After finding Rose in The Academy Jake and Rose are now really good friends and are trying to hangout. Of course the huntsclan are suspicous so again they have to hide. They try to use different tricks to hide, but it doesn't work so then the fight begins. Does Rose really Jake or is she more obidient to the huntsclan? Well than you have to out in this episode. See what I mean there bond between eachother is interesting and exactly why I loved this episode.
  • Rose tells Jake that they can't hang out anymore because the Huntsclan might get suspicious, so Jake purposely gets her to be his science partner to show her she's wrong. Let's just say that people learn from their mistakes.

    Words to describe this episode - OH MY GOSH!!! This was such a great episode. I loved how they foreshadowed this from previous episodes. The whole episode was just so clever. I think the 1st season episodes are written and look better (except Rose looks better in 2nd) than the 2nd season, but this episode is probably my favorite of all seasons (though I can\\\'t say much since I haven\\\'t seen all of them). At parts, it had me on the edge of my seat and wondering what could happen (I always had to remind myself that it\\\'s a kid show). I just wish that had more episodes like this. I loved the action and the romance between Jake and Rose. Now I\\\'m just wondering what the Huntsman was thinking while staring at Jake\\\'s molted dragon pelt.
  • Awesome.

    It is so cool. Jake had acne and Rose had to hide from the Huntsman when she's with Jake. And Jake has to hide from Rose before he can molt. I think this episode is cool. Jake revals himself to Rose and she don't care about how he looks she cares about who he is. We learn that he molts every 10 years. I reccomend this epsodie to anyone who hasn't seen it. I loved this episode. It is so Awesome I can't stand it. It is my favriote episode and I hope it it yours to. I think this episode ROX!
  • Great...great...GREAT!

    According to the production code, "Breakout" is the 8th episode in the 2nd Season.

    "Breakout" is a great episode and it finally show us what is the Huntsman "master plan". Personally, I think that those 13 Skulls will have a key role in this season. I wouldn't be surprised if those Skulls will be mentioned or seen again in future episodes. The episode is also a big Jake/Rose episode (no kiss this time). We discover how dangerous is the Jake/Rose relationship...and how disgusting is a dragon acne (but this "dragon acne" plays a key role in this episode).

    The episode was great. You should watch it to know what I'm talking about. It's a "must-see"!

  • as if the animation wasn't bad enough, they made hime breakout.

    i cry for american dragon, every time i watch it, it burns to watch it but i do because some of the episode themes are interesting but the animation plays a big part in the intrest and it's very (crys) hurtful to see such great animation turn into such (crys)pioson. it's like watching a horor movie, in dragon up, he looks more like the anerexic dragon than american,i have given up on this show, if they do have another season and the animation gets better, some body tell me, if it stay like this (crys) i must find something else to watch. good bye american dragon. it's been real.
  • when jake and rose get closer, it spells danger for both of them @ school and protecting the magical world. add in a giant serpent and a horrific case of shedding your skin, and you've got a serious problem.

    aww, jake is so cute when he's embarrassed. the shedding skin was an interesting part of being a dragon, and should make for some interesting other quirks later on in the show. and his molting couldn't have come at a better time, helping rose to keep her cover with the huntsmaster.

    and seeing how she still stuck by jake, even when he looked horrible, show real character developement. it seems taht rose is in for the long haul with her dragon boy, and that jake isn't always as confident as he sounds. i think this was good for the both of them, and i can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Another reason why I watch ADJL! :]

    This is another great episode installed in the series! This is one of the episodes that give you a mix of emotions... mostly with the usual cracks and humor this show has to offer. It really shook the plot of ADJL and shifted things a little. I like how it wasn't talking too much about his dragon acne and pushing a bit of Jake/Rose stuff in it. It was an episode that had events that you don't expect to have happening... It was mostly hilarious. Hah. Spud cracked me up. And the Huntsboys... don't even get me started! I loved the episode. Everything was just great. I was really wowed.
  • I absoultly loved this episode. Another awesome Jake/Rose episode that rocked!!!

    I've waited a month to see this episode. And I wasn't disapointed. I absolutly loved it!!! I was another infamous Jake/Rose episode that was full of thrills, chills, and excitement. Rose moved out of the secret Huntsclan Academy and back into NYC. She and Jake walked out of the library discussing about their destinies and about life. A evil serpent comes in through the park with worthless scardy cat 88# and 89#. Rose and Jake fight the serpent together and the huntsboys find out and plan to tell the Huntsman about it. But, Rose thinks bieng with Jake is too dangerous. The next day, Jake and Rose pair up to be science partners for Mr. Rotwood's project but Rose stands against him but Jake and Rose have to pair up and decide to meet at the library. Also, Trixie and Spud invent a 100 uses cream for their project. Jake finds out about about the once in 10 year dragon molting process that turns his skin to mushy outmeal from Granpa and Fu dog and learns about the Huntsmans plan to steal the skull from the serpent's head so he could wipe out magical creatures and rule the magical realms. Rose and the Huntsboys learn also and are told by the Huntsman to get the skull. Rose tries to tell Jake at school and the library but Jake hides soo she won't see his skin. Trixie and Spud try to help out but can't. Rose enters Fu's disco dream with her dreamcharmto warn him andsohe can tell Jake. Rose and the Huntsboys try to get the skull but Jake gets it and the Huntsboys think she let Jake get it. The Huntsmaster finds out and yells at them but he forces Rose to handhimthe dragon she slayed in the academy and leaves to find the skull on his own. Rose warns Jake about the skull and the Huntsman fights Jake for the skull but loses. That night, Rose uses Jake's ugly molting skin to give the Hintsman and he is pleased. Rose and Jake both decide it is dangerousto see another and make only contact in their dreams throughthe dream charms.

    God, this episode was my favorite and the best!!!

    I want more Jake/Rose episodes!!! I love Rose!!!
  • I love this show and this episode. But why doesn't the HuntsMan know that, that is just Jake's shedding? It kindof looks obvious.

    This was an exciting/sad episode. It was really sad when Rose said that she would have to leave the city but the battle between Jake and that skull gaurding thing (I forgot what it was called) it was pretty cool to se that batttle. I really hate numbers 88 and 89. They are really annoying in the show and total scardey cats. But it funny when # 88 always screams "AHH!!! MAMA, MAMA!" I love it when he does it and when # 89 always says "dra,dra, DRAGON!" They are really funny but I hate it when people think that they're cool when they aren't like in the episode "The Academy" They're like "dude I could have taken down that dragon in half the time" and they think they're sooo cool when they are really scardey cats. But I love the romance at the end of the show when Rose gives Jake his own braclet so they can go into eachothers dreams.
  • jake gets pimples

    i loved this episode! the how thing between rose and jake is just to sweet! this one was hard to watch cuz jake just kept making it worse and worse for rose, tho i do have to say that she shouldnt have just practily hand him the skull, she should have made him fight for it a little! his skin was gross and it was predictable that she would use it as proof. the very end was really good i had a huge happy grin on my face when she gave him that braclet. it was a perfect ending.
  • Simply amazing.

    I can't really summarize the episode any more than the two words above. "Breakout" is an episode that really just shows what this series is about: pulling together these suspenseful and dramatic moments within a mysterious, magical world, and still keeping a comedic personality in the midst of all of it. An episode pulled together with such great skill, I don't know how it could possibly get any better.

    Jake and Rose--after their complicating stunt pulled off in "The Academy"--are back together in New York City. Back in school, finally able to talk about their secrets...but Rose isn't as happy as one might think. A keen eye from the Huntsman (as well as new apprentices #88 and #89, who's chemistry and dialouge are hysterical) is keeping her worried about any time she spends with Jake. Jake, of course, feels differently, going as far as to secure time with Rose by forcibly pairing her up with him for a school assignment. His attitude quickly takes a one-eighty as he discovers that he's undergoing his "dragon molting cycle", which involves massive clusters of zits and grey, lumpy skin all over his body. His insecurity of him being around Rose in the midst of this is complicated as Rose tries to unveil the villainous plot of the Huntsman to wipe out all magical creatures. The clashing instances quickly escalade to the point where Rose's trust is questioned by the Huntsman himself, threatening her position within the Huntsclan.

    The episode grabs you at the start and doesn't let go. Fantastic fight sequences involving a giant serpent (as well as Jake's first face-off with the Huntsman in Season 2!) are displayed fantastically. Smooth-flowing animations leads to snappy movements and fast-paced action for the characters, which keep the plot at a suspenseful and exciting tone, yet still manages to allow for some of comedy to shine (thanks in large part to #88 and #89). There's also the subplot of Spud and Trixie's "100-Use Cream", that gives the duo their needed exposure, and eventually comes back to tie into the main plot.

    More of the Jake/Rose plotline is unveiled, showcasing their own feelings now that they're both back in each others day-to-day lives, aware of their own secrets. There's Jake's own worrying of how Rose percieves him as a dragon, and of course a heartfelt conclusion that both secures Rose's feelings for Jake, and sets up the events for a future--and seemingly standalone-able--episode.

    Any show-fan or casual viewer will enjoy this episode; it's that simple. There's so much quality oozing from this episode, that I'm wondering if it's possible that they could make the next hard-hitting Jake/Rose episode any better. After I've seen what the season has had to offer so far, I certainly have my hopes up.
  • Jake and rose must stop the huntsman plans to destory all dragons and trying to take their romantic relationship to the max without the huntsman knowing was going on and that kind of mess up right there you can replace romance but you cant replace an bgdh

    Jake really loves rose to death and forever but their love is gonna get them kill especially around those two dumb and useless idiots number 88 and 89 bunch of punk wimps and the huntsman is getting suspicious by the minute and he still watching rose and i believe he is roses real uncle or probably her dad if the huntsman is real her uncle or father all of the devils hell hatered is about corrupt in nyc citied oh my god i just hope they can dodge this negro anyway good esipode and i think jake and rose can real get it on in their dream i just hope they wont even up with babies cuz if jake end up with babies theres a new nyc gangsta rapper better than ice cube coming out with a album soon
  • This is one great episode.

    After seeing about half of this episode I immediatly liked it. It was a very Jake/Rose based episode that was needed because lots of people want to see episodes mainly based on Jake and Rose and that has\'nt been alot of these episodes.

    The episode is about when Jake and Rose are trying to hang out but it\'s hard to sneak-by the Huntsman and his 2 apprentices number 88 and 89. Then when Jake starts molting (shedding his skin) things go from good to bad.

    This is a very funny episode and it\'s one of the best episodes I have seen.
  • ross is back to her old school

    rose told jake that they need to be sepered but jake didn't listen he needed to pick a paper to work on a projectso he cheted and used eye of the dragon and pick up rose named.and at the end they didn't have time to work on thier sience project so rose showed her bracelet that could go into peoples dreams. that's it i can't wait till next episode i'll think it's going to be cool don't you?