American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jul 29, 2006 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • We learn that the green stuff in Jake's hair is hair gel.

    • Between now and
      Homecoming every Crystal Skull has purple eyes. In this episode and Homecoming they have different colored eyes.

    • When Rose/Huntsgirl brings Huntsman Jake's skin, Jake's hair was on it. Why would Jake's hair come out with his skin?
      Reply: It's possible that while in dragon form, Jake's hair becomes part of the spines on his back. So, when he sheds, his spines go too.

    • The original premise for this episode involved Jake getting a pimple on the day of his school's pictures (with the "dragon molting cycle" aspect following intact), but was ultimately scrapped from the script due to its cliché nature.

    • Apparently Dragons shed their skin every 10 years but Jake is only 13 meaning he should have shed his skin when he was 10 unless he found out he was a dragon when he was 3.

      Reply: But remember, Jake got his dragon powers when he was 13 and this is his first time having Dragon Acne.

  • Quotes

    • Jake: (Looking at his zit at the end of his nose) Stand back Gramps, I think this thing is gonna blow!
      Gramps: Do not worry young one, I am sure the blemish is just the beginning of your molting cycle. Now tell me again about the serpent you encountered.
      Jake: Let's had this freaky skull around it's neck and I HAVE A MOLTING CYCLE!!
      Fu: Oh sure. A Dragon sheds its skin every 10 years or so, didn't anyone ever tell yah?
      Jake: Uh, I think I'd remember having a discussion about my skin peeling off my body!

    • Jake: Guys, check it out! Operation Rose is officially a-go! One study date will lead to two. And before you know it, we'll be studying from the book of love!
      Spud: Ahh, the book of love. I know it well. (Turns head toward Stacey) HHEEYY THERE GIRLL!!! (Stacey shrieks and runs away) It's like I'm a rockstar!!!

    • Number 89: Ooh, someone's about to get a wicked hard smack down from the Huntsman. And her name rhymes with...smuntshurl.

    • (Rose aproaches Jake after he avoids her outside)
      Rose: Jake, I was calling you.
      Jake: Ohhhh, you were saying 'Jake?' I thought you were saying...uhhh...steak.
      Rose: Why would I be saying---Look I need to talk to you about--
      Jake: Now's not a good time, I need to go and find homes for...stray...pigeons (smacks himself) Stupid, stupid!
      Rose: (Rose reaches to pull back the locker door) Is everything okay? (bell rings)
      Jake: (speeds off hastily before Rose can see his face) Let's talk about this late, 'kay.

    • (Rotwood is unnecacily scratching his nails on the blackboard; the entire class is wincing and covering their ears; he stops)
      Rotwood: Attention hoodlums! Since Mr. Ugenstien, your science teacher, is still recovering from last week's Bunsen-burner debacle, I have the distinct pleasure of handing out your assignments.(the entire class groans) Enough with your overlapping grumblings!! You will each pair up with a partner to invent something that will impress the lederhosen off of me.

    • (Rose and Jake are walking together in the snow)
      Rose: This nice isn't it? Except for the part were my fingers turn into popcicles.
      Jake: Yea, it is nice to finally be done with the secrets.
      Rose: The lies.
      Jake: The you trying to slay me, stuff me, and mount me on your mantle.

    • Gramps: Hello Ladies, the water is F-I-N-E, Spelled Fine.

    • Trixie: Yeah, what's cracka-lacking, Jakey. Me and Spud here are to find a cure for your ill-ing skin once and for all.
      Spud: Totally! Because as co-founders of 100 Uses Cream Inc., we feel your complexion should resemble peaches and cream, not peaches and creamed corn.

    • Jake: So what should I wear, my red jacket? Or should I mix it up and wear my other red jacket?

    • Spud: Yikes bro. Sounds like Rose-o gave you-o the old heave ho.

    • Fu Dog: (Talking about Jake's molting) Listen, kid, before you go making a mountain out of a mole-hill, lemme ask you this: You know how a caterpillar changing into a butterfly is a perfectly natural and beautfiul process?
      Jake: Yeah...?
      Fu Dog: Good, 'cause molting's nothin' like that! A-GOO!

    • (Rose has entered Fu's dream where he's at a roller-rink disco party sitting with two female dogs who are licking his face)
      Rose: Fu dog--oh...ew.
      Fu: Rose? What are you doing in my dream?
      Rose: (Extremely fast)I have something important I need to tell Jake but he's acting all weird and won't let me tell him what I need to tell him so I was hoping I could tell you to tell him.
      Fu: Interesting. Do tell.
      Rose: 88, 89, and I have to retrieve the skull from the serpent tonight at Central Park, but it's imapartive that Jake get there first and intercept it.
      Fu: (Unintersted) Okay I'll tell him as soon as I get up. Now if you excuse me I was about to get my groove on.
      (He returns to the two female dogs; Rose scowls and throws water on him, waking him up)

    • Spud: (to Trixe about their science project) How about we invent a Pick n' Flick:, automatic nose picker!
      Trixie: Boy! Do not make me slap you.

    • Jake: That's just the thing Spud, Rose totally digs me, but she thinks it's too dangerous for us to be seen together.
      Trixie: You know little miss ninja thing has a point.

    • Rose: (to Jake) For the record, you don't wear to much hair gel...Okay you do but, it's cute.

    • Huntsman: You fools! How could you let the serpent get away?!
      #88: Okay here's what happened: me and 89 were layin' down a can of Huntssmack on that sucker when out of nowhere Huntsgirl tags-in and starts fighting side-by-side with a Dragon!
      Huntsgirl: What?! Master, I was left fighting the Dragon and the serpent after these two ran away like cowards!
      #89: I know you are but what am I?
      Huntsman: Silence!

    • (While being chased by a snake 88 and 89 stumble upon Jake and Rose walking together)
      #89: Hey, check it out: Rose went and found herself a big hunk of man!
      Jake/Rose: (nervously) No no umm--
      #88: Rose and her boyfriend sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N--(the serpent lunges at the two and they run of screaming) Ahhhhh!!!!

    • #89(about Jake): Look who it is Huntsgirl's B.F.F. forever.
      #88: Fool, the last "f" stands for "forever!" You just said best friend forever forever.
      #89: Shut-up!

    • Rose: I can't believe you'd think I'd freak out about the way you looked. You're a Dragon, I'm cool with that.
      Jake: So where do we go from here? I guess we can't hang out anymore?
      Rose: I'd love to but it's just to dangerous.
      Jake: Yeah I guess you're--Did you just say you'd love to?
      (Rose realizes what she said and smiles) Dang! Someone's got it bad for the Jake man!
      Rose: In your dreams honey.
      (She hands him something)
      Jake: You're giving me your Dream Charm?
      Rose: Actually, I'm giving you your own Dream Charm. I figure since you got a dream and I got a dream...See you tonight?
      Jake: Definetly

    • (Rose is trying to get Rootwood to switch Jake and Rose to different partners)
      Rose: Jake and I can't stand each other! I mean who in their right mind wears that much hair gel?
      Jake: Say what?! Well your hair is all golden and......... nice.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The plot of this episode is similar to the one from the Teen Titans episode "Transformation". A character going through some type of natural metamorphic cycle and being too ashamed to be seen by their friends. Only for them to revert back to normal at the end, after learning that their friends care about them, not their appearence.

    • Lao Shi said "ei yah" in surprise. Much like Uncle from "Jackie Chan Adventures". This is fitting because both Lao Shi and Uncle are chinese.

    • Jake having Dragon Acne is simular to how in Danny Phantom ghosts get Ecto Acne

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