American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 1

Bring It On

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jun 10, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Bring It On
When Jake faces a villain named Fury, who tries to find her sisters and rule the world once again, Trixie goes undercover as a cheerleader to get information from a tight-knit squad of cheerleaders who get possessed by Fury now and again.

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  • This was entertaining at first, but then it got boring. Bad opening for Season 2.

    This episode was the first episode made for Season 2. And let me tell you; it wasn't very good. I mean, this episode is more centered around Trixie and the female characters of American Dragon: Jake Long. There has never been an episode like this. Another fact is that we've never seen cheerleaders in ADJL, (except on "The Halloween Bash", when the ogres were ogling cheerleaders at the party, and at the ogre bowl game in "Body Guard Duty") but a good thing about this ep is that we meet a new enemy - the Gorgon Sisters, whose names are Fury, Medusa and Euryale. I never knew about about them until I watched this ep.

    In conclusion: very good, but not excellent.moreless
  • Well, not the one I would have picked for season 2's first ep, but its ok.

    ADJL is back with a new look, new characters, new bad guys, and new surprises. In the season 2 premier we see Trixie's girlish side. The guys (Jake and Spud, and the cheerleaders) think Trixie can't act like a girl. Or be a cheerleader. She proved them wrong. We have a new character who Spud is fond of. And we have three new bad, girls. I didn't like the new animation at first, but it has grown on me, and I wish it had been this way all along. Jake is taller. Spud seems to have a deeper voice than in season 1. Trixie seems a tad more like a girl and she uses less slang. Jake's dragon form changed a lot. He is smaller. I can't say this is one of my favorites, but all in all an ep worth seeing.moreless
  • This episode was ok but I expected something a little better for the opening of season two.

    Mainly, this episode is about a evil villain names Fury who sumons her sisters and attempets to rule the world! Trixie pretends to be a cheerleader to get information from the other cheerleaders. What she doesn't know that is these girls are being possesed by the evil sisters. Eventualy she gets possesed too!

    This episode was ok but not good enough for the begining of season two. To me, there wasn't that much comedy and not that much cool action. The ending credits sceen was funny though. Poor teacher... Always gets himself into a big mess... Anways this episode was ok. Rose wasn't in it but she's in the next one. I really thought Rose would come back in this episode but I guess not. Again, because of that I say it's just ok.moreless
  • one must bring it on

    wow i think this was a good episode to start season 2. when i first saw it i was surprised excited because i saw the new animation and i thought it was great. the first thing i said was that i thought it was a good episode to start season 2 but adding on to that it is not the one i would have picked the episode i would have picked would be half baked because it pretty much introduced everybody bring it on only itntroduced jake and his friends. and just for the word count when faced with a difficult challinge one must bring it onmoreless
  • Trixie gets into a group of cheerleaders to stop an evil gorgon from taking over the world.

    This episode was not very nice, it was not the kind of pilot I would like in the Second season of these series.

    This episode was fun, though, beacuse it had nice scenes like that stealth one. I laughed when spud was dressed as a spartan - roman fighter person thing. Also, this was first episode that used the new design of the series' characters.

    I was very happy when I first saw the episode; I didn't even know there was a second season. When I first saw it, I liked it, but if I had seen the other episodes first, this one would have dissapointed me.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Spud: So, do you think I should tell Stacy that her beauty haunts my every waking moment?

    • Trixie: OOH is it me, or is Kyle Wilkins lookin' extra crispy with a side mmmMmmm!
      Jake: Uhh, Trix, you know me and Spud don't do girl talk.
      Spud: Yeah that'd be fairly creepy. But speaking of extra crispy, the cheerleaders are looking, H-O-T, spells SMOKING!!

    • Fury: (As Trixie and the cheerleaders, under mind control, are fighting Jake and the Gang) Euryale, come and help me!
      Euryale: (Reluctantly) Ugh, ok. (Joins Fury at the crank) But for the record, nobody likes a bossy Becky.

    • Trixie: Man, that facial was the BIZZ-ness! I still can't believe we didn't hafta pay!
      Stacey Cheerleaders never "pay". We help bring in the business. People go there 'cuz we go there.
      Tracey: Yeah, the day I pay for facials is the day I believe Lacey's as good a co-captain (Valley girl accent) "as-me-and-Stac-ey."
      Lacey: Oh, totes! (Realizes Tracey just insulted her) HEY!

    • Stacey: (About Spud) Ladies, observe! Weird boy. Now tear him to shreds!
      Lacey: I'll start. What kind of freakish name is Spud?
      Tracey: Totes! Was your mom, like, some kind of potato farmer?
      (Cheerleaders giggle)

    • Professor Rotwood: Hello mother, its your favorite son, you know, Hans. Anyway, listen to me. Im in jail... again... but not for mistaking a student for a dragon and locking him in the back of a truck like last time. No, you see, I knocked over a priceless statue at the Cosmopolitan Museum of Art. Anyway, I need you to wire me bail money... quickly... my cell mate calls himself Biff takes great pleasure in showing me his many tattoos.

    • (Jake, Spud and the cheerleaders stand in shock at the sight of Trixie styled as a cheerleader.)
      Jake: I... I...
      Spud: I didn't know Trixie had a sister!

    • Stacey (After the boat hits the rocks and throws everyone in the river): Like are we in the Hudson River?!

    • Spud:Get ready to eat your reflection!!
      (Spud holds up a shield but then a cheerleader {Stacy} kicks the shield out of Spuds hands and it flies miles away and plummits into the sea)
      Spud:I feel like that could have gone better.

    • Trixie( As the cheerleaders, under mind control, are fighting Jake and winning): Dang, those girls have mastered the put-down and the beat-down.

    • Lao Shi: There's been an incident at the museum.
      Jake: I swear I didn't know that toilet was art!

    • Fury (after Spud broke the spell over Trixie): My spell! She broke my spell!!
      Trixie: That's right Fury and I'm about to break a whole lot of something else.

    • Trixie: Those girls can't even pass by a wall without insulting it.
      (Cut to Stacy, Lacey, and Tracey standing infront of a wall)
      Stacey: Ladies, the wall. Now tear it to shreds!
      Tracy: I'll start, that wall is flaint and stupid!

    • Trixie: Now just 'cuz I don't wanna be a cheerleader doesn't mean I can't!

    • (Spud and Stacey reach for the same pudding and their hands touch)
      Stacey: Ewww!! It touched me!!

  • NOTES (24)


    • Rotwood: You saw nothing. You heard nothing. You know nothing.

      This is similar to the repetitive act of Seargeant Schultz from the 60's sitcom "Hogan's Heroes", only in reverse. Whenever Schultz saw evidence of the POW's activities, he would often say "I see nothing. I hear nothing. I know nothing". Coincedentally, both characters have first names of Hans, and both are German.

    • The name of the museum, the Cosmopolitan Museum of Art, is a spoof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    • Lacey says about Kyle Wilkins, "He's a major Orlando in Bloom." Obviously she's plugging Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom, who himself is quite the ladies' man.

    • Fu Dog: What about you, Spudinski?
      Fu calls Spud by his stage name, The Great Spudinski, from the Season 1 episode, "The Talented Mr. Long". But Spudinski is also his last name.

    • A reference to "Professor Rotwood's Thesis" is made during the end credits, when Rotwood says over the answering machine: "I'm in jail again, but not for mistaking a student for a dragon and locking him up in the back of the truck like last time."

    • Jake: Snakes. Why'd it have to be snakes?

      Jake's reaction to Fury's hair is a reference to Indiana Jones' Line in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    • Title: Bring it On!
      The title is an allusion off the movie "Bring it On" that's based on high school cheerleaders.