American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 2

Dragon Breath

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jan 22, 2005 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

The episode starts off as Jake, Grandpa and Fu Dog are looking for a magical creature terrorizing the creatures. Jake goes down to the sewers and fights the monsters, but so far Jake loses but when he throws fire at the creature she leaves running.
Later at school, everyone gets away from Jake for his bad breathe, he tries to ask some girls out on a date but they all leave disgusted from the bad breath. When he goes to Grandpas shop and tells him about the bad breath and Grandpa tells him that his fire breathing glands are maturing and it should be gone in about 3 weeks, Grandpa leaves and Fu Dog pulls Jake away and makes him a potion that makes it so that his breath doesn't smell anymore.
Fu Dog later takes him to the mythical world to find a date, Fu Dog shows him a couple of girls but Jake finds one that is really pretty. He asks her if she wants to go the dance with him and she says yes but he has to bring her home at an exact time.
At night in the dance everyone is amazed with the girl that Jake brought. Rose gets lonely because her date said that he just wanted to go out on a date with the prettiest girl in school. Jake comforts her and they start dancing. But what Jake doesn't notice is that he forgot about the time and the girl he brought to a date turned into a soul sucking Nix. Jake goes under the table to talk to Fu Dog and Fu Dog tells him about the Nix but it is too late because she just sucked the living souls out of everyone.
Fu Dog comes with Grandpa and gives Jake the potion which he drinks but he wasn't suppose to drink it, Fu Dog tells him that it was for the Nix. Now Jake is powerless. He takes out the potion and now his breathe stinks again and the Nix gets powerless and gives all the souls back. He then leaves, but Rose tells him that maybe next time they will make better choices on picking their dates they smile at each other and Jake leaves but falls down the stairs.
In the Mythical World, he takes the girl back home, she apologizes and Jake says it is okay. The episode ends on that.
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