American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 2

Dragon Breath

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jan 22, 2005 on Disney Channel

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  • Good mix of fantasy-action and angst.

    When he misses the opportunity to ask Rose to an upcoming dance, Jake is shocked to learn that a severe case of dragon-breath (brought on as his fire-breathing glands mature) is killing his chances with other girls. Enter Fu, who not only whips together a pendant to hold the breath at bay, but sneaks Jake into this world's version of Diagon Alley to find a date from the mystical realm. After a few shocking attempts, Jake meets a beautiful girl named Jasmine and she hesitantly agrees to go.

    What Jake doesn't know is that Jasmine is a Nix; a creature that's beautiful by day, but a soul-sucking monster in the moonlight. So they go to the dance and, of course, things go bad.

    This was a nice episode, definitely an improvement over the last (production order). The dragon-breath was milked for some clever teen angst that was supported by wonderfully sharp humor. The plot was nicely structured, some fun new elements of the magical world were added, and (finally!!) the action didn't feel like it was choreographed by a third grader.

    And I'm a fan of characters with a little depth, so imagine my joy when I learned that Jasmine wasn't entirely evil. In fact, she tried several times to leave the dance early, afraid of what would happen when the moon appeared. I hope she'll return one day.

    Speaking of return appearances, I'd love to see the Oracle twins again. We only got a glimpse of them here, but they have a great dynamic (perky Sarah sees bad futures and downer Kara sees good futures) and would make nice additions to the supporting cast. They'd be a heck of a lot more fun than Trixy and Spud. Seriously, I'm only on the third episode (production order) and I'm already tired of these two.

    Anyhow, good episode. Enjoy.