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American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 9

Dragon Summit

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Apr 01, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Dragon Summit
Jake, Fu Dog and Grandpa go to meet the Dragon council on the other side of the world. Jake has to pass two out of three tests - Courage in Flight, Knowledge in Battle and Using Dragon-Fire.

However, he meets an Australian snob, who keeps pranking him and annoying him. The #1 villain, the Dark Dragon is living in a cave nearby, though.moreless

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  • Jake must prove himself

    To do that he has to pass at least two of three tests organized by the Dragon Council. However he becomes the target for Nerk the Australian Dragon pranks because Jake is now the newest dragon on the block and therefore Nerk just became less cool and Jake gains the attention and praise for being a first. Jake then returns the favor and a prank war ensues with help from Fu's Bag of Gags. Unfortunetely Jake botches the first test but manages to pass the next one. The final test is a race where he is to beat another dragon and he chooses to race Nerk. However during the race the Dark Dragon manages to capture Nerk. Not only does Jake rescue Nerk, it turns out that Jake was the intended target. Both manage to escape and head back to the island but Nerk wins. After explaining what happened Jake is awarded bonus points for rescuing Nerk and is able to pass. Meanwhile it turns out that the race course was a set up and Councilor Chang is working for the Dark Dragon who seeks revenge.moreless
  • Jake has to pass three tests...

    Jake has to pass some 2 out of 3 dragon tests to prove himself to the Dragon Council. However, while he is doing this, one of the judges is working for the Dark Dragon consistently trying to get Jake's grandpa fired. Also, not only is this is a problem but the Australian dragon Jake is facing keeps pranking Jake. This makes Jake lose his consentration making it harder for him. After this, things get worse. On the last test Jake finds the #1 enemy the Dark Dragon who ends up messing up the tests. The Australian dragon is kidnapped, Jake rescues him, then, cruely he cuts in front of Jake and dishonorabley wins. So, overall, this was quite an adventorous episode.moreless
  • In this episode Jake Meets the Dragon Council! and Jake meets the Dark Dragon!

    Jake must go to the dragon council and proof his grandpa trained him well,but not everything is going like it has to go.

    Fred Nerk is teasing Jake and the otherway arround.

    and jeake meets the Dark dragon here also;) can Jake beat him up or will he be beaten?

    find out by watching thiss fantastic episode!
  • This is just a good episode

    Is is by far one of the best episodes in season one and in the series. A new character is introduced. The Austrailian Dragon Fred Nerk. He and Jake get off at a bad start in the beginning of the episode. The Dark Dragon is also introduced in this episode and he also plays a big part in this series, and the series finale Hong Kong Longs. It is a great episode and Jake saves Fred from the dark dragon in a race. Jake is also one of the two dragons to fight the dark dragon and live, the other person is Loa Shimoreless
  • Jake meets the Dark Dragon while meeting the Dragon Council.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of ADJL. I don't care too much for that Australian kid though. He really got on my nerves, but I like the pranks he and Jake played on each other. I also liked the racing scene at the end of the episode. The Dark Dragon has got to be the best villain ever! I think he's going to be my new favorite character; well, it's a tie between him and Rose. I think it's cool that Jake's grandfather was the only one to ever live while fighting him, and now Jake is the second. I hope the Dark Dragon will be in more eps in the future.moreless
Keone Young

Keone Young

Brownie #3

Guest Star

Clancy Brown (I)

Clancy Brown (I)

Dark Dragon

Guest Star

Clarence Williams III

Clarence Williams III

Councilor Andam

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Fu Dog/Brownie #2, Dwarf, Elevator Operator

Recurring Role

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

Councilor Kulde, Dragon Student, Brownie #1

Recurring Role

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Councilor Chang

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • How did Jake know Huntsman was #4 villain, no one told him and the statues weren't in any certain order?

      Just because we can't read the base of the statue, doesn't mean Jake can't. I'm probably says #4 as well as a few other things.

    • Fred the Austalian Dragon is yellow dragon, but he wears mostly green and the dragon always wears their color in the clothes.

      True, but that hasn't been stated as a rule but then again because Australias national sporting colors are green and gold, that may be the reason.

    • Because Disney aired this episode out of order, the events in 'Shapeshifter' were discussed before the episode actually aired.

    • When Grandpa does his little "That what Grandpa talking about!" thing during the second test, we see two Egyptian dragons.

    • When Fred shoots the beehive down, his dragon head has his regular human eyes. But every other time we see his head he has regular dragon eyes.

      Reply: Dragons can call on certain dragon parts when they don't want to use their full dragon form. We see that all the time from Jake.

    • So, assuming they hadn't given Jake the extra points on his one test, how could they give him a new master if he is the first American Dragon? There's no one else available.

      Reply His master doesn't necessarily have to be a predecessor. His current master is (or was) the Chinese Dragon. And Jake could have been sent to Sun Park.

    • In the trial by fire there was only one bad enemy the rest were good.

    • Counciler Chang has wings, but Chinese dragons don't have wings.
      (Reply: We don't if Counciler Chang is from China or not)

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Fu Dog: Alright. Give it up for Jake dropin' the claw and walkin' away like a bad boy.
      Jake: Yo Gramps, team dragon is back in action. You're supposed to be like... happy.
      Grandpa: Sorry young one, but I fear the Dark Dragon knew too much about you're tests for his appearance to be mere coincidence.
      Jake: Meaning?
      Grandpa: Meaning... we may have a dark agent in our midsts.
      (Jake looks worried)
      Fu Dog: Alright. Give it up for Gramps and his bus-kill, makin' Jake look all "Ahoooow".

    • Councilor Kulde: (reading Jake's misdoings) Using shape-shifting spells for personal gain, revealing dragon identities to humans, taking a soul-sucking Nix to a school dance...
      Fu Dog: Hey, can you blame the kid? She was hot!

    • (the ice sculpture of Fu's head slides over to him after Jake blows it up}
      Fu: ... Heeeeey!!

    • Jake: (as Jake drags Fu's huge bag around) Yo, Gramps! I'm the American Dragon, not the American bellboy!

    • Fu: Officially I'm against retaleation but unofficially, let me introduce something I like to call "Fu's bag of gags"

    • Dragon Council Woman: Any questions?
      Fu: Yeah, is this plasma? Looks like plasma.
      (dragon council stares at Fu)

    • Fu: Magical Sneezing Salts. This is the seasoning for sneezoning!
      Jake: I'm all over that!

    • Jake: Think Jake! What do you know about brownies? They're small, they're not that smart...
      Brownie: Oi! I heard that!

    • Grandpa: (violin is heard in the background) I admit that Jake is a little rough around the edges, but he has what counts most, a good heart, and an even greater... Fuu!
      Fu: What? I thought we were trying to create a mood here.

      (council glares at him)
      Grandpa: Um, I mean, wise move young dragon.

    • Fu: (dressed up like a siren) Come here sailor so I can seduce you to destruction.
      Jake: That is so wrong in so many ways.

    • Jake: How much can we pull off in 15 minutes?

      Fu: Kid, you have no idea.

    • Jake: (over loudspeaker) Attention Fred Nerk, please report to the main office. Your mommy dropped off a clean pair of underwear and rash cream for your sensitive area.

  • NOTES (15)


    • Placeholder Name

      Fred Nerk is a placeholder name utilized in Australia.

    • Jake: I got tall dark and ugly.

      This is an allusion of the famous saying tall dark and handsome.

    • Dark Dragon: Appearance
      Dark Dragon's appearance matches the appearance of the dragon form of Malificient, from the Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty

    • I thought this episode was A LOT like "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire". There were three magical tasks, the last task turned out to be a trap for the main character set up by a dark agent(Chang/Barty Crouch Jr.), and in both the main character returns with news that an old foe returns that everyone thought gone forever and he's not believed.

    • Title: Isle of Draco
      Isle of Draco is named after the Latin word 'dragon'. Which suits the fact that dragons live on the island.

    • Councilor Chang: It is time for you student to receive the trials.
      This episode contains many similarities to Star Wars most notably with the Jedi Council and the Dragon Council. They also have a similar training style of Master and apprentice where one older dragon teaches a younger one. The other obvious one is the use of three tests called the trials much like Jedi Padawans must undergo before the Council in order to advance. Also comparisons are seen as the dark cloaks that councilor Chang and the Dark Dragon wear are similar to the ones worn by the Sith. Even a similar situation where the Dark Dragon shares the Island secretly with the Dragon Council like the Sith Lord Darth Sidious lived on the same planet as the Jedi Council. The Dark Dragon is even thought to be gone forever much like the Sith were thought to be extinct by the Jedi.

    • Jake: You mean I'll have to face the dark dragon someday?
      In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore admitted he knew Harry would have to face Voldemort someday but he didn't tell Harry because he didn't want to scare him/make him sad. Very similarly, Grandpa is denying a pretty obvious thing.