American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 9


Aired Daily 2:30 AM Aug 19, 2006 on Disney Channel
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To prepare for Rotwood's mysterious test, Jake uses an item's ability to enter people's dreams to both comical and nightmarish results when he and Rose accidentally release a Chimera from Rotwood's dream.

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  • A romantic ep for Jake/Rose with a shocking twist I never saw coming.

    In this episode Rose almost told Jake she loves him, which he finds out later. Like I said it's romantic for them and takes place mostly in the dream realm. We find out more about Rotwood and his past. We also learn that Chimeras make people cranky. Trixie might make a good doctor. And the twist: Rose was taken by the huntsclan at birth. her parents are still alive, she just doesn't know where they are. That was probably the last straw for Rose. If this where in her point of view, she would say she hates the huntsclan. We also learn Rose has a twin! And Brad dreams of being a ballerina lol.moreless
  • Hmm, we have a Jake/Rose episode that takes place in a dreamrealm. My life is complete...

    For the oddest reason, I've had an attraction towards dream-centered episodes. The Danny Phantom epiosde "Frightmare" was a superbly done piece of 22 minute animation. (Though James Garret contributed greatly to the quality of Frightmare)

    Dreamscape was no exception. It was a dream episode, which would give it a good score to begin with. But add Jake/Rose and you get my 3rd or 4th favorite episode.

    To begin with my lengthy episode description and review, it starts with Jake failing Rotwood's class and having to do a report on the greatest genius of all time, but he doesn't know who that genius is. Frustrated, on one of his dream dates with Rose, Rose leads him to Rotwood's subconscious to retrieve the answers.

    But when Jake takes the easy way, it always has a twist. He unleashes a chimera into the dream realm, and the whole world (Or at least New York City) is completely pissed off. So Jake, Rose, Trixie and Spud travel the dream realm to catch this Chimera.

    And, we get a good 15-ish minutes of them chasing this monster and then having Rotwood discover them, only for his car alarm to go off, courtesy of dream objects, they fall back to sleep, and you know how this goes, right? Since I suck at describing action scenes.

    But in the midst of the crazed action, Rose chases the Chimera into her mind, and takes an inadvertent side trip into her earliest memories, where she stumbles upon a startling revelation: unlike what the Huntsclan led her to believe, her parents didn't die in a car accident or her mother didn't die in childbirth and the dad got depressed and committed suicide or something like that which Disney wouldn't allow, but she was taken. And Rose had a twin sister, leading up to a possible story arc for the ever so distant season three.

    So, let's wrap this up. This was one of the best eps of amdrag. Being Human and Homecoming topped it, but out of 52 episodes, a #3 spot is still the golden crown.moreless
  • This episode was really great.

    Dreamscape was about Jake and Rose, Trixi and Spud going inside people's dreams to try and prepare for a test their crazy teacher Rotwood is giving. I really liked it because it was full of comedy, quite alot of action seens, and some drama. I really enjoyed it. Alot of other American Dragon : Jake Log fus liked it too as you can see. It's a very interesting episode to fans, people new to American ragon : Jake Long, and people who are really bord and have nothing better to watch. Rose was in this episode so that ment some Rose + Jake shipping. Alot of fans liked that too. Anways it's a great episode for fans and other people to try out. It's not one of the best but it's still great.moreless
  • Awesome.

    This was a funny Jake and Rose episode. You also found out some things. Like Rose has a family, and the Huntsman took her from her parents when she was born. The funny parts mostly happened in Rotwood's, Brad's, and Spud's dreams.

    Rotwood's was just messed up completly. Brad was a ballerina, which was hilarious. And Spud was a superhero. Another funny thing was when Jake was in Rose's dream the second time, and he got his pants pulled down right infront of her. And Trixie was a surgeon i her dream. Jake passed his test at the end of the episode.moreless
  • One of Jake and Rose's dream dates!

    A real funny episode but yet it reveals some secrets about Rose's past. Some of the secrets would be that the Huntsclan actually kidnapped Rose when she was born instead of the fact that the Huntsclan took her in when her parents died. Another magical creature is revealed in this episode and that would be the chimera that lived in Rotwood's subconcious. It was let out when Rose and Jake were retrieving the answer key to the test, Jake forgot to close the door when he they left. Because Jake forgot, the creature was free to roam in anyone's dream and because it was in other people's dreams, it made them moody in the real world. This episode is adventurous, sort of romatic, and revealing! A perfect episode!moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • This episode contains the only line ever spoken by Rose's mom, whom appears in three episodes(Dreamscape, Homecoming, and Hong Kong Longs). Rose's dad never speaks a single line

    • On Grandpa's door it says Gramps instead of Lao Shi which is his name.

    • One of the doors in the dream corridor has the name "Alan Smithee" - which is an anagram of "The Alias Men" - the name used by directors who did not want their name attached to a movie for whatever reason.

    • A door seen in the dream corridor is labelled with the name "Nick Filippi". Nick Filippi is one of American Dragon's Season 2 directors.

    • Jake's locker has always opened on the right hinge but in this episode it opened on the left.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Jake: Hey dad, what up mom. Can I get a side of bacon to go with my usual?
      Susan: You'll eat what I make you.
      Jake: (Looks down at the burnt toast) Dang, this toast is toast.

    • Spud: You saved Spudopolis!! And for that my friend, I'm proud to let you wear this badge. (Spud puts a badge on Jake's shirt that says: Jr. Spud Patrol)

    • Spud: Tallyho!! That's my catch phrase. Trust me, it'll catch on!

    • Spud: (looking at his dream world) Woah, I can't believe I don't remember any of this stuff, it's the coolest place I've ever seen!
      Butler: Welcome home, master Spud. Seems you have spotted the Spud signal. It appears a Chimera is terrorizing our fair city of Spudopolis.
      Spud: (Hugging the butler) Man I even get my own butler! Brief me, dude.

    • Spud: (on the phone) Yeah well not only do I dislike your tone, I dislike your new boyfriend! That's right I said it: he's nothing but a shifty, video game playing, slacker who rides around on his motor scooter looking for trouble...Alright but this conversation is not over Nanna!

    • (Jake and Rose are on a dream date in a hot air balloon)
      Jake: What's this?
      Rose: The Voyage Channel aired a special on hot air balloons, I kept flipping between that and America's Wackiest Home Videos.
      Jake: Isn't that the show where everyone's pants--
      (a pair of hands pulls down Jake's pants revealing his boxers; Rose crosses her arms and raises an eyebrow)
      Rose: Yeah that one.

    • Jake: (about the Dream Corridor) How do you even know about this place?
      Rose: I did some Dream Realm exploring back at the Huntsclan Academy. It was that or stay up late and chat with the other girls on how to get Dragon blood out of blouses.

    • Gramps: (after Jake tells him about the Chimera) Jake! You did what?! (shouts in Chinese) Of all the irresponsible things you've done! Have you learned nothing about cheating?
      Jake: Lets see: there was something about short cuts...the importance of friendship...lots of stuff about finding balance...Nothing specific to cheating comes to mind.

    • Jake: (to Rose; about the Chimera) The words "Jake" and "mistake" do not go together (pause) okay yeah in a rhyming kind of way but there's no way I let that thing out.
      Rose: Did you remember to close the door on the way out?

    • Rotwood: Mr. Long, today was the lastest example of your growing parade of tardies. Care to explain yourself?
      Jake: Well I--
      Rotwood: Silence! Although flunking you out of the 7th grade would please me more than alfalfin cuchen on a hot plate, the school board mandates I give repeat offenders one last chance to earn make-up credit. Very gracious of them, wouldn't you say?
      Jake: Umm...What the heck is an alfafinish--
      Rotwood: Silence! Your "make-up credit" will be an examine on one of the greatest scientific minds of all time.
      Jake: Okay which one?
      Rotwood: That little detail will remain in my noggin.
      Jake: What?! But I have to know what to study or how do you expect me to pass?!
      Rotwood: That's the thing Mr. Long: I don't.
      Jake: Aww ma---
      Rotwood: Silence! You say that "aww man" thing ever to much.

    • Rose: (to Jake; in a dream) My parents died right after I was born, so the Huntsman raised me. My earliest memory is me crying in my Hunts-crib for my Hunts-nanny to change my Hunts-diaper.

    • Rose: My parents didn't die. The Huntsclan took me from them. I have a family!

  • NOTES (16)


    • The idea of a realm with doorways into the minds of everyone, is similar to what was seen in the episode "Enter the Sandman" from the television show "The Life and Times of Juniper Lee".

    • This entire episode concept is simular to the 1999 movie "The Matrix." In both this episode and "The Matrix" while in the Dream Realm/Matrix you are put in a state of "sleep" and what ever happens inside this "dream world" effects you in the real world (e.g.--Spud was injured in a dream/if you die in the Matrix you die in the real world too).

    • "The Voyage Channel" and "America's Wackiest Home Videos" is an obvious spoof of of "The Travel Channel" and "America's Funniest Home Videos."

    • The story of several kids who have to enter the dream realm to fight an enemy who haunts peoples dreams is similar to the movie 'Nightmare on Elm Street'

    • Spud's Dream: Spud's dream was one large play off of Batman. Spud was the super hero, saving a city called Spudopolis (Gotham City), with the help of his SpudSignal (Bat signal), Spud Mobile (Batmobile) and butler (Alfred Pennyworth)

    • The woman who handed Mr. Rotwood his trophy was clearly supposed to be Marilyn Monroe.

    • The title could be a reference to the Xiaolin Showdown episode of the same name.

    • There is a 1984 movie called Dreamscape

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