American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 14

Eye of the Beholder

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jul 30, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Eye of the Beholder
The dark wizard, Pandaras, is holding a beauty competition, and Jake, Grandpa and Fu Dog find out that he is up to no good, Jake, Grandpa and Fu Dog find a friend of Fu Dogs to enter into the competition, but when she gets injured Jake and Grandpa enter Fu Dog to try and win, but what they don't know is that whoever wins Pandaras will marry and become the most powerful and evil wizard in the land.moreless

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  • Fu goes undercover as a female in a beauty pagent hosted by Eli Panderus

    An overall pretty funny episode where Fu Dog has to go undercover as a contestant as a backup to allow Jake and Jake's grandfather to uncover what sinister plot Panderus has up his sleeve. You also get to see a large number of mythical creatures and Fu starts to get to know these girls better and realize that there's more to them than just outward beauty. Even more hilarity ensues when the rest of the contestants drop out unless Fu (as Fuella) is declared winner for standing up for them and speaking the truth. Fu also reveals who he really is just before Panderus's plan is foiled.moreless
  • Hilarious!

    When the Click It to Pick It Am Drag thing came around, I was excited. At first, I was hoping "The Hunted" would be one of the choices, but I'm getting off topic. I actually voted for "Jake Takes the Cake" thinking it would be funnier, but this one won, and after seeing both episodes, this was both funnier and better.

    Fu goes undercover as a woman with Jake and Gramps as his pamperer's to infiltrate Pandarus' island and hilarity ensues. The funniest thing about this episode would actually have to be Jake's wierdness when he runs into Pandarus and that troll girl.moreless
  • fu enters a beauty pagent

    this was a ok episode not the best and i'm not a big fan of fu dog, but i liked seeing all the different types of magical creachers that made it interesting also i liked jake's style out fit it looked great on him and i was kinda sad to see him change back to his normal clothes also when he acted like a real stylish when he saw the wizard was just too funny!moreless
  • This was not exciting for me.

    I did not find this episode funny or entertaining. Though it was fun to watch Fu Dog get dressed up like a girl. I did like the end when he stood up for all the girls, which was pretty ironic. The climax was a little lame. This was just an OK episode for me.
  • At first I thought this was going to be a stupid episode but voted for this episode anyway. When I finally saw I loved this episode.

    It was funny to see Fu in a dress. Plus the plot was really good. But other than that this episode is just a filler. I mean they didn't even introduce Eli Pandaras before they made the episode. They should have had another episode with him before they made this one.
Keone Young

Keone Young


Guest Star

Jonathan Freeman

Jonathan Freeman

Pandarus, Jack Frost

Guest Star

Monty Hall

Monty Hall

Monty Hall

Guest Star

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Leprechaun, Ogre/Fu Dog

Recurring Role

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Veronica, Sara, Kara

Recurring Role

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    • Monty Hall, who voices an animated version of himself in this episode, is most famous for hosting the hit game show Let's Make a Deal.

      This marks the second time a TV host has voiced an animated version of himself on a Disney cartoon; the first time was Regis Philbin on "Lilo and Stitch The Series," episode "Drowsy."

    • The colors in Fu Dog's collar alternately change throughout the episode.

    • The Oracle twins appear in this episode in the beginning and end, but only for a short time.

    • Fu's undercover name is Fuella.

    • Fu wins the contest.

    • Originally, Grandpa entered Veronica, Fu's spider bodied 'girlfriend', and Grandpa and Jake were disguised as stylists. But Veronica slipped in her heels and twisted her legs, so they pushed Fu out on stage, in a dress and a wig.


    • There is an episode of Gargoyles and Degrassi: The Next Generation with the same title of this episode, 'Eye of the Beholder.'

    • There is also an episode of Aladdin: The Series with the same name.

    • This is similar to an episode of Kim Possible called "Rufus in Show".

    • TV Show: The beauty pageant in this loosely resembles the beauty pageant in the episode 'The lesser of 2 evils' In the T.V. Show Futurama. In both these beauty pageants, creatures other then humans competed for the title.

    • Title: Miss Universe Pageant
      The entire pageant resembles the Miss Universe Pageant. Contestants compete wearing swim wear and evening gowns. Miss Universe is sponsored by businessman Donald Trump. Miss Magical World is sponsored by Eli Pandarus, who strongly resembles Trump.

    • Title: Miss Congeniality
      This episode is very similar to the plot in the movie, Miss Congeniality. In that movie, Gracie, like Fu go undercover to find out what the planner has in mind, and in both cases, something bad happens to the winner.