American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 12

Feeding Frenzy

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Sep 23, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Feeding Frenzy
When the Longs attend a Florida family reunion, Jake must deal with his annoying cousin Greggy and an aquatic villain bent on flooding half the continent.

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  • Jake and his mother+sister go to a family reunion, while Jake is sick of sitting on the small child table.

    Well, this episode was not that good. It had it's jokes, but it was not like, "original" American Dragon. What I mean is that it is kinda different than the other times. Like, this is the first episode that Trixie and Spud do not appear at all!

    The episode was not what I could call "awesome" like.

    But it was okay.
  • Family Fued hasn't seen anything yet. Not with Jake's family.

    As far as the favoritisim toward Greggy goes it's either obliviousness to how lame of a dragon he is, or if the family resents Jake for being half human. I tend to think it's the latter as Cathy's for instance didn't think much of Susan marrying a mortal.

    As the other reviewers stated, the high point of the episode was Jonathan and Lao Shi's drive to the reunion, their Norwegian discussion and their duet.

    Will Friedle was a good choice to voice Greggy as he is known for his voice role as Ron Stoppable (as mentioned in the notes). It makes sense as Dante Basco did a guest voice in Kim Possible as a character called Fukushima in the episode Exchange. As noted by another poster online, this makes Feeding Frenzy a flipside of sorts to Exchange.moreless
  • hilarious episode!

    i cracked up throughout this entire episode! my favorite quote is as follows:

    ( Grandpa starts shouting at jonathan in chinese while driving on the highway after he is annoyed by jonathans antics)

    Jonathan: so thats how its gonna be then , huh? well i can tell you that i took high school norwegian and i say( says " your mothers smells like a pig with stomach sickness in norwegian)

    ( grandpa crumpling up newspaper with rage)

    Grandpa:( slowly, as if he is restraining himself) i too took high school norwegian....

    ( scene cuts outside as you hear them fighting and the car rocking back and forth down the road)

    man i love that part! i crack up everytime. overall a good eppy.moreless
  • Go appendix! Go appendix! Hollaback now! Appendicitis!

    That Greggy is so annoying and the family was blind to the suckiness of his powers when Jake is the main dragon. And adding a shark lady was a twist too. Funny karaoke with Jakes dad and Grampa.

    The episode is like this. Jakes having a florida family reunion with his mothers side of the family on a private island (though Grampa must make sure Jakes dad never makes it). Jake is excited that he's gonna sit at the grown-up table but then he finds out cousin Greggy gets the seat. While putting up with Greggy Jake finds a shark lady in distress and he must help her.

    In the end the family learns to get along. A funny episode but a annoying cousin.moreless
  • jake goes to a family reuion

    this was a good episode. nothing really happened in it, it wasent as funny as other ones but for some reason it was still good and i liked it, though its not one that i would watch over and over again though. i was alittle dissapointed at their family though they seemed not to know what was important for a dragon to do they praised greggy when it was obvious he sucked, and they over all were just stupid. i thought they would have been smarter than that, but whatever it was still good.moreless
Will Friedle

Will Friedle

Cousin Greggy

Guest Star

Kari Wahlgren

Kari Wahlgren

Shark Lady

Guest Star

Amy Hill

Amy Hill

Aunt Cathy

Guest Star

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (8)

    • Jake: Yo Greggy! I'm trying to do some dragon work down here!!
      Greggy: You sure that's a good idea? Because we got sharks in these waters. And we all saw how scared the little baby dragon is of sharks!!! HA HA HA!
      Fu: You wanna order a four flipper slap down for the kid? Because I'd love to deliver it!

    • Jake: Dragon up!!
      Greggy: That's all you got? Please cuz. DRAGGON UPPP!! He ha ha! Scared yet?
      Jake: Oh, I'm scared. That whatever you got is contagious.

    • Haley: Uncle Lee had to get his appendix out, he's okay but he's gonna miss the family reunion.
      Jake: NO WAY! Lee's appendix is out, which means I'm in! YEAH!! (starts dancing and singing) Go appendix! Go appendix! Holla back now! Appendicitis!! (stops singing) Uhh...I'm just excited he's okay?

      Greggy: Okay, first of all, it's Greggory. And second of all, don't his cheeks look super pinchable!!!
      Aunt Mai: They sure are! (pinches Jake's cheeks) Gucci, gucci goo!

    • Aunt Cathy: Why don't you just go back to your seat with the other children dear. If your good boy, maybe later Aunt Mai will let you play with her teeth! (Aunt Mai pulls out her teeth. Both Jake and Susan look disgusted)

    • Shark Lady: Please don't blame all the shark people for this. Despite our multiple rows of jagged flesh tearing teeth, we're really a tender loving race! (Looks over at the inflatable boat next to her. Starts attacking it.) Instinct, sorry. We'll eat anything.

    • Gramps: (singing karaoke) Where is the love!! Where did the love go! Get ready daughter's huband, here comes your cue!
      Jonathan: Okay this is where I draw the line, there is no way I'm (starts singing) I wish I knew. But it's a thing that no one know.
      Both: Bring back the love, back the love. Bring back the love YEAH! Bring back the love, back the love, bring the love!!
      Jonathan: Yeah!!

    • Fu is talking, Jake's dad comes in,Fu jumps off couch
      Fu Dog: Im a real dog! Roof!

  • NOTES (13)


    • Feeding Frenzy: Title

      The title may have come from the Game Title of a puzzle game.

    • The evil shark, Tibberon has a similarity or 2 to the DC superhero, Aquaman, but mostly a hook-like device for a hand.

    • Back to the Future
      One of the items the Shark Lady regurgitates is a license plate that reads "OUTATIME". Fans of the Back to the Future trilogy will recognize this as the same license plate seen on the film's infamous Delorean.

    • Items in Shark Stomach: This is a reference to the movie, Jaws, where they found several items in a shark's stomache including a license plate.