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American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 11

Fool's Gold

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Sep 16, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

Fool's Gold
Jake gets sucked into the bling-bling lifestyle when he starts working for a semi-shady leprechaun clan.

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  • Gold can't buy everything...

    Jake is not happy because Brad has more money than he does. But, when he protects a leprechaun clan from some hobgoblins, they give him some of their gold. Jake's grandpa warns him to return it before he gets a taste for it, but, as usual, Jake doesn't listen. He gets a part time job with the leprechauns, and for a while everything seems great, but when it all goes terribly wrong, Jake will have to confess to his Gramps or the magical world is one step closer to its doom. It was a really funny episode in my opinion. Jake learns that gold will buy a lot of things, but that true respect will never be one of them, because that can only come from within. Just remember that money isn't everything, and you will save yourself all the trouble Jake had to go through. An amazing episode that was very well written.moreless
  • Love this ep!!

    I love this episode! How Jake gets a thing for gold, and ends up working for Brocamus to earn some extra cash. (I also love the beginning when their at the acarde, and Jake's last dollar won't go into the machine :D). I love how he gets into the whole 'bling bling' lifestyle, with his gold track suit and scooter xDD so cute! But I also liked how they tied in the Huntsclan into this episode, so cool and that the Huntsman actually sees Jake as a human, not knowing that it's actually the American Dragon. And Jake almost blows it, but Rose saves the day! And in the end, Jake learns that gold isn't a way for respect. Lesson learned, yet funny!moreless
  • Jake's sad that he has no money, so he goes to work for a leprecaun for gold. He's foolish because the leprecaun was working for the Huntsman.

    I loved this episode because it was exciting and cool. What I didn't like about this ep. was that Jake was foolish enough to do all of this because having no money got to his head. But this was my favorite ep. of them all for some reason and it seems no one else likes it which makes me soooooooooooooooooo mad but I liked it alot anyway.
  • Guess who's kickin it gold school ya'll

    Its all about the bling-bling for Jake in this episode were Jake learns money can buy alot of things but not respect. This was a funny and action packed episode everyone will like.

    It starts out after Jake is teased by Brad because Jake has no money. On the way home Jake runs into some leprechauns in trouble. After Jake saves them they give Jake some gold and offer him a job. Jake declines at first but then later decides to work for them despite Grampa's warning. After a few jobs Jake, Trixie and Spud are totally golden. But after a bad deal that involved the huntsclan Jake must right his wrong.

    A very shiny episode.moreless
  • jake gets a job with the lepercans

    i liked this episode, the begining was funny with his crumpled doller, i hate when that happens. the gold clothes was a little to much but i thought he looked cool with the gold sun glasses and the gold in his hair was cool too. he kinda turned into a snob once he got the gold, which i didnt like. it must have sucked to have given the skull to the hunts man, and i was suprised that the hunts man fell for such a obvious trap, but it all worked out int he end and i like that. so really good episode!moreless
Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett


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Brad Garrett (I)


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Dee Bradley Baker


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • At the end of this episode, Jake has three skulls when he should have two.

    • When Jake enters the Leprechaun warehouse for the first time, there is a mounted unicorn head on one of the shelves. In the next scene, we are shown that unicorns are couriers for the Leprechauns.

      Did the background painters goof?

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Gramps: Did I not warn you to return the gold before you did something this foolish!!?
      Jake: I'm sorry Gramps. I just got all caught up in the props I was gettin.
      Gramps Gold will buy many things, young dragon. But true respect will never be one of them. That can only come from within.

    • Huntsman: The leprechaun will pay for his treachery. But not before you pay with your lives, dragons.
      Jake: I kinda like to keep my life. How about we try a different payment plan. (Throws down a bag of gold. Get's the magical creature's attention.) That's all the leprechaun gold I own. It's all yours, as soon as you take those punks out.
      Huntsman: Uh...I can pay you double. Attack the dragons instead!
      Jake: Did I mention, the signing bonus? (Trixie and Spud bring out two gold scooters) But a little extra hurt on the big dude (talking to a giant) and there's a pair of golden boxer shorts for you.

    • Gramps: Where are we going to recruit an army than less than an hour!?
      Jake: Hmmm...like someone once told me. Many a dude with get up all into the cre-za-zy stuff in pursuit of leprechaun gold.
      Gramps: I never used the word, 'dude'.
      Jake: So I hipped you up a bit. Let's bounce.

    • Jake: Careful, this place is suppose to be nasty with the booby traps.
      (Spud is laughing)
      Trixie: Oh grow up Spud!
      Spud: No, I was just thinkin' about the word, Spelunking! Is it ever not funny? It's like, (speaks in a girly voice) are you coming home for dinner dear? (speaks in a manly voice) Sorry, I still got some, spelunkin' to do at the office! (laughs again)

    • Spud: Spelunking! (laughing) Spelunking, it makes tickles in my mouth!!

    • Jake: (Jake drives up to the front door of his school on his gold scooter in full gold clothes. He gets off, takes off his helmet revealing gold highlights in his hair)
      Guess who's kickin it gold school ya'll?
      Brad:(Everyone including Brad stares at Jake) Awwww Maaaannn

    • Spud: [after noticing Jake's cell phone] Your cell phone gets four bars at the bottom of a hobgoblin treasure cave? Your reception is like...magic! ...Oh, yeah.

  • NOTES (11)


    • Title: Fool's Gold

      Pyrite, commonly called fool's gold, was a mineral that was mistaken by golddiggers as gold. Since Jake is tricked into keeping the leprecaun gold, he is like the gold diggers that were tricked as well.