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This describes DC (and likely some other companies) perfectly.

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    Like what the title says, we need to stop Disney's corporate greed (or at least stop them from getting rid of all the golden shows that are our favorites.)

    This youtube video describes Disney and some other corporations perfectly.

    Like Shinra from Final Fantasy seven, we need to stop Disney's and other television studios evil ways from destroying their own stations by putting all this crap on their channels where there's either poor and nasty and idiotic cartoons or just mindless idiotic crappy overrated live-action sitcoms. And they get rid of all the good shows and our favorites like Kim Possible and American Dragon: Jake Long are two examples. Like Shinra they don't care what they destroy whatsoever, and their only target is cash and power, meaning they also don't care about other people and what they think.

    Well we are gonna try and change that, we are gonna do whatever we can and will not stop until we achieve our victory, we will train and fight hard everyday, that way we can be like AVALANCHE in Final Fantasy seven. We are the ones who try and help other people and stop ruthless evil companies who have higher power than us and can do mostly whatever they want. We gotta try and convince them to think that KP and AD:JL are the right ways to go and we should make them care about other kind and good people, and break them out of their evil spell cast on them.

    So who's with me? Are there any petitions being held here? Well whatever plans we come up with next, we are gonna fight until the end! Animation is great too! And there's a lot of animated gold on tv that deserves to be brought back with new seasons.

    P.S. Do any of you think DC is doing a little better now? The reason I said that is because they are going to have a new animated show called Tinker Bell soon. Do any of you think it looks good?

    P.S.S. I will definitely join your group guys, you guys need a big, strong, and smart guy like me too! My height is 6'10"!

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    Your an inch away from being the ideal Disney Soldier.

    however, stop making such long posts, and try making witty statments like, "Huntsy's got a rod like lightning"

    and we'll pay attention
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    Or that Huntsy just plain well sucks and is about as interesting as Hello Kitty...actually Hello Kitty way out does Huntsy big time. Now with that said your so right about Disney and other networks and corporate studios, as CBS is no better, neither is Paramount or even Warner Bros. Fox got a lesson from Family Guy and also brought back Futurama. So we can make a difference as long as we're willing to fight to make that difference happen.
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