American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 1 Episode 18

Fu and Tell / Flight of the Unicorn

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Nov 03, 2005 on Disney Channel
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Fu and Tell / Flight of the Unicorn
"Fu and Tell" Haley brings Fu Dog for Show and Tell. "Flight of the Unicorn" Jake, Trixie and Spud sees a Unicorn at the carnival. If they don't get it back to the herd, trouble will begin. Will they be able to get the unicorn back to it's herd?moreless

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  • Fu Dog deals with an old rival and unicorn must be reunite with it's herd with Jake and his friends aiding it

    Fu becomes Haley's show and tell pet but has competition from a hairless cat who sports a lucky coin that she stole from Fu that was passed down in his family for generations. The both of them have caused several accidents throughout history. Fu tries to retrieve it with her trying to thwart him and making a mess with the class and their owners absent.

    Jake and his friends must free and reunite a unicorn with its herd/blessing from a group of carnival freaks over a holiday weekend.

    Overall pretty decent and enjoyable shorter subjects and on the funnier side.moreless
  • Fu And Tell was my first episode. I still love it to this day...

    Like I said above, I'm a huge Fu And Tell fan. It was the first episode I saw and it still reamins to be one of the best. The other one wasn't that good. I would rate this episode higer if The Flight Of The Uni Corn wasn't so bad.

    In Fu And Tell, Haley brings Fu Dog to her school's (class's) show and tell day. Fu Dog sees this cat he faught a long time ago and they start getting in to a huge fight and knock everything down. To me, this was very funny. I really liked this episode but I'm not sure if others did...moreless
  • two differnet storys

    i'm not a big fan of shows that split up into 15 minute little skits, so needless to say i did not like this very much, the first one was ok fo dog fights a old friend for his lucky coin i liked seeing how they messed up things and i was glad that that one girl could not bring her cat back again and that jakes sister won showand tell. the second one was not that good just them trying to save a unicorn that didnt seem to want to be saved.moreless
  • First part deals with Fu Dog and his long time rival, Yuan Yuan, and a gold coin...Second, the Jakesta and crew pull a 'Warriors' and try to get a unicorn to Central Park while being pursued by circus freaks...moreless

    I liked this two part episode, and it was loads better than the previous two parter...

    These episodes didn't deal with any particular element to the main plot, it was really just for fun...Fu Dog's appearance in various periods of time and cultures and his rivalry causing damages to famous structures and landmarks was humorous, and the second part showed and reflected on the many scenes of NYC - Central Park, the subways, Time Square and Coney Island...a treat for NY'ers...

    Defintely a good watch and won't disappoint...moreless
  • The first was the best.

    I really enjoyed Fu and Tell. I loved seeing flashes of Fu Dog's past, and how they made him the causes of all those huge events in history.

    Flight of the Unicorn was a decent episode. It was actually pretty exciting when the train flew out into the road. It was fun to see everyone running away from the circus people.

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