American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 29

Furious Jealousy

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jul 07, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Furious Jealousy
When Stacey and Nigel become an item, a jealous Spud decides to do anything to win her affection... including striking an unholy deal with Fury, the sinister gorgon.

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  • wow

    I love it how they mak jake like really really really really big and worn out. A lot of people prob. agree that he looks better, wiser, and wierder as a fat ass boy. But he looks even funnier in dragon form like when he went to fly to help trixie out with some of the lame decorations. He was even cheating on his diet and getting away with it. I wonder what would have happened if he became even more fat and lazy. That would be cool. j a k e l o n g r u l e smoreless
  • Spud finally hooks up with Stacy.

    A very funny episode, but then again aren't all Spud centered eps that way? Nigel and Stacy become a couple, and Spud is willing to do anything to win her heart. And I mean anything. Including making a deal with Fury that would cost him later. Stacy actually likes Spud, but she wants to keep it a secret. She'll grow out of that and openly express her feelings toward him. If she doesn't, can you say "breakup" in season three? I wish Jake had been more sensitive though. I mean look what he went through with Rose and all the things he did to be with her, and here he is putting Spud down for his efforts? You can't help who you fall in love with, and for Spud that just happens to be Stacy. I guess he was right when he said in Rotwood Files that she has more layers than an onion. Not including dating him in secret. But hey we all have our flaws. All in all a great episode and a must see for any Spud fans.moreless
  • Spud and Stacy...aww how cute!

    I was babysitting when this episode came on. Luckily my one year old cousin fell asleep just before it came on. This episode...was good, but not that good. I love the whole Stacy, Spud thing, it's so cute! They look so cute together except I wish that they didn't have to make it all a secret (x(). The only thing I hate about this episode, is Jake being out of shape. I mean the last new episode, Fu was on a diet. Now in this episode, Jake needs to go on a diet! I see the similarities! I wish they came up with something more creative. But all in all, it was pretty good.moreless
  • spud/stacey

    this was a pretty good episode i guess normally i just complain about the second half of second season but i actually thought that this episode wasn't too bad it was kind of funny and almost worth watching. next week is friday the thirteenth. okay i thought this episode was good and whatever i have to type forty word still. by the way how is everyone's summer? mine is okay i guess. good bye now it is very late and i am tired. what is the meaning of life? so long, farewell, this review is almost over. three more words.....................moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (7)

    • Medusa: Hurry ladies, we have evil to spread.
      Euryale: And then shoe shopping, definitely shoe shopping.

    • Jake: Look Spud, you need to ask yourself: Is Stacey really worth it? (Spud is silent, and closes his eyes)
      Trixie: Uhh...Spud?
      Spud: SHH! I'm asking it yup turns out, she is worth it.
      Jake: WHAT!?
      Trixie: NO WAY!
      Spud: Thanks guys. And I know what your gonna say next, fight for her!
      Jake: WHAT!?
      Trixie: NO WAY!
      Spud: And your right again. I will prove to Stacey that Nigel Thrall is no match for the romance of Arthur P. Spudinski.
      Trixie: Why can't I learn that rhetorical questions, don't work with this one.

    • Jake: (To Detective Derceto) Hey Detective you want a fish taco? Or is that just weird?

    • Fury: Awww, you don't trust me. It's okay, nobody does. That's why I'm out trying to prove to the world, one good deed at a time, that this gorgon, has gor-gon good.

    • Spud: (jumping off from a pony) My fair Stacey, I have come to wisk you away on my mighty steed to a storybook ball in the gym.
      Man: Hey kid. Your suppose to pet the animals, not take them for a joy ride.

    • Spud: Come on Jake, final test run. Okay, you be Stacey. (clears throat, and prepares to read off script) Stacey, I know how much you enjoy daylight, and fitness (starts doing jumping jacks) so...would you like to go to the Daylight Savings dance and Fitness Expo with me?
      Jake: (Looking over at Nigel just about to ask Stacey) Oh no. I'm sorry Spud.
      Spud: No, no, no you don't turn me down, stick to the script. Oh, and do it in a girly voice like this. (in girly voice) Spud, I would love to go out with you!!!

    • Spud: Okay, time to put my perfect plan into place. Wait, I've gotta practice asking her out one more time.
      Jake: (grabbing Spud's paper) You wrote a script? Dude, just be yourself!
      Spud: Trixie, would you go out with me if I was just myself?
      Trixie: Do the script.

  • NOTES (6)


    • Spud and Stacy go to see a movie entitled Lord of The Clones, a combination of the titles of Lord of The Rings and Star Wars: Attack of The Clones.