American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 28

Game On

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jul 01, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Game On
Jake is given a box containing a magical artifact from Gramps which he must take to the witches to destroy, but when he finds out there is a magical game controller in it, he uses it to change outcomes to his favor.

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  • One of my favorite episodes of Americam Dragon.

    Like I said above this is one my favorite episodes of American dad. It was also one of the most laugh out episodes of the whole series. I really mean it when I say this is one of the most laugh out loud episodes. OK Jake his having a bad day so on a mission he finds a video game controller and he uses it to redo bad stuff and it give him ugrades on mission. Disaster strikes when the goblings take the controler. I thought this was a fantastic episode of American Dragon. Now I'm not that big of a fan of this show but this episode was really great and enjoyable. Now this episode had a lot of funny moments. Spud was cracking me up throught the episode. Now probably the funny part of the episode was Jake saying" Do you want to use to controller to cheat on your diet. Spud: No. Spud's Stomach: listen to him. Now the action scene with Jake, Gramps and spud vs. the goblins was intense and awesome to watch. Overall one of my favorite and funniest episodes of the whole series, that's right the whole SERIES. 10/10.moreless

    i just watched the season 2 finale on September 1st, 2007 when Jake and Rose got back together regaining her memory and kissed Jake
  • American Dragon:Jake Long Is A Awesome Disney Channel Show,It Does Not Need To Be Canceled By Disney Channel Because It Deserves To Have A Season 3

    I Really Like American Dragon:Jake Long I Hope That The Disney Channel Brings It Back For Season 3,Season 4,Season 5,Season 6,Season 7,Through Season 8 I Think That American Dragon:Jake Long Deserves A Season 3 American Dragon:Jake Long Is A Awesome Disney Channel Show,It Does Not Need To Be Canceled By Disney Channel Because It Deserves To Have A Season 3 American Dragon:Jake Long Should Have Been Yelled At By His Home Economics Teacher Sun Park,His Grandfather Dragon Trainer Because American Dragon:Jake Long Pull A Cruel,Mean Practical Joke On His Younger Sister,American Dragon:Jake Long Deserves To Have His American Dragon Powers Taken Awaymoreless
  • I'll bet Jake doesn't try to get the easy way out anymore...

    Jake has a terrible day, from pop quizzes he is unprepared for to spitting chili on a pretty girl to Brad hiring a pro skater to prepare for a skate competition. On top of it, Gramps makes Jake bring a magical artifact to an island to be destroyed because they fear what could happen if it fell into the wrong hands. After an accident, Jake ends up having to guard the item for a week. He comments that it was the worst day ever. Then he discovers what the device does: it's a game controller that allows you to cheat your way through life! Needless to say, against his better judgement, he used it. And of course, it caused disaster when he lost the item to some mountain goblins. Can he fix things before it's too late? Jake in this episode, finally, after alot of lessons learned on why you shouldn't take the easy way out, learned cheating isn't the answer. He redeemed himself in the end in an awesome fight scene. It was also a hilarious episode. I thought it was funny how pro skater Tommy King cried when Brad fired him at the end. And Spud used his trophy from winning the skate competition to try and impress Stacy, which didn't work. Jake learned to work for the things he wanted to achieve, because cheating only gets you into a bigger mess. Excellent episode. My thanks to the writers, who did a great job on both the comedy and the fight scenes.moreless
  • Okay hilarious.

    Okay, you know me for the love of comedy. And I have to say, this was super funny! I swear it was the funniest episode of American Dragon Jake Long I ever say! I loved how they made it into a an Anime show at the beginning and end, omg that was so funny! I am so glad I taped that because it was awesome!! I am probably going to re-watch it right now! I'm telling you, this was the da bomb and the best! Especially since Jake learned his lesson, about cheating. But still, it was super Funny! Ahh I can't stop saying that!!!!!!! Good Episode I just saw game on like three hours ago if you look the time i posted this but anyway i enjoyed this episode i thought it was a nthor great installment to this series. i would love to have a game controller like jake and beside the fact jake has all the cheat codes to his game controller. I found it funn y in this episode that fu dog was on a diet i always thought he should go on 1 because if you see him in hero of the hourglass he gained a lot of weight but moving on. so the episode starts out with jake coming to his gramps shop because he has to and he had a pretty bad day you no puking on a girl failing a test getting punked by brad and so on so he goes to give it back to the witches but he acdetnly spills the potion because the gioblins can now flyy but moving on the witches don't like him so he goes and finds out what the game controler can do and that is replay and a lot of other stuff so he goes back and beats the goblins so he does but dosn't want to give it up so he bang a goblin into the potion making it spill. so jake finds out what the controller can do and he starts showing off at the skate park and doing everything right and hes having a great day he is even helping fu cheat on his diet but then the goblins come back take the controller and run or fly but anyway so he has to find the goblins on his own without cheats so he does thanks to his hearing and he gets the controller back and insted of cheating he does it right puts the controler in the potion and goes away and in the end jake learns a very importent lession never to cheat maybe i learned from this episode to. Sadley Haley was not in this episode but she will be in being human i can't wait wow that was off topic so my review is over this is the longest episode review i wrote the longest 1 was the a show review for amdrag so thats it peacemoreless
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    • Monica: (To Lao Shi) He's so polite!!
      Onica: And wrinkly cute!

    • Gramps: Inside this box, is the latest creation of N.E.R.D.
      Jake: The nerd?
      Fu Dog: New Elfen Research and Development. Bunch of tech-dweeb elves workin' on inventing new magical objects. Talk about puttin' the eek in geek! (chuckles) Oh, that's just the diet talking. They're good kids.

    • Jake: (After doing a super cool skateboarding trick, he holds out his fist) Guys, can I not get a bump-bump for schoolin' the chump-chump?
      Spud: I don't know Jake. I love magical powers as much as the next guy, but Ron Slam says the only treasures worth having are the ones we pay for with sweat. Speaking of which, a gonna make another sweat deposit at the bank of success. NOSE TO THE GRINDSTONE! (Heads into the ramp, doing his trick. Then falls) Ow, my nose.

    • Random Kid: Go for the 5-alarm dude!
      Jake: Nahh, I think I'll start mild, and work my way up.
      Announcer guy: HE KNOWS HIS CHILLI LIMIT! (A sumo wrestler guy pops up, stretching out his tummy with a smiley face on it) HAPPY TUMMY!!!

    • Trixie: It's not just about the skate contest, Jakey. It's about gettin' fat, slow, and lazy... why do you let that think do all the work for you?
      Jake: (While Trixie is lecturing him, he turns around and types into his controller) Boost charm. Heh ha! Did I tell you how kickin' that new top is? Ooh, girl you got it goin' on!
      Trixie: (Chuckles) You, you think so? I so appreciate that, thank you Jakey!!
      Jake: No problem babes. Ha, fat, slow, and lazy, I don't think so.

    • Mountain Goblin: Every warrior has a weakness. And victory goes to he who won't quit until he finds it. I, learned it from a Ron Slam book, that guy is a genius!!

    • Gramps: I want you to fail, sometimes, for it is only by experiencing failure we learn to succeed.
      Fu: Wow, deep.
      Gramps: Ron Slam, I get a daily e-mail quote.

    • Jake: So you want me to fail!?
      Fu: Mission, accomplished.

    • Spud: But Jake, the crashes give me experience. And experience is the mother of both skill and reward. Instead of grounding me, my dad makes me read motivation business books. That was from Ron Slam's Grindstone, Is your nose to it?

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