American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 16

Hairy Christmas

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Dec 16, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Not bad but kind of sappy

    Jake starts to tire and become a bit embarrassed by his family's uncool and seemingly silly Christmas traditions and music. (To an extent Jake has points. That barnyard themed Christmas album was annoying, a great way to punish naughty kids who hate it. However a young sasquatch becomes separated from its family and both the Huntsclan and Rotwood are after it. It's up to Jake to save it. A bit on the funnier side such as Spud trying to distract the clan of sasquatches by his iceskating.
  • Christmas!

    As much as I hate when tv shows making Christmas episodes, I really liked this one. Episodes like this is what really makes American Dragon : Jake Long a very special show. It was funny, it had some action, and a tiny little but of drama. So far the best Christmas show I've seen in a while. Like I said before, I don't really like christmas episodes but this one was very different. I would recomend this episode to people who are new to this show and fans who have not seen this yet. You will not be dissipointed in this Christmas Episode.
  • great episode

    wow i really liked this episdoe. i liked it cause it was funny and orinanal. i also liked the fact it was a christmas episode i love christmas episodes. i liked the fact jake was embaressed by his parents wacky traditions believe me i would be embarresed to but in the end jake learned to love the traditons i liked that. i also think that it showed a good relationship between jake and his parents like you see in hero of the hour glass. so just to fill up word count i love this episode i love this episode i love this episode
  • merry christmas

    well this was a good one but alittle stupid, but what american dragon doesnt! ha haha JK! yea i liked seeing jake in new clothes! i didnt really like foo dag nararating. we saw rotwood and he annoyed me, he was like 'a dragon?' as if he didnt know what they are or that he didnt actually know who a dragon was! jakes family did have whack tradidtions but he was dissing then meanly and to much! but hedid feel bad but he had to go get the gorilla(baby big foot). yea spud was funny in this one, spud on ice, that was nice. poor trixy, her poor pa wasnt there, im glad jake thawed the planes out for her. so this was a sweet episode...kinda
  • Jake isn't excited about his family's uncool Christmas traditions...until he has to save a baby sasqwatch(?) and learns the true meaning of Christmas.

    If they had to do a holiday themed episode this made a pretty good episode. You don't miss much if you don't watch it-nothing big happens...Spud ice skating and Jake dressed up like he's from the 1800s. That's pretty much all. But I still like this episode. A nice big comedy break for anyone who is getting too tense over Jake and Rose. I laughed a lot.
  • Jake must save a baby sasquatch and return it to its family before the Huntsclan and Professor Rotwood get to it.

    This has got to be the funniest episode of the series! I didn't like how Fu Dog was narrating the story, but I doesn't matter. Jake's family was also getting on my nerves. I like family traditions, but some of his were just wrong. That barnyard song was giving me a headache (lol). I laughed when #88 and #89 were trying to pick out a present for the Huntsman. They were trying to pick out some toy for him! That's hilarious. I also like the scene where Spud is attempting to distract the sasquatches with his ice skating abilities. That was just too funny! I also like the scene where Jake is chasing after #88 and #89 in the snowmobile.
  • Every show has a Christmas special.

    Although this episode was a Christmas special where the main character learns the meaning of Christmas it was still a well written episode that was very funny.

    The episode is about when Jake gets sick of all his family\'s lame holiday tradition and must leave them to save and return a baby Sasquash thats seperated from its parents and lost in the city. Jake must catch the baby before either Rotwood or #88 and 89 get it first. Also the babys parent are ripping the city apart trying to find it and through the process Jake learns the meaning of Christmas.

    Not the best episode but still good.
  • Its hoilday times and that can only me one thing, trouble! Jake is so many pickles and james I doubt St. Nick has this much trouble with that incredbly long list!

    It is Chirsmas time again and of corse that means a whole lot of trouble will come! Because it ain't the yueltied season in less you can squeeze in a heart warming miracel! The baby saqturcet was very cute! Spud was his usuale odd ball self and all Trixe wanted for Chrismas was her daddy. Still I have to agree with Jake his family ways are beyond lame and ridiucle tell me what does Susan see in the guy? John is so cluess and dorky! I'm sure he a great dad and all but he got no idea of who his family really are nor does he understand at all that teenagers and young adults with half brain don't wish to be embrassed at all! I'm sorry but I cut and run too! I"m so sick of biting your tounge and saying "yes i will do it your way!" I've always want one thing. That for a kid to go stragith up to their parent face and tell them "Hey! You and your ways are embarcing me for the last time!" you know get some bad ass and tell them like it is! Happy Hoildays! Merry Chirstmas Happy Hankaka and Killer Kwanza!