American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 16

Hairy Christmas

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Dec 16, 2006 on Disney Channel



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    • Susan, Haley, Jon, and Spud: (singing to Gramps) We wish you a merry Christmassss!
      Trixie and Jake: (Singing not so cheerfully) And a happy New Year...
      Gramps: (Sniffs) Well done, well done. Festive yet, melancholy.
      Spud: YEAH, WE ROCK!
      Jonathan: I smell an encore!
      Gramps: NO! Ah..I..I mean, perhaps you should go before you catch my cold.

    • Spud: Between all my cousins, Aunts, and Uncles, I got relatives observing every major holiday. Translation: More gifts and snack-a-licious treats for moi!! Who's hungry? I got chocolate coins, figgy pudding, and... Nanny Spudinski's famous fruitcake.
      Jake: That fruitcake looks like a football.
      Spud: Tastes like one too! The holidays rule!!

    • Haley: I get to play the littlest angel. It's like art imitating life.

    • 88: So if we can't catch a sasquatch for the Huntsman's present. What do you think, Betty Bunsen Brownie Burner, or Potato Patch Bunny?
      89: (Jumps up and down) Oh the Betty Bunsen. No contest.

    • Jake: Sorry I was such a grouch yesterday.
      Jonathan: Well I'm sorry if you feel our traditions are a little, how did you put it? 'Whack?'
      Jake: They're not whack, okay maybe they are. But you know what, they're our whack traditions.

    • Susan: Four calling birds
      Jonathan: Three french hens
      Haley: Two turtle doves
      Jake: and you know.....a bird.....and stuff.

    • Block Party DJ:Yo yo yo yo yo yo. Everybody shake your presents like you wanna know what Santa got cha. Its a hip-hop holiday ya'll.

    • Jake: Stun ray...can't move...nose itches...

    • Trixie: Where do Sasquatches live?
      Spud: Sasquatchewan?

    • Rotwood: Wait, I can explain!
      Security Guard: You think you can explain why you covered the entire second floor with meat?
      Rotwood: I thought it was tinsel.

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