American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 13

Haley Gone Wild

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Sep 30, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Haley Gone Wild
Jake accidentally turns Haley on to the life of rebel wild child, with the help of a twisted magical children's show host who's much more sinister than he seems.

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  • great episode

    omg i love this episode it is one of my favorites. i liked it becuase i love haley she is my favorite charcater. the episode starts out in jakes room because jake wants to go to vid game con but no going out on a school nights so he dopplagngs himself and is about to leave until Haley shows up (i love haley) and then the parents find out about it and they like cage his room with a alarm. so jakes all pissed off at Haley and he trys to give her the silent treatment but it dosn't work because she can't no for sure if he dosn't tell her he doing it so moving on jake convinces her to go rebel and watch a tv show that mom and dad say she can't watch so she watchs it a gramps shop and Haley feels really guilty about doing it but it starts to sink in because we don't know that the show is hipnotizing her to make her do bad things so the next mourning jake convinces her to shut off the alram and she does and they go to vid game con without the parents knowing so they go there they have a great time and jake says to be back at midnight but insted Haley comes back really late because she robbed g's shop on the way home because she has to watch her pooka pooka and so do i so i'm gonna leave this at a cliff hanger and write more later pooka pooka pooka pooka i'm back okay were was i o yes the next mourning Haley comes down wearing a whole new outfit like all goth but anyway everyone is surprised so Haley leaves (without breakfast) and while jake in the courtyard he sees Haley beating up on the ice cream man so the IC man runs and Haley dumps the truck and than flys away so Jake decieds to catch her they get into a huge fight Haley leaves because its pooka time and they go back to the house. Sun calls and asks for Haley and sun hears the tv show and she tells jake that it is a real pooka not a puppet and he is hypnotizing its viewers to do bad stuff. so they go to vid game con because that is the only place were you wound't notice a huge crowd of kids they see Haley everyone goes down to the subway sun calms down the kids and Jake Haley and the pooka go on a subway car. In the subway car Jake and Haley start fighting and Jake is trying to make her snap oit of the pookas control Haley says Jake dosn't know her so Jake calls the house and get him and Haley in trouble. Haley is so pissed off but not at Jake but at the pooka so she beats up on the pooka and they leave and they both get grounded. ok this is 1 of my favorite episodes right here. Haley is my favorite character and i can't wait until being human airs so thats it yeah peacemoreless
  • This was good...

    It was great to see Haley grow and change.I see she's finally coming along with helping Jake as indicated in other episodes.The bad-girl look doesn't suit her though and perhaps she could just find a happy little medium between acting perfect and normal.But that doesn't happen very often,does it? O_o Well,anywho,great episode and a must see.I give it eight out of ten.
  • We finally see Jake and Haley fight each other.

    One of the main reasons I liked this episode was because we saw Haley totally different going from little miss perfect to border line evil. It was good to see a bit of a change on her character. It had some cool action with Jake and Haley fighting and it was really funny with that weird freaky puppet guy.

    The episode starts out with Jake getting locked in his room after he tried to get to the video game convention where Spud and Trixie were. So then Jake persuades Haley to be bad and help him out of his room. After that Haley go's crazy with rule breaking thanks to Jake and that hypnotizing Polka Polka. Now he must change her back.

    A funny episode thats Polkaliciousmoreless
  • This showed a side of Haley we had never seen.

    In Haley Gone Wild Haley turns from good to bad because of actually Jake. He wanted her bad, but she than went overboard! She found her watching bad shows like Pooka Pooka and later he found out it was hypnotising her to become really bad. It's wierd because we all know her as the goody two shoes who tries to get Jake in trouble this episode is different. Then at the end, she ends up turning on her brother and theres a war until Jake breaks the spell by "telling on Haley." Now you see why I like this episode it's about Haley, going wild!moreless
  • It is all Jake's fault for making Haley that way.

    When I saw the preview, I really wanted to watch it. When I started watching, it felt like there was another part of the episode that disappeared. Jake really had those Doppleganger's down. He created them so easily in this episode. Why would Jake want to go to a super hero convention anyway? Well, I think that the way he called Haley a goody two shoes was so wrong. If I called my little sister a goody two shoes, she would go to any end to prove me wrong. The first stage of Haley being evil was OK, but then it got to be too much and eventually I disliked the bad Haley. The ending was pretty good because Haley turned back to normal.moreless

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    • Haley: (Jake's ignoring her) What, you giving me the silent treatment? Because it doesn't work if I don't know for sure you're doing it. See, the whole point is that...
      Jake: YES I'm giving you the silent treatment!
      Haley: Oh, you're not very good at it then.

    • Spud: May I recommend trying to score a free plastic tote bag. Sure to become a valuable collectors item.
      Haley: Isn't that just for holding all the other free stuff they give away?
      Spud: (looks inside the bag) Flying discs, yo-yos, glow racers, licorice joysticks, SO MUCH SO FREE!! It's like heaven got a bonus level!!!

    • Trixie: He's like a Kyle Wilkins, with a sizzling double scoop of mystery and excitement.

    • Trixie: I can't believe you gave up all the free goodies
      Sun: All possessions are fleeting, but a good deed is eternal.
      Spud: Dang, I was just gonna say sometimes life's a punk like that, but your's was way more poetic.

    • Haley: Oh, you do not want to escalate...

    • Haley: (shows educational pictures during Credits) Ludwig von Beethoven. The Water Cycle. The Pythagorean Theorem. Okay, even I have to admit this is boring. Let's watch belching monkeys!

    • Jake: (pinning Haley down) Give it up, Haley! I'm bigger, stronger, and been doing this longer!
      (Haley cheap-shots Jake)
      Haley: Yeah? Well, I cheat!

    • Pooka: (Cheering Haley as she fights Jake) Pooka pain! Pooka poke! Take the Pooka hater down! Then we can go raise some mayhem, Dragon Style!

    • Sun: Clear your minds, people. Break the spell. Violence is the path for the weak and cowardly.
      (Kids start throwing trash at her; Trixie shows up)
      Trixie: Come on, sista! Go 'weak and cowardly' on their behinds already!

    • Sun: Okay, people! Breathe in the light... and out the evil puppet-man...

    • Haley: That reminds me, I'm working on another art project. It's an oatmeal painting. ( shows a Jake-like face in bowl of oatmeal) I call it "The Boy Who Talked Too Much". Look familiar? And this is where the meat hammer goes... HYAH!!! (smashes bowl with meat hammer)

    • Johnathan: (After seeing Haley in punk-like clothes) Um... Pumpkin, uh, there wouldn't happen to be a... 'second bonus April Fool's Day' this year, is there?
      Haley: (frustrated) What is your problem, Dad?! Ugh!

    • Jake: Haley! You're kinda goin' overboard with this breaking-the-rules thing.
      Haley: Talk to the can, Johnny-No-Fun! (Squishes can and sprays Jake with it)

  • NOTES (6)


    • Angel the Series:
      The plot is similar to Angel Season 5/Episode 14 "Smile Time". It also involved an evil force using a children's program for its own dastardly means. Only instead of amassing an army of child minions, Smile Time's demon puppets were sucking the life force out of its viewers.