American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 13

Haley Gone Wild

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Sep 30, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Haley Gone Wild
Jake accidentally turns Haley on to the life of rebel wild child, with the help of a twisted magical children's show host who's much more sinister than he seems.

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    • Haley: (Jake's ignoring her) What, you giving me the silent treatment? Because it doesn't work if I don't know for sure you're doing it. See, the whole point is that...
      Jake: YES I'm giving you the silent treatment!
      Haley: Oh, you're not very good at it then.

    • Spud: May I recommend trying to score a free plastic tote bag. Sure to become a valuable collectors item.
      Haley: Isn't that just for holding all the other free stuff they give away?
      Spud: (looks inside the bag) Flying discs, yo-yos, glow racers, licorice joysticks, SO MUCH SO FREE!! It's like heaven got a bonus level!!!

    • Trixie: He's like a Kyle Wilkins, with a sizzling double scoop of mystery and excitement.

    • Trixie: I can't believe you gave up all the free goodies
      Sun: All possessions are fleeting, but a good deed is eternal.
      Spud: Dang, I was just gonna say sometimes life's a punk like that, but your's was way more poetic.

    • Haley: Oh, you do not want to escalate...

    • Haley: (shows educational pictures during Credits) Ludwig von Beethoven. The Water Cycle. The Pythagorean Theorem. Okay, even I have to admit this is boring. Let's watch belching monkeys!

    • Jake: (pinning Haley down) Give it up, Haley! I'm bigger, stronger, and been doing this longer!
      (Haley cheap-shots Jake)
      Haley: Yeah? Well, I cheat!

    • Pooka: (Cheering Haley as she fights Jake) Pooka pain! Pooka poke! Take the Pooka hater down! Then we can go raise some mayhem, Dragon Style!

    • Sun: Clear your minds, people. Break the spell. Violence is the path for the weak and cowardly.
      (Kids start throwing trash at her; Trixie shows up)
      Trixie: Come on, sista! Go 'weak and cowardly' on their behinds already!

    • Sun: Okay, people! Breathe in the light... and out the evil puppet-man...

    • Haley: That reminds me, I'm working on another art project. It's an oatmeal painting. ( shows a Jake-like face in bowl of oatmeal) I call it "The Boy Who Talked Too Much". Look familiar? And this is where the meat hammer goes... HYAH!!! (smashes bowl with meat hammer)

    • Johnathan: (After seeing Haley in punk-like clothes) Um... Pumpkin, uh, there wouldn't happen to be a... 'second bonus April Fool's Day' this year, is there?
      Haley: (frustrated) What is your problem, Dad?! Ugh!

    • Jake: Haley! You're kinda goin' overboard with this breaking-the-rules thing.
      Haley: Talk to the can, Johnny-No-Fun! (Squishes can and sprays Jake with it)

  • NOTES (6)


    • Angel the Series:
      The plot is similar to Angel Season 5/Episode 14 "Smile Time". It also involved an evil force using a children's program for its own dastardly means. Only instead of amassing an army of child minions, Smile Time's demon puppets were sucking the life force out of its viewers.