American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jun 24, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Jake decides to use a potion to locate Rose but when the contents end up in cupcakes baked for the school carnival, and everyone is turned into Krylock monsters, trouble ensues.

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  • Due to a magical mixup

    Jake thinks he has a vision of Rose trying to contact him but he has no way of locating her until a Krylock demon arrives and Jake is able to obtain some venom to use for a location potion. However there is a mixup with the venom being placed in the cupcake batter and it ends up being served as an assignment to boost Jake's grade. The cupcakes are given to various folks at the school carninval start turning into Krylock monsters after eating the venom induced cupcakes. Jake then must not only use up his last cupcake to make the potion work, but he can only choose between seeing Rose or defeating the source of the venom (the Krylock demon itself) in order to restore the carnival goers to normal.

    A really interesting and action oriented episode with character development and an ambiguous ending of leaving viewers wondering is Rose really trying to aid Jake or lure him in for a trap. A great kick off to the second season even though they changed the animation style.moreless
  • this is one of the jake/rose episode

    jake tries to find rose because he keeps seeing her in his dreams,but she is trying to tell him the huntsman is up to something.when trixie and spud are making cupcakes anf fu and jake are making a poition to find rose they mix up the ingrediants the poition doesnt work and the cupcakes

    make humans half krylock.when they sevre them they make all the humans half krylock...soon,they find out there bad and teke them away from them,fu makes a proper poiton jake has a chioce to either fight the krylock or find rose.

    he chioses the krylock he fights the krylock first the lrylock wins but them jake fights him,then he see,s rose reading the hunts academy.the episode ends with rose and fu on the top of a roof and jake says "im gonna find her sometime"...moreless
  • Jake tries to find Rose...

    It picks up right where we left off, after "The Hunted". Jake is depressed because Rose is gone. He has a dream about her and thinks it was more than just a dream. He then learns how he could find Rose. Him and Fu Dog try to get the final ingridient for a spell that can pinpoint Rose's location. But when things go horribly wrong, Jake is forced to choose between love and his duty as the American Dragon. Jake showed me a lot of maturity once again. And the writers did a great job too. They made sure we didn't know Rose's exact location until the episode when Jake actually found her. They were careful not to reveal who's side Rose is really on: Jake's, or the Huntsclan's. I at first did not like this episode at all. But now I have learned to appreciate it because of the great job that the producers did on it. And, to top it all off, someone knows that Jake is a dragon! Who? Watch to find out. An awesome episode that is worthy of praise.moreless
  • Jake uses this potion to find Rose but he switches the potion with vanilla and it ends up in cupcakes.

    I liked this episode alot because it is sad and a big Jake/Rose episode. It is a real tearjerker, but a job well done. It defenetly makes my list of favorites. It is the second episode of the season, so it's special. One of the beginning episodes of a great season.
  • Jake sees Rose in a dream and tried to find her with a potion.

    In this episode, mainly Jake sees Rose in a dream and tried to find her with a potion. The potsion ends up in his cupcakes he has to bake for school and everyone who eats them turns in to weird monsters! It's up to Jake to save the day again...

    This was a great episode with a great plot. Seeing Rose again was great. The new animation really changed alot on her. There could have been a little more comedy. Most shows that I like have a lot of commedy in them. I guess it was good enough to make a nine.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Last season, Huntsgirl and Huntsmaster wore a green loose outfit with armor, but in this season the members of the Huntsclan are wearing purple, body-fitting outfits with no armor. The masks are the same style but different colors, and in this season, the mask has a red symbol on the forehead.

    • Didnt Haley's dad think of it to be a little weird that her daughters eyes looked like a snakes eyes and she had grown claws?

    • Jake said that he needed to bake 5 dozen cupcakes,which means he needed 60 cupcakes(1 dozen=12,so 5x12=60).But when Trixie and Spud bring in the boxes of cupcakes,they only bring in three boxes,and each box only had six cupcakes each,which means they only had 18 cupcakes.They would need 7 more boxes.(7 boxes x 6 cupcakes per box=42cupcakes + the other 18 =60 cupcakes)

      Also,when Trixie and Spud were walking out the door, Trixie was holding three boxes,then she handed two boxes to Spud,and then when they show her again she still has 3 boxes!How can someone have 3 boxes,hand 2 of them to someone else,and still have 3 boxes?

    • When Jake is reading on the Krylock demon, he shifts the position of his legs. But then when his legs are facing to the right, you can still see a pair of his legs facing to the left out of him.

    • If Jake was asleep in his bed while having the dream about Rose, how did Rose's Huntsgirl mask end up in Jake's hand?

      (Re: Fu Dog mentioned that there were spells you could use to enter people's dreams. The most likely explanation would be that the spell physically puts its user inside a dream (thereby making the mask a physical, obtainable object), which would explain why Jake was able to get the Huntsgirl mask.)

    • The picture that Rose gave Jake in "The Hunted" is different. Rose is wearing her hair differently and she has a different colored dress on... she is also on the other side of Jake. Jake is dressed differently too.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • (Ms. Park hands Jake an F report)
      Spud: Your flunking home-ec!
      Trixie: Dude, I didn't think Ms. Park even gave out grades. Brad blew up a pot roast last week. And all he got was a frowny face.
      Brad: That's right! The Bradster makes home-ec, home-excellent!

    • Haley: Wow I have to say Jake, if these cupcakes were anymore delicious, someone might think I made them.

    • Trixie: (Jake and Lao Shi come under the table next to her and Spud) Uh, hey! Get your own hidin' spot!

    • (In Jake's Dream)
      Rose: You can't save me Jake. It's too dangerous.
      Jake: You're worth it. (They kiss and flowers cover them.)

    • Sun Park: I haven't been teaching you for that long but I've taken an interest in you. I know you're...different. That you're destined for great things.
      Jake(becomes nervous): No see, this is a greatness free zone. I deal with normal kid stuff you know: peer-pressure, teen angst, random zit clusters.

    • (After Haley turns back to normal)
      Mr. Long: Honey, I just learned a deep, dark secret about your mother's side of the family.
      (Haley looks at her dad.)
      Mr.Long: You're all allergic to chocolate!

    • Jake: Could you translate Spud for me?
      Trixie: He had a bad clown expecence when he was five.
      (Cut a scene a five year-old Spud at the Thanksgiving Day Parade as a large clown float comes by)
      Young Spud: Look Dad! Clowny McHonk-Honk! Clowny McHonk-Honk!
      (The float's strings get caught on the lamp post and it distorts the clown's face has it crashes on Spud whose screaming; switches back to present where Spud is also screaming )
      Spud: Ahhh!!!--Me, twelve trumbonists, and the Cable Access weather lady haven't been the same since.

    • (A couple comes up and buys two cupcakes from Jake)
      Jake: Enjoy the cupcakes, but don't just enjoy the cupcakes: enjoy each other. Because, mortal enemies or not, you never know when you'll be ripped apart by the hands of fate never to see each other again!!...Come back now ya hear!

    • (Jake is lying in bed staring the picture of him and Rose at the dance; Spud and Trixie bust in)
      Trixie: Look Jakey, we're sorry the spell didn't work but we're not gonna let you waste a whole day in bed.
      (Trixie opens the blinds and Spud turns off the music)
      Jake: What happened to the music? The pretty, pretty music?(half siging) My woman, she left me!
      Spud: Dude, get a grip! Like it or not life goes on!!

    • Spud: Remeber the time you were convinced that the Huntsman was holding Rose prisoner in the Huntslair?
      (Cut to a scene where dragon Jake breaks through the window of Rose's penthouse)
      Jake: Rose I'm here!!
      (A family of four whose sitting at the dinner table stare at him in shock)
      Jake: Hey do you know if the evil Huntsclan that used to live here left a forwarding address?

    • Lao Shi: Concentrate.
      Jake: Right. Think...think...think..think---Ow!
      (Lao Shi smacks him with his shoe)
      Lao Shi: Do not think. Feel.

    • Jake: (after Fu agrees to help him) Fu you're my dog! (Fu looks at him) In the hip-hop way not the "I own you" way.

    • Spud: Around 2 a.m. Trixie's breath starts to smell like a truck stop in Scagsville (Trixie gives him a glare) a good way.

    • Spud: (about the Krylock) He's not evil, he's just misunderstood--(Krylock snaps at him dangerously)Ahhh!! Ahhh!! He's evil!

  • NOTES (25)


    • The Krylock looks a little like Quickstrike from "Beast Wars". Both are Scorpian/Cobra hybrids.

    • The parade in Spud's flashback was the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

    • Johnathan Long (father of Jake and Haley), while trying to find why Haley is "sick", reads a book of children's illnesses by "Dr. Gimple". Scott Gimple is one of the writers for American Dragon: Jake Long.

    • One of the Krylock-mutated humans at the school carnival showcased a secondary mouth from inside her tounge, a reference to the same physical feature exhibited from the creatures in the Alien movies.

    • There is a movie called Half-Baked starring Dave Chappelle.