American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 2


Aired Daily 2:30 AM Jun 24, 2006 on Disney Channel

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  • Jake tries to find Rose with a potion.

    In this episode, Jake gets a dream message from Rose. Jake wants to know where Rose is so he can save her, but Rose says it is too dangerous and he cannot save her. Jake wakes up from the dream and is now obsessed over finding Rose. He asks Fu to whip up a portal spell so he can find Rose. For a portal spell to work, Jake needed Krylock venom. At school, Jake needs to bakes cupcakes to get extra credit for Home Ec so he will not fail it. They made the spell and cupcake in one place and the vanilla got into the spell and the venom got into the cupcakes. In the end, Jake had to chose whether to be with Rose or to fulfill his duty as the American Dragon. He chooses to fulfill his duty. In the end, Jake did not find Rose, but Fu insists he will find her one day. Jake says that he knows that Rose feels the same way about him as he feels for her. This is such a great way 2 start the second season!