American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 8

Hero Of The Hourglass

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Aug 12, 2006 on Disney Channel
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Hero Of The Hourglass
Jake travels back in time to the mid nineteen eighties in order to inform his dad of the magical world. This of course freaks him out and he decides not to marry Jake's mom. Jake then has to work to get his mom and dad back together.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • Shouldn't Young Gramps realize the Fu Dog with Jake isn't the same Fu Dog from his time?

    • The 1980's Fu Dog seemed to be quite different from his present-time version but Season 1 episode 'Fu and Tell' shows Fu Dog on his present-time look during all his flashback battles against Yan-Yan.

    • Jake falls to the stands in his human form after getting beaten by the Huntsman. This means that the Huntsman saw him and now he could probably knows his identity!

    • GOOF: In the beginning of the episode, Susan tell Jake that they were seniors in high school.yet when Jake and Fu Dog go to the past, Jake says"Hey look its my school!" but in the episode 'dreamscape" Jake says he doesn't want to stay back in 7th grade! so it means its a middle school, but Susan says it's a high school.

      Reply. Well maybe the school is like 6-12? Or maybe it was a high school and they changed it too a middle school, ever think of that?

    • In the last credit with the Mona Lisa you can see that Mona Lisa has eye brows, however, in actuality the mona lisa had no eyebrows.

    • In the first scene, the Yankees are wearing their dark away uniforms. They should be wearing their white pinstripes.

    • In the scene with the young Huntsman, the detenator is an unaverage seven seconds in timing.

    • During a majority of this episode, and factoring the setting of said majority, a myriad of "Super Mario Brothers" sound effects can be heard, including getting coins, hitting a koopa, and the Klown Car from "Super Mario World."

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Gramps: The caged lion does not roar because it is caged. It roars because... Iyaa!
      Jake: That's a new one.
      Gramps: No, it's my back! I fell off a ladder the day we opened up the shop!
      Fu Dog: Tell me about it. I'm the one you fell on!

    • Teen-Jonathan: It's my latest breakdance move, sweet potato. I call it my puff-o-lackin' electric zappin' boogaloo sluggin' flip-tastic shovel. Whattaya think.

    • Young-Susan: I'll see you at the beach party tonight.
      Young-Jonathan: Till then sugar num-nums! (Falls down the stairs) I'm okay!!
      Jake: I'm amazed he made it to adulthood!

    • Huntsman: For the last time, if you value your life, you will tell me everything you know.
      Young-Jonathan: I will tell you, nothing!
      Huntsman: Very well. (Opens up a secret door filled with weapons and a trapped door on the floor with a monster. Jonathan is scared.)
      Young-Jonathan: I'll tell you everything! Okay in the 10th grade I filled my teacher's trunk with green bean salad. (the huntsmen look confused) In the 7th grade I drove my lawn mower over our sister's inflatable pool and blamed it on rats. And in 6th grade I took all the money I made trick-or-treating for the less fortunate and spent it at the arcade!!

    • Jake: name is....Beyonce, Timberlake! I'm the Canadian dragon, eh?
      Young-Susan: Beyonce Timberlake!? What kind of bogus name is Beyonce Timberlake!?
      Young-Gramps: Perhaps the name of your future husband. (moves Jake's and Susan's hands together)
      Jake & Susan: Uhh!
      Young-Susan: As if! Dad, I still love Johnathan!
      Young-Gramps: I understand my Lotus flower, a broken heart needs time to heal. Well times up! (whistles for a taxi, pays the cab driver money) Jone's Beach, keep the meter running and half them back by midnight!

    • Jake: (pulls out a family picture) See, that's you, and that's mom, and that's me, and that's your daughter. We're really a happy family. Except you ground me, a lot.

    • (Young Huntsman throws bomb)
      Fu Dog: No way am I fetching that!

    • Jake: It's you! The Huntsman! Dude, what's with the voice? You sound like an accordion stuck in a woodchipper!

    • Teen-Jonathan: Susan, look! It's Ha-ley's Comet!
      Teen-Susan: I thought it was pronounced Haley. Haley, I've always liked that name...

    • (John, Jake's Dad, leaves after reducing Jake's punishment to just a warning)
      Jake: Thanks, mom.
      Susan: Of course. I just hate seeing you get punished for something you didn't... What the?! Time traveling?! And on a school night?! You are grounded young man! No TV! NO video games! Two weeks!
      Jake: Aw man.

    • Young Hunts-boy 1: Oh please tell me we caught that on the surveillance camera. Somebody go get the tape.
      Young Hunts-boy 2: Dude! Dude, did you hear him? He was all like, (in a cracking voice)"Say goodbye Dragon." Then he was all, (same cracking voice) "No! Help me! It hurts! Ow!"
      (3 Hunts-boys laugh)
      Younger Huntsman: (getting up as his voice finally changes) Dragons! I am going to slay each and every one of them if it takes until the end of time! (screaming putting his fist in the air) AR-GH!

  • NOTES (10)