American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Daily 2:30 AM Mar 10, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Jake and Rose are nominated King and Queen of the Homecoming festival by their school's Homecoming Committee, Spud and Trixie join the Floats Committee in order to get closer to their crushes. Jake is then betrayed by Rose who is being blackmailed by the Huntsclan.

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  • Simply the Best

    This is probably the best, and also the saddest episode of the whole series, makes me cry every time.

    Facts: This episode was originally set as season 2 finale and Sun Park was set to die, but Disney cut it because the scene was too dark.
  • Rose and Jake finally apart and the huntsclan gets destroyed.

    well then I can't belive I forgot to do this show! Anyways this is the sadest epsiode in the hole show. The huntsmen finds out that Rose is working with Jake and gets her to bring him to where the skulls are. Rose and Jake are the homecoming king and queen and Spud and Trixie go to the dance TOGETHER, after there kiss in the kissy kissy closet. (don't ask) So the skulls are in place and the hunts men looks like he is going to get his wish... until someone (yeah Rose) knocks him out and wishes for the destrusion off the huntsclan.


    Jake: rose why did you

    Rose: I said there was only one way for this to end and this is it for the destruction of all Huntsclan.

    Jake: (putting his arms on her shoulders): but your one of them. That means Rose:(taking his arm off): I no what it means but even if we destroy the skulls they no your human identy Jake they will find your family like they did mine. This way they will be safe (puts her hand on his face) they will all be safe hunts master raises in the sky. And rose starts to. Jake: butt

    Rose (raising): thank you Jake for everything, I'll never forget you! (Waves hand)

    Jake:(grabbing her hand): rose NO!

    Rose: Jake let go I'll be ok, I promise.. I'll be ok

    He lets go her hand and she raises

    Jake:(runs and gets the skull): we have to do something we have to save her

    Fu: sorry kid, the skulls need to be destroyed Grandpa: to use them for your own personal gain

    Jake: it wouldn't be for my personal gain it would be for hers, (points to rose) she deserves a normal life with a family that cares about her. (Raises the skull in place) I wish rose was never taken by the hunts clan. Everyone looks

    then the famous flashbacks

    I really have feeling for you

    let me cool you off


    this is our dream date

    here's your proof

    it's all so weird



    Jake: consider them destroyed!

    Now Rose don't rember anything about dragons or Jake!

    when Rose said *thank your Jake, for everything I'll never forget you. I burst out in tears and then when it showed the flashbacks I cryed even harder!

    ps. this was the first american dragon: Jake long epsiode I ever saw.moreless
  • This is the greatest episode of the entire series!

    What do you get when you cross the Huntsman and 1 irreversable wish? A whole laoot trouble. This episode is a definate classic that shows the Huntsman finding out about Rose's treason to the Huntsclan. He blackmails her into giving him the last 3 skulls and it all leads to the greatest, most heartfelt battle sequences i have ever seen. You will be thinking about it quite a while after it's over. This episode is filled with the same great comedy of the other episodes but with the extra dramatic feeling it makes this awesome. This is the greatest episode ever.moreless
  • Probably the best AmDrag episode.

    This episode has to be by far, the best episode. EVERYTHIHNG changes! Huntsclan- GONE, Rose- reset, Jake- changed forever... Now the series has taken a drastic turn and from normal in one episode, to a wild twist and a different mood in the next. The thing I loved, was now, Jake must find a way to get the chemistry together again with Rose (barring if he ever has/wants to.) They take away two main characters that you think mindset are going to be changed in the final episode. But this series is different, they have a different goal for the series finale. This episode marks the beginning of the end, in my case, but also it would be a shame seeing it go. For many episodes they build this amazing chemistry, that for many, thought could be unaltered, untouchable, or unbreakable. Another great thing that they touched on was style. They kept the same American Dragon style and did a fantastic storyline and plot. What I mean is, they sold the twist perfectly, and at the same time, you knew you still were watching an American Dragon episode. Great, Fantastic, and any other synonym, it was mind-blowing. 80:100moreless
  • The saddest episode in season 2

    With Homecoming in the way Jake and Rose get nominated as king and queen and as the same time the huntsclan finds out that rose betraye them and is helping jake, threatening rose that if he doesn't help him her parent's woul be killed she betrays jake, The fight sequence of this episode was really thrilling and a very nail-biting episode when Jake and Rose fights again. when The huntslan is about to wish using the skulls as the destruction of all magical creatures she stops him and wished for the destruction of the huntsclan. This episode was a tearjerker because Jake wished that rose was never taken by the huntsclan he really loves rose and wants her to be happy in the end rose moves to hong kong but jake is happy because she's happy.

    Dante and Mae did a great job with the characters and put some emotion into them.moreless
Sandra Oh

Sandra Oh

Sun Park

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Jeff Bennett

Jeff Bennett

The Huntsman

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Kyle Massey

Kyle Massey


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Nicholas Brendon

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (6)

    • Fu Dog: Huntsy's master plan, is flushed down, the master can.

    • Huntsman: Excellent work, Huntsgirl.
      Huntsgirl: I have you your skulls, now tell me where my parents are.
      Huntsman: Not until my plan is complete.
      Huntsgirl: (surprised) What? (angry) But you promised.
      Huntsman: And you promised your allegiance.

    • Huntsman: (holding up the Thirteenth Skull) BY THE PANTHEON OF AZTEC SKULLS I HEARBY WISH FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF ALL...(is knocked out by a shot from Rose from behind)
      Rose: (holding up the Skull) FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF ALL HUNTSCLAN!!!
      (everyone watches on in shock as a green ball of energy emerges from the Skull Rose is holding, heads up into the sky and explodes into a wave of green energy. Moments later all of the Huntsclan start getting sucked into the sky where they explode into dust)

    • Jake: (bumps into Rose and causes her to drop her books) Sorry, I uh... Hey Rose
      Rose: (starts to pick up her books) Hey yourself. Happy Homecoming.
      Jake: So how's it going. I mean, I haven't seen you in awhile.
      Rose: You just saw me last week when we stopped the Huntsclan from...
      Jake: But that was Huntsgirl, I didn't get to see you.
      Rose: Jake... we agreed to keep things strictly professional between us, remember?
      Jake: Yeah, well I don't remember being part of that agreement.
      Rose: I'm sorry but... really... This is the way it has to be. I'll uh... see you around ok?
      Sun Park: You bet your ors you will. The votes have been tallied and you two have been nominated for Homecoming King and Queen.
      Rose/Jake: (in unison) Excuse me?/Say what now?
      Sun Park: The winner will be announced at the Homecoming Ball on Friday. Isn't that groovy?
      Rose: Homecoming...
      Jake: King and Queen?
      Rose/Jake: (Rose says it in kind of a sarcastic way, Jake says it like he really means it) Groovy.

    • Spud: Eat fondue Hunts-freak!

    • Huntsman: (to Jake) Any last words?
      Jake: Well, considering the occasion, I have just two. (goes into dragon form) Let's dance!

  • NOTES (19)


    • When Jake knocks Rose down and she drops the books, It is almost exactly like in the first episode when they bumped into each other but they are on oposite sides.