American Dragon: Jake Long

Season 2 Episode 18

Love Cruise

Aired Daily 2:30 AM Feb 03, 2007 on Disney Channel
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Love Cruise
After Rose tells him them need to spend some time apart, due to Lao Shi's orders, Jake sees her with Brad, gets jealous, and uses Cupid's arrows, which he was supposed to be guarding to hit Rose on the love cruise. Unfortunately, Rose did have feelings for him and the hit from the arrow turned it to hate. Now Jake is in mortal danger as Rose knows his secret and is now fully working with the huntsclan.moreless

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  • Jake and Rose breakup. Is it for good?

    Jake misused cupids arrows because he let love distract him. As a result Rose hated him and she nearly slayed him. This episode is proof that Rose loves Jake. I could see the saddness in her eyes when she broke up with him. She didn't want to. She had to for his own protection. It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. At the end Jake seems to be focused on his duty as the Amdrag. A must see for all Jake and Rose shippers. We all know that somhow they will end up together. As much as it hurt me to watch, it was a fantastic episode.moreless
  • A brillant episode.

    Rose tells Jake they some time apart, so when Brad tries to dance with her on the Love Cruise, Jake sees them and thinks Rose is going out with Brad. Anyway, the Cupid has left Jake in charge of some of Cupid's arrows. Jake decides to use one on Rose to make her love him again. But what he didnt know was that Rose loved him back, and she was trying to get away from Brad...

    This episode shows just how dangerous and evil Rose can be when she wants to slay something, mainly a dragon. She calls in backup from the huntsclan, and even tries to blast Jake with her huntsstaff. This episode reflects season 1, when Rose didnt know that Jake was a dragon.

    The people on the ship got their share of love from the arrows, including Rotwood, who was seen dancing with a speaker, a girl hugging a sandwich, a cheerleader going off with a jock and leaving her gothic looking b/f behind, and Stacey falling in love with Spud and Kyle falling in love with Trixie.

    My only complaint is they should have had more screen time with Rose fighting Jake as a dragon and the huntsmembers seemed really useless in this episode.moreless
  • Grampa tells Rose to not be around Jake alot because he's getting distracted, but Jake sees Rose with Brad so he gets jealouse,so Jake shoots her with Cupid's love arrow, but since she really did still like him, it reversed so she hates him now.moreless

    This is defenitly one of my favorite episodes, because it is a little sad, but very exciting, and entertaining. It is a favorite to most fans, and is one of the season's favorites. It is my third favorite episode. Another great Jake/Rose ep. and one of the best there is. It sad at the end though, but still entertaining. But it's an A+ for me. I hope it is loved by most people, cause it is defenetly loved by me. I like the fact that it's on a cruise, I doubt that my school will ever do something that big. And the rain is perfect for a fighting scene, lol. I recomend this episode strongly.moreless
  • After Rose tells Jake she needs some time alone because of Lao Shi's orders, things start to get ugly...

    As I said before, Rose tells Jake that she needs some time off because of Lao Shi. The school is going on this thing called "Love Cruise". Jake wanted her to go with him but (just as I said before) she saids no. On the cruise, Jake sees her with Brad and gets jelous. Cupid gave Jake his magic arrows eary in the episode, so Jake starts using them on different people. But when he uses it on Rose she goes crazy and turns into the Huntsgirl and tried to sapture him because she knows his secret.

    This episode was overall good. There was alot of comedy and alot of action. There was also some of that Bard + Rose and Jake + Rose shipping. I loved this episode alot and if you are a fan of the seies, you'll love it too.moreless
  • This ep. is so awesome, to bad I've only seen it once.

    This is the center piece of Rose and Jake's relationship. To bad I had to watch this episode on the internet because disney never shows it on TV! Ahem...anways it's so awesome! Before this ep, when I saw switcharoo, I wondered what happened to Rose and Jake's relationship? This one explians it all! It's so good, and exciting! Exactly why I watch the show! I think this is the second best episode every, after Homecoming. But it really puts a toll to the whole Jake/Rosoe factor. And I loved how Trixie got to be with Kyle and Spud got to be with Stacey, for that short while. Good ep, yes.moreless

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    • Jake: So Rose loves me?
      Fu: Correction, she loved you. Now she hates you.
      Jake: Wow, that's awesome!! And horrible.

    • Spud: Houston, we have no love problems!

    • Cupid: Easy! Chica you mustn't blame all your romantic boo-boos on the Cupid. The romance is not easy to control. Even with my precious arrows of love.

    • Nerdy Girl: Thanks for inviting me Rose, this may be hard to beleive but I really don't have that many cool friends.
      Rose: (sarcasticly) Wow, that is hard to--
      Nerdy Girl: Wanna conjugate some Latin verbs?

    • Jake: Fu, Rose suddenly hates me and wants to slay me again.
      Fu: Let me guess, either you told her that dress makes her look hippy or you shot with a love arrow.
      Jake: A direct hit. But why did this one go wrong?
      Fu: Simple kid. She must love you.
      Jake: Say what?!
      Fu: You see, Cupid's arrows have a kind of positive/negative effect: if you hit an A that's already deeply in love with B then bingo-bango-badingo the love turns to hate.

    • Jake: Rose is my boo, after all we been through, and a love that's taboo, we're goin' on the love cruise, me and my boo!

    • Jake: Rose, this isn't you. You don't want to slay dragons anymore!
      Rose/Huntsgirl: You're right. I just wanna slay YOU!

    • (Jake is picking roses for Rose as she walks by; he gets pricked with a thorn)
      Jake: Ow!
      Rose: You okay?
      Jake: Huh? Oh heck, just a thorn. Check it, I'm glad a ran into cause I remember you said you liked rose so...(extends roses to her; her face becomes crest-fallen)
      Rose: (blurts out rapidly) I don't think we should go to the Love Cruise!
      Jake: (taken-back) Okay, that's cool. We could just stay home, rent a few kung fu movies--
      Rose: What I mean is, I don't think we should go together.
      Jake: You mean like, seperate rides?
      Rose: Jake, do you trust me?
      Jake: Uhh...yeah, totally (Rose puts a hand on heart and one on his shoulder)
      Rose: Then just trust that I really have feelings for you. We just need to spend sometime apart, I'm sorry. (She kisses him on the cheek and walks away)

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